Experiments! – Part Two

So, a little while ago I had mentioned a couple of experiments that I was undertaking.  I’ve made a little progress in both and things appear to be moving along quite well.

I playtested the first of the convention adventures I plan on running at Phantasm in March, a 7th Sea adventure.  The game went really well, with lots of swashbuckling action, magic and naturally, a doomsday device for them to thwart.  But as the game ended with a flashy and deliberate open-endedness, my players wanted to know when I would run the sequel.  When I explained that the sequel would be a Shadowrun adventure, I got stunned silence and a series of inquiries as to when that might be happening.  Seeing as a few of my 7th Sea players don’t play in sci-fi settings, the fact that they want to sit down for a Shadowrun adventure to follow the storyline along tells me I’ve done a decent job to this point.

Of the original six players that expressed interest, four have completed their characters and gone through a couple of demo scenarios.  All of them enjoyed themselves and we sit down for our first full fledged adventure as a team (I’ll be putting them through Simple Biz, one of my earliest adventures) sometime next week.  Not surpringly (to me, anyways), the team is vastly mystical.  Of my four characters I have a Face (Adept following the Speaker’s Way), Info Broker (lots of skills and connections, but no magic or cyber), Cybernetic Soldier (Loaded down in combat equipment, built for stealth and swift kills) and a Norse Mage (following Tyr).  The other two players have made some progress (Gypsy Witch and Sniper), but they are buried in work and haven’t had time to hammer down the last pieces needed for their characters.

So, between fresh converts and what appears to be a promising project for Phantasm, the experiments are proceeding well.

~ by 1nsomniac on February 14, 2012.

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