Cannonball Shadowrun Part 10 – Seattle to Atlanta

After all the jet-setting, the team is flown into Sea-Tac airport and set up at a five-star hotel in the Downtown Core.  The Seattle skyline is marred by a thick cloud of grey haze, but the Emerald Skyline of the AR glows through the clouds for any who wish to overlay the Matrix to blot out the reality of the city.

As the form of the Space Needle and the ACHE loom on the skyline, McDermitt pulls the remaining 12 teams into a large board room.  “Today we start on the final leg of the tournament.  Each team will need to formulate a plan of action and be the first to complete the task.  Your job is to take a package that we will provide you and be the first to deliver it to an estate house just outside Atlanta, Georgia in the Confederation of American States.  Each team will have an opportunity to plan a travel path between Seattle and Atlanta.  Each nation has a task you will have to complete, so avoid crossing too many borders.  Register your travel route with me before you leave to receive your waypoint tasks.  Ground travel only on this event.  By the end of this event, the winning team will earn a quarter of a million nuyen each.  This event is worth enough points that any team can win the tournament by winning this event, so travel swiftly, while avoiding the authorities and do what you can to slow down your competition.  When you have a travel plan together, some see me in this room to get your waypoint information and the final address.”

Each nation has a range of jobs to be done, depending on the route the runners take.  The only nations they are guaranteed to pass through are the Salish nation and the Confederation.  Provide the runners with a list of jobs for each nation they choose to pass through, only by name and city.  They will have to deliver something or do something in each place in order to verify their passing.  Other teams will take routes that are advantageous to them (home turf, etc), but many will opt to cross the fewest borders (Salish-Pueblo-CAS) which is likely what the runners will do as well.  If they take the road most traveled, make sure to have other runners and law presence very high.

Possible jobs by nation:

Salish-Shidhe Council

Stop an arms shipment as it travels from Spokane to Idaho Falls
Assassinate Councilman Greythorne in Kellogg (just off the I-90 in Idaho)
Sabotage the development of an agricorp field in Boise

Tir Tairngire

Smuggle contraband into Portland
Hood a former Comital (Count) in Bend and deliver goods to the slums
Harvest Telesma from near Crater Lake

California Free State

Eliminate Triad faction in San Francisco
Deliver arms shipment to Eureka
Sabotage Communications tower in China Lake

Athabaskan Council

Bring down city grid in Edmonton

Algonkian-Manitou Council

Sabotage oil sand pipeline
Disrupt shipment of fertilizer inbound to Regina

Pueblo Corporate Council

Assassinate Los Angeles Agent believed to be tied to the Koshari
Fix winnings at casino in Las Vegas
Cripple solar power field in Albuquerque

Sioux Nation

Exterminate all “residents” of the Ghost Town of Flatwillow, MT
Extract George White Wolf from Cheyenne University
Hijack automated shipping along I-80 and frame Lakota Mafia for it


Deliver Koshari “care package” to Confederate Sector Address
Escort Sioux emissary into Downtown sector safely


Pick up package in Tucson for delivery to end destination
Obtain image of the inside of Warehouse 2 at Area 51
Assassinate Jose Tlatachin in San Antonio


Obtain parcel in Bismarck and deliver to Catarone Family in Minneapolis
Locate and extract Damon Walsh in Chicago
Steal prototype in Cincinatti and deliver to Lexington


Eliminate Sons of the Alamo faction in Austin, TX
Demolish/Damage ERLA office in Oklahoma City
Obtain footage of nuclear sub deployments in Charleston, SC

Once all the waypoint objectives are cleared, the team can start their sprint for Atlanta.  The plantation house that the runners are delivering to is outside the city and is down an old dirt road that is poorly maintained (off-road conditions), so unless the car is geared for off-roading, they may have to trek out on foot for the last leg of the race.

Upon arriving at the sprawling estate, they find McDermitt standing in the middle of the open foyer, with a smile on his face.  The area is open up to the second floor with a white painted railing all the way around the upper floor’s edge.  As the team hand over their package, McDermitt asks them to open the box.  Inside are enough credsticks for the party.

“Congratulations on your victory!  You’ve proven time and again that you refuse to let anything stand in your way of earning your hard-earned money.  To that end, here is the reward for completing the tournament”.  McDermitt connects his commlink to the sticks and begins the transfer of cash to them when his commlink explodes as a bullet smashes through it and McDermitt’s arm.  Cradling his rapidly bleeding arm, he looks up to the upper floor and sees a large collection of corporate security guards from all the AAA corps and a few AAs as well.

“We had a deal!  You fund my tournament; you get the work you needed done.  The shadow community won’t stand for this.”

“Our employers decided to reduce the impact people like these had on our bottom line.  It was worth more than one or two black ops jobs…”

Security pours in from all sides and opens fire on the teams in the building and those just arriving.  They will kill McDermitt as well, unless the runners actively protect him (their money is still in his account).  If he isn’t actively killed, he tells them there is an escape tunnel in the old bunkhouse at the edge of the property.

The trip to the bunkhouse should be a running firefight, as well as the trips through the tunnels.  If they escape with their lives, as does McDermitt, he will pay them as promised.  If McDermitt dies, he managed to load up one credstick and the runners will have to split the 250,000¥ between them.  They will also have to get back to Seattle on their own, since the corporations will have seized any vehicles at the estate.  You can give the runners a chance to get their vehicles back, or let them buy replacements using their winnings.

>> Tournament end’s in sight.  Wow, someone might actually get paid!
>> Havik

>> Don’t count on it.
>> Skeptik

>> Know something we don’t?
>> Jundi

>> Let’s just say there’s likely a message from the sponsors when they get their winnings…
>> Skeptik

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  1. >> And let’s just say there’s a reason some of us retired after Vladistovok.
    >> Angel

    (Hee, best game ever.)

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