Simple Biz

Each runner will be doing whatever they would normally do when not running when their commlink chirps to life with an incoming comm call. It is their fixer (or other appropriate contact) with a job offer. He tells them that a job needs a few runners and it should be fairly straightforward. If they are interested, he will take his cut of the payment off the top of the run. The meet for the run is at the Everett docks, slip 46 at 9PM.

Everett Docks

The Everett docks are dark, quiet and fraggin’ cold, being the middle of winter. Many of the personal watercraft moored here have been winterized and removed from the water. However, slip 46 holds a heavily modified boat. Just shy of being a yacht, the hull is armored and the markings on the boat are visible to the naked eye, but are made of a refractive material, designed to fool most electronic scopes. Ice, which was ripped apart by the armor plates of the boat, lines the edge of the dock. If it weren’t for a light below decks, one would assume no one was on board.

If the runners step on board they are greeted by a Latino man carrying a sub-machinegun. He asks the team to accompany him below decks to meet Mr. Johnson. A small office has been set up in the living area of the boat. A middle aged Latino man greets them as he is mixing drinks at the bar. “Hola, senors y senoritas. Please, be seated. Does anyone require a beverage?”

Mr. Johnson is a laid back man who conducts the meet while leaning against the bar. He asks the runners to help him with two small tasks. The first is to deliver a package to a man in the downtown area. The package is private and discretion on the runner’s part is vital to the job. He will provide the team with the delivery address and the package upon their departure.

The second portion is a theft. Tomorrow, a man will be traveling to a courthouse in Tacoma with a briefcase. Mr. Johnson needs that briefcase. The team is to steal it from the emissary and lay low for a day while Mr. Johnson concludes some business in town. Then deliver it to the boat. They will receive payment upon delivery of the briefcase. Once again, it is of vital importance that they not open or tamper with the briefcase in any way. Payment for services, after their fixer’s cut, is 30,000¥.

The Employer

Mr. J is a smuggler with the Ghost Cartels. The runners are delivering a package of narcotics to an up-and-coming politician in the plex. He lives in a high security neighbourhood, so the runners will need to be wary of Lone Star learning what’s in the package. The briefcase is in the hands of one Alexei Timir, a criminal lawyer for the local Vory. The briefcase has evidence on a captured Cartel member that would certainly send the man to prison. Mr. Johnson wants that evidence to go missing.

The Matrix

While Mr. Johnson and his entourage have turned off their commlinks, there is one thing that can be ascertained. The ship had to register its ID with the Harbormaster node, which is Active. Freely accessible are advertisements for moorings for the spring, price ranges and contact information. Also, it shows a map of the yard, with each ship highlighted in its proper place. The ship is called “La dama del Océano” (Lady of the Ocean). If a hacker breaks into the harbor system (Device Rating 3), they can find out the ship is registered to a J. (Julio) Ruis and find its last five ports of call (Los Angeles, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Puerto Sandino (Nicaragua/Aztlan)), as well as any other information the GM feels appropriate.

The Parcel

The runners have a package and an address. Whether they physically scope it out, or a hacker finds it on a virtual map of the city, they will quickly realize that the address is inside a walled AAA neighbourhood. A hacker would also be able to find out who lives there… Councilman Jim Klinger. The outspoken councilman has pushed for some controversial bills in the local government and isn’t exactly the most liked politician in the city (hence why he lives behind a wall). The trick for the runners will be getting a package of narcotics through a Lone Star checkpoint.

The commlink will need to be running Passive to avoid being stopped by officers and they will have to get past a Lone Star checkpoint to even enter the community. The councilman will know what the package is upon seeing it and will thank them for the trouble.

The Opposition

The opposition of this segment is Lone Star. If they learn that the package the runners carry are full of narcotics, they will attempt to arrest the team. The team will need to bluff or sneak their way into the compound. The stone wall is topped with inlaid Proximity Wire to alert the police, should anyone try and scale the wall. Drones hover over the streets and ping nearby commlinks to make sure no one is trying to be unseen. Use the Lone Star stats for officers found in the SR4 core book.

The Matrix

The neighbourhood is awash in commlink signals. Each house has information tagged to it, Lone Star officers show up with their name, rank and badge numbers and drones constantly monitor the airwaves for covert activity. There is nothing explicit here that should be found, but if a hacker shows particular ingenuity (hacking Lone Star systems to add themselves as a registered delivery, etc), allow fate to run its course. The Lone Star system is rated at Res – 3, Sig -3, FW – 4, Sys – 3.

The Briefcase

Alexei Timir wants to put an end to the career of Manuel Cordova, a Cartel smuggler who was cutting into the Vory bottom line in the Northern plex. He is always guarded by some Vory thugs, although they may be in the background in the more secure areas (like the courthouse).

When Alexei leaves his home (a typical A rating home) he doesn’t have the briefcase on him. He stops in at his office to retrieve the briefcase from his safe, handcuffs it to his wrist and is driven to the courthouse by his bodyguards.

It is up to the runners when they decide to intercept the package and steal away the briefcase. They will naturally have some angry Vory gunning for them. The runners are going to want to find a place to lay low for a day until they can deliver the package. The trick of course, is the RFID tag built into the handle of the briefcase. Not only does it serve as the lock for the case, but also as a homing beacon for any Vory within range. The team will have to fend off at least one attempt on their lives by the Vory. The team can’t destroy the lock, as it will open the case and their run is over. If they have a tag eraser, they can burn out the chip and kill the homing signal, but they also jam the lock on the case (of course, that’d be the Cartel’s problem).

The Opposition

The Vory form the main problem in this segment. This would be a good place to let each runner shine…spirits, car chases, gun fights…something for everyone. But everyone should walk away from the mission. Use the stats for the Triad thugs from SR4 as a template for the Vory, but customize them as per your group’s talents.

The Matrix

The RFID tag in the briefcase runs in Hidden mode (Device Rating 3), so if the runners have a hacker amongst them, they could always hack into the AOD tracker and disable it. The item has no real purpose other than a tracking beacon and remembering the combination to the lock.

The meet should go well enough. The team shows up at the boat and hands over the briefcase and receive certified cred as payment. The run will be compromised if:
a) package was intercepted
b) briefcase was opened/damaged
c) Vory were led to the pier
If any of these occurred, the amount of payment received will be reduced, depending on the severity of the mistake(s).

>>Anyone know anything about this guy? The job description’s pretty vague…

>>I have a friend at the docks in Everett. Says the ship has a foreign registry…South American by the sounds of it.

>>Ah crappit…more Azzies?!
>>Pyramid Watcher

>>Nah…independants. Nice ship though. They have cash, that’s for sure.

>>Hola. My friends tell me our friend is a Columbian with some clout with the Cartels. Be careful, amigos. The Cartels are not ones to fuck with…

>>Dead drop 250¥ to node 423-592-3489-120

>>*sarcasm* Yeah, I’ll get right on that…*/sarcasm*  Anyone have an idea what happened to the above poster?

~ by 1nsomniac on December 3, 2008.

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