Tales from the Shadows

I’ve written a considerable amount of Shadowrun fiction over the years and a lot of it has been pretty mediocre. However, the stuff I’m proudest of is online and available for anyone to read.

If you’d like to read my stuff, that centers on varying runners from my group, then follow the link below:

I’m always looking for challenges and opportunities to write… if you’d like me to write a back story for a character, tell me about them, with some pivotal moments in their history and why they became a runner.  While I can’t promise a speedy return, I will do what I can to produce something of half decent quality.  🙂


3 Responses to “Tales from the Shadows”

  1. […] my newest piece of Shadowrun fan fiction.  Please head over to FanFiction.net (you can use my Tales from the Shadows link to get there) and read the little teaser bit I’ve uploaded of my latest project, called […]

  2. Thank you. I enjoyed reading much of your fiction, and I left some reviews, too.

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