The group is hired by a young Native American Indian, wearing a ceremonial war gown and war paint. He is flanked by two other Indians, who carry HK 227’s. The Johnson will tell the runners that they want a military base in Makah territory destroyed. He will supply the team with a contact within the Cascade Ork to sneak them across the border. The reward he will give the team will be determined by the amount of damage they inflict on the facility. They will monitor their progress by satellite.

Security Measures:

Electric Fence with Monofilament wire
Guard Post at gate
Security Cameras
Motion Sensors
Matrix Security
Decker must jack-in on-site, and Jackpoints are located in the Air Control Centre and the Main Base.

Security and ACIFS : Red-8/9/9/7/8/7
Trigger Steps:
3 = Probe-4
5 = Probe-7
7 = Probe-9
10 = Scrambler-8
13 = Killer-7
15 = Killer-10
17 = Blaster-8
20 = Sparky-10

Reward per Destruction Basis:
Cripple Security – 5,000¥
Damage Armory – 7,500¥
Destroy Armory – 10,000¥
Destroy Helipad and Air Control – 15,000¥
Implant Computer Virus – 17,500¥
Damage Docks – 20,000¥
Damage Submarine – 30,000¥
Sink Submarine – 50,000¥

Main map:


Base Layout

Base Layout

I had maps for each of the buildings and the sub, but I didn’t put those up here. It’s always better for a GM to make compound maps of their own so they are as simple or complex as they choose. My old maps were overly simple, so I recommend that you develop your own.

>>Striking a military facility?!  Count me outta this one.  I don’t care how good the money is.

>>Anyone know why they want this place destroyed?

>>Word is to loosen the chokehold of smuggling out of Native American lands.  Still, it’s pretty extreme for smugglers…
>>Cascade Runner

>>Not if you’re smuggling something the military REALLY wants
>>Rushin’ Russian

~ by 1nsomniac on December 10, 2008.

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