The team’s fixer contacts the runners and tells them of a job that has requested their expertise. The meet is at the Makah embassy in a few hours time. When the runners go to the meeting, they are ushered into an office where the Johnson sits behind a desk, and another man stands behind him. The tall Native American man standing beside the Johnson has extensive scarring over his left side. If any of the runners hired also ran the run “Sabotage!” the burned man leans down and whispers into the Johnson’s ear. Though the runners won’t know this, the tall man is named Jonas, and he was present at Port Vigilance when it exploded. The Johnson begins:

“As you may or may not know, the Navy Base Port Vigilance was destroyed almost (time frame) months ago. We have reason to believe mercenaries hired by the Cascade Crow government conducted the attack on the base. They have longed to surpass Seattle as the primary shipping port on the North American Pacific Coast, and that this act was supposed to allow them to meet that goal. That base, run by our government, was an effort to control the Cascade Crow’s illegal shipping activities and to protect the UCAS’s interests. Our two governments have decided to take action.

We wish to expose some of the illegal activities the Crow government is participating in. A freighter, owned by their government, is inbound from Hong Kong to Vancouver. She’s currently running at full steam, but she has to slow down before getting near Vancouver. When she slows, we want you to board the ship, commandeer the bridge and load this new navigational data to bring the ship to Seattle. Once in Seattle, we will have a team of engineers and a large group from Lone Star standing by to examine and dismantle the ship. We expect to find contraband equipment and illegal arms, that we can charge the government with smuggling among other things. We will ship you out to the freighter, with a small military craft. Once you are aboard, secure the bridge quickly, as the longer you take, the closer you get to Vancouver. If you alert them to your presence, the Crow government will likely dispatch a terrorist response team. Payment for this job is 25,000¥ each.”

With pay like that, it’s doubtful any runners will say no. The ship leaves the docks in Seattle at 7:30AM the next morning.

The ship is waiting at Seattle harbor on time. The ship is small, with a mounted HMG and a piton gun at the bow. There is a heavy fog over the ocean, which makes unenhanced sight nearly impossible. Thermographic vision can pick up the freighter once it enters visual range. Numerous guards patrol the deck and it is likely that one will hear the other ship approaching. The Crow guards are cybernetically enhanced, probably with eyes, ears, and smartlinks. By GM discretion, they may also have wired reflexes. The piton will be fired at the hull, just below the rail. The runners will have to climb up the cable to the hull. A failed Athletics test on this means the runner falls into the ocean, and must await rescue. The military ship will be reluctant to detach from the freighter, especially if the runner that fell was designated a criminal by Jonas, but with enough hassling by fellow runners the army officer will detach the ship and go back to scoop up the runner. Once all runners are aboard the freighter, a catalyst stick will be touched to the line and the military craft will depart. The runners will have 60 minutes minus boarding time to seize the bridge from the crew. The crewmembers should be considered Superior and Trained or Professional. Here are the respected responses depending on how long it takes the runners to take the bridge:

20 minutes or less – Minimal to zero response from Vancouver.

21 to 40 minutes – A small fighter squadron fly out from Vancouver and request code clearance for a course change. When not given, they riddle the deck with a few passes of APDS before returning to Vancouver.

41 to 59 minutes – Torpedo bombers attack the ship (hope they found some great gear below decks…)

60+ minutes – Welcome to Vancouver. You’re fragged, chummer.

Numerous guards are passing the time below decks, waiting for their shift. The GM can decide whether the cargo was legit or not. If not, the illicit cargo is stored in a secret compartment below the “last deck”.

If the runners make it back to Seattle, the Johnson, Jonas and a small army of Lone Star await them on the pier. They board the ship and congratulate the runners on a job well done. Any runners not involved in “Sabotage!” get paid the promised amount. All those who did contribute to the destruction of Port Vigilance are immediately arrested. It seems that Jonas has a photographic memory, and has ordered the arrest of the runners in question. They are to be taken to a local prison for interrogation, and if found guilty, they will be extradited to Makah lands for trial and subsequent execution. The runners that weren’t arrested have a choice. They can walk away with their money, or if they harbor any loyalty to those arrested, they can help them break out of prison. Security around the prison (these are political prisoners after all) should be real tough. I’ll leave it up to the GM to decide how tough.

>>I’ve had to steal things before, but hijacking a freighter?  That’s a little big for me.

>>You always did think small, Corona.  You think you’d have to pilot this thing manually?  Welcome to the age of automation, chummer.

>>So, apparently everything always goes according to plan with you, does it?

~ by 1nsomniac on December 15, 2008.

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