Fallen Angel Part 2 – Power Outage (Shadowrun)

This is the second run of the Fallen Angel campaign.  Unfortunately, this was the last part of the campaign that got run, due to player infighting and an ultimate shutdown of the group.  There is a Part #3 I developed, in anticipation of continuing, but I may post that as a standalone mission at some point.

A week after the runners encountered ghouls in the Barrens, their fixer is back on the line.  They tell them that they’re tenacious pursuit of resolution in the last job has garnered some attention and they’re being requested for some anti-corp work.  If they’re interested in the details, they can meet with the fixer at Penumbra at 9PM.

Scene 1 – Old Stomping Grounds

The shine may have come off Seattle’s longest running nightclub, but the Penumbra still ends up pulling a decent crowd of loyal attendees.  The outer space motif is still going strong and the crowd seems somewhat older than it used to be, but it is still one of the premiere runner hotspots in the city.

Sitting in a private booth is their fixer, awaiting their arrival.  Once the team has gathered, he plugs his commlink into the table and activates the white noise generator.  “All right, thanks for coming everyone. I have a client who’s looking for some sabotage to be done to their rival.  The rival in this case is Shiawase Amaterasu Solar. They’ve been working on a new product that I’ve been told is called ‘Project Zircon’.  The client is asking for the entire project to be wiped out: research data and its backups, physical prototypes… the works. On top of that, you’ve only got about a week before the project sees implementation in Wales, so the longer you wait, the more of the physical prototypes you will need to destroy.  Due to the time restrictions and the need for eradication of the project, Mr. Johnson is willing to offer up 7,500¥ apiece to see this taken care of. What do you guys think?”

Give the runners time to discuss what they’ve been told and negotiate on the price.  There is some room to maneuver, up to a max of 9,000¥. If the team gets greedy, the fixer can dismiss them for thinking they’re better than their rep shows.

Once the runners are on board, the fixer nods.  “Excellent. The Shiawase facility that’s doing the development is in rural Salish.  I’ll send you the details. Once the work is done, let me know and I’ll arrange the transfer.”

Shiawase Amaterasu Solar
Megacorporate Power Subsidiary

Possible Sources – Corporate Contacts, Environmentalists

1/2 – One of Shiawase’s ventures into renewable energy.  Not as popular as some of their other ventures, but still profitable.

2/4 – Unlike their other energy ventures, this one facilitated being out of the urban sprawl so the panels could actually see the sun.  Shiawase had to jump through a lot of hoops to get that one pushed through NAN policies.

5/8 – Amaterasu has been getting some competition for some major AA power companies for some lucrative space contracts, where satellites are looking for more efficient solar collection.  Project Zircon was developed to meet demands of the program.

7/10 – The project has many anonymous, wealthy contributors who are likely to get upset, if their investments don’t pan out.

The Shiawase facility is in an old hamlet once called Maple Falls, on the banks of the Nooksack River.  It’s roughly an hour and half north of Everett by car, northeast of the nation’s capital.

Scene 2 – Into the Woods

The drive toward the Amaterasu facility is almost picturesque compared to what the runners are used to.  The interstate that connects Seattle to Bellingham is not jammed solid with cars and once they leave the interstate for local highways that wind through the Salish-Shidhe Council, they find themselves driving through green fields and full trees, split up only by tribal lands and the occasional rest stop.  Many of the tribes in this area belong to the Cascade Crow tribe and they are decidedly anti-Anglo, so non-Native runners will need to be cautious.

The once sleepy town of Maple Falls has been taken over by Shiawase.  A hamlet of under 400 people, the old town has been re-purposed by the company for the employees and to the north of the wooded village is the actual complex.  At a glance, the town is still the wooded vacation spot it once was. However, under more scrutiny, visitors will see the signs of progress here, with Japanese signs, AR signage and the local chapel having been changed from Christian to Shinto.  Visitors are still welcome to stop in at the hotels and go hiking, but the area is monitored by Shiawase security, rather than Salish police.

Because the town is 100% Shiawase citizens, the runners can’t simply ask around town for intel on the complex without drawing unwanted attention.  Whether through contacts, interrogation or other means, the runners will need to try to gain intelligence on the complex and Project Zircon.

Project Zircon
Shiawase Energy Project

Possible Sources:  Shiawase Contacts, Energy Sector Contacts, Space Program Contacts

3/8 – Project Zircon is Shiawase’s entry into a solar power collection project, aimed at improving the efficiency of space station solar collectors.

6/12 – The name of the project comes from the use of one of the primary materials in the construction of the panels:  zirconium dibromide.

8/14 – ZrBr2 has been used in solar panels before, but the engineers at Amaterasu believe they’ve found a new bonding agent that will allow the panels to absorb more heat and make each panel more efficient.

Zirconium Dibromide
Refractive Compound

Possible Sources:  Chemists, Solar Panel Engineers

2/4 – Zirconium dibromide is a refractive powder compound, created artificially by exposing zirconium dioxide to positively charged bromide ions in a hot, pressurized environment.

4/7 – The powder is quite stable, has a very high melting point (over 3000 degrees Celsius) and is resistant to most alkalines, though ti will dissolve in hydrochloric or sulfuric acids after several days.

6/10 – A popular material for solar panels, the material refracts the sun’s light inside the panels, while the bonding agents that hold the powder in place, transfer the heat into usable power.  The strength of the bonding agent determine how much energy is lost from sunlight.

Matrix:  For being in rural Salish, the Matrix connection here is pretty solid thanks to Shiawase’s presence.  Any users here will gain access to the Salish grid, rather than the Shiawase grid. Jumping into the Corporate Grid is easy enough to here… if you’ve got the right credentials.

Nestled into the Shiawase Grid, Amaterasu Solar is very proud of two things:  being Japanese and being green. The Amaterasu host shows a Shinto temple nestled into a hill on the horizon, where the sun shining brightly in the sky highlights the temple’s decorative features.  The green fields surrounding the temple are covered in solar panels angled toward the sunlit temple. The area is warm and the scent of cherry blossoms is carried on the breeze. Each of the solar panels represents a site where they’ve got their technology installed.  The temple is the main system. The iconography are featureless humanoids in Shiawase uniforms. The IC appears as hollow suits of blue samurai armour.

Host Rating: 7
ASDF Ratings:  Attack 7, Sleaze 8, Data Processing 9, Firewall 10

Security Processing:  Patrol IC is running all the time.  One Security Spider online at all times.

Once the alarm is raised, IC activates in the following order:  Probe, Killer, Track, Black IC, Crash, Marker and Sparky. If an IC gets bricked, a new version of the IC is rebooted rather than moving to the next.  After 1D6 Combat Turns, a new Troubleshooter logs on.

Scene 3 – Under the Open Sky

The Amaterasu complex is an expansive, sprawling affair with two central buildings, a smaller out building and a large solar farm that powers the entire facility, the Shiawase-run town and some of the neighbouring tribal lands.  The complex gives off a faint hum of electricity and creates a Noise Rating of 1 over the entire property.

The two buildings handle both the creation of the polymers and ZrBr2, with the other building for administration and the pressing of the solar panels.  The solar farm area is very warm from the solar collection. The outer building houses extra facilities, like a cafeteria, main security office and a garage.

Chemical Manufacturing:

Panel Assembly:

Security here is in the form of Shiawase security personnel, drones as well as a spider team.  If the runners are detected by security and communications have not been disrupted, spiritual assistance can be requested, though there is no mage on site.  With the town being run by the corporation, reinforcements are not far away. Being removed from any major city, the company is free to pursue them a good ways after completing the job.

Scene 4 – Getting Paid…?

After eluding Shiawase’s forces and getting back to Seattle the runners can reach out to their fixer for the job’s completion.  The fixer will go offline for a while and when they come back, they are apologetic… they’ve been unable to raise Mr. Johnson. After a couple of hours of failed attempts, in order to mollify the runners, the fixer offers up Mr. Johnson’s last known location, so they can get their pay.

The location is a four-star hotel that Knight Errant has cordoned off.  If they are able to get answers from the police, they talk about an attack on the penthouse, but aren’t willing to cough up too much information.  For the runners to investigate, they’ll have to slip through the police network and make their way up to the upper floor of the hotel. Hacking into the police network, or eavesdropping while inside the hotel tells them that there are rogue hostile spirits on the upper level and the Knights are awaiting magical backup.

If the runners break in, they will find three powerful spirits stalking around the penthouse (fire, earth and water).  The security personnel are all dead and the body of Mr. Johnson (presumably) has been incinerated and infused to the living room table, leaving only a skeletal remain.  The runners will need to deal with the spirits before they can progress very far. All spirits are Force 6.

There is a slightly battered safe in the master bedroom that contains certified credsticks with the runners pay on it.  Once they’ve claimed their paycheque, word reaches Knight Errant that the spiritual problem has been dealt with, but now there are shadowrunners in the building.  The police are going to move in and the runners will need to slip away.

If the runners let the police deal with the spirit problem, the safe is confiscated by Knight Errant and their pay is lost.

>> That’s a lot of damage to inflict on one complex with extra security so close.  The risk isn’t worth the pay.
>> Wraith

>> You don’t know the half of it.
>> Orange Queen

>> Care to fill us in on that vague comment, Queenie?
>> Burn

>> I guess not…
>> Burn

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