Pinocchio Part 2 – Mind

The runners are contacted directly by Mr. Johnson in a rare case of re-hire by a previous employer (rare in that Mr. Johnson is actually showing he’s a repeat customer).  Same as before, he asks to meet the runners at the Azteca in Renton at 8PM.

The spicy bouquet of the restaurant fills the air the moment they enter the Aztech/Mexican establishment.  The restaurant is half empty, with the dinner rush ending and they are quickly escorted to the rear of the restaurant where Mr. Johnson is already waiting.  He looks much the same as he did the first time he hired them:  clean-cut, very expensive suit.  The one thing that is different is that his creepy, perfect plastic smile has faltered some and he looks unrested, with puffy eyes and less kept hair.  He has done his best to conceal these, but anyone with a good perception roll can see through his attempts to hide it with makeup (someone with a knowledge of Disguise can lower the threshold).

“Thanks again for coming,” he says with rehearsed happiness.  “Please, order anything you want from the menu and we’ll get down to business.”

After the runners have ordered anything they want from the menu, Mr. Johnson starts into his speech.  “My employer was impressed with your success before and requested you be hired again for a high-profile job he needs done.  There is a scientist we require; one Hiroshi Takamoto and we need you to acquire him.  He is an unwilling participant, but we need him alive and able to perform on delivery.  We are prepared to compensate your travel expenses.  There is no finite time limit, aside from as soon as possible.  We are willing to pay you 10,000¥ apiece for this task.

Unless prompted, the Johnson is not going to mention where they are headed until they’re agreed that they will take the job.  He is able to negotiate on price to some degree, although the pay for the job is already quite substantial.

Once the runners are on board, if they don’t already know, the Johnson reveals that they are headed for Hiroshima, Japan.  The man works in a R&D facility in the rebuilt city and they will need to get him out alive and well in order to get paid.  The team can contact the Johnson to bankroll their travel expenses and the drop off location is the same as before:  a small, nondescript corporate warehouse in Renton.

However the runners choose to get into Japan, they shouldn’t have too any issues (unless they are metahuman or obviously trying to smuggle in contraband/weapons).  Japan is full of strange blend of feudal history and ultra-modernism.  The astral plane is alight with power, sitting atop a dragon line and the kami spirits of the Shinto faith playing a large role in the island’s culture.  A definite culture shock from Seattle.  However, things change when they get to Hiroshima.

The astral taint from the atomic bomb over a century ago still blankets the area, creating a city-wide semi-toxic environment.  Spellcasting will be tricky while in the city and if the runners do their research and learn about the Taint Blindness that plagues the city, they will setup outside the city limits for the sake of their spellcasters.

The small two-story complex is small enough to disappear into the sea of high-rises almost completely.  It shares the grounds with a large Renraku corporate tower.  Despite the glass monolith beside it, the R&D buildings are the money-maker inside the compound walls and security will move in quickly at the first sign of trouble.  The security in the complex is de-centralized, preventing a precision strike from crippling their ability to counter any perceived threat.  There is a lot of personal and automated security, but no astral security, thanks to the background count here.  If a mage does show up, projecting security mages and spirits will arrive from remote locations.

North Building Main Level

100 – All rooms with the 100 designation is the development floor.  All the designed computer and cybernetic systems the researching concoct are sent here to become reality (if they’re feasible).  The subdivisions are:
100A – Atrium.  A simple reception area to greet newcomers, though no one outside Renraku is permitted access to the building.
100B – Comm Booth.  Personnel commlinks are not allowed on the development floor, so if a call has to be made, this station allows them to do so.
100C – Component Storage.  All sorts of servos, gears and parts are stored here to help assemble any form of prototype they’re called up for.
100D – Assembly.  This massive area is used for building the frame for their new designs.  Vastly automated, the creators can supervise as their simulations are brought to fruition by the robotics here.
100E – Break Room.  Open onto the shop floor, the workers on the main floor can sit and take a break here.  There is a fridge, stove and microwave available to employees to store and prepare food.
100F – Final Assembly.  When the frame is assembled, this floor is for intricate work that requires a lot of manual manipulation.  Most of the workers are in this space, busily working away at attaching casings, fine wiring and final cosmetic touches.
100G – Medical.  When working with machines, there is always the risk of injury.  This medical station is here to address any on-site injuries or medical emergencies with their employees.
100H – Supervisor’s Station.  The shop floors are all heavily monitored by camera and supervisors watch the progress of all stages of the creations from this station.
100I – Servers.  The machines that drive the programming of the plant’s robotics are stored here.  Heavily and closely monitored for abnormalities, a spider is plugged into this system at all times.
100J – Maintenance Supplies.  Drones for cleaning as well as all cleaning supplies for after hours are stored in here.  If the floor is dormant, this room is empty.
Rooms 1-9 – Offices.  Roboticists, engineers  and designers reside here, ensuring that the designs from research are properly thought out before moving onto the shop floor.

South Building Main Level

101 – Women’s Washroom
102 – Men’s Room.  102A is the storage closet for the bathroom supplies.
103 – Conference Room.
104 – Dining Area.  Main area is seating, 104A is the kitchen and 104B is the pantry and food loading area.  104C is a walk-in freezer.
105 – Cubicles.  Divided into a series of small desks, this is where the rank and file workers develop the ideas suggested by senior management.
106 – Imagineering.  This is where the brainchilds of the company work on new concepts and ideas.  106A is the atrium, a clean and lightly furnished area with a receptionist.  106B, 106C and 106E are all offices of individual idea men and women.  106D is a conference center where the idea people can pitch their ideas to other likeminded intelligents from around the world.  106F is the visualization room.  It’s a place with modelling supplies, office needs and anything else someone might need for making a new model.
107 – Office with skylight
108 – Office with skylight

109 – Building Maintenance
111 – Open Concept Office.  With ample windows and a lack of cubicle walls, this work environment is designed with the comfort of the employees in mind.  This is the public face of Renraku and the employees here are all attractive people, so seem to genuinely like their jobs.  Their role is part liaison and part think tank.
112 – Public Relations.  The first room most will see upon visiting the complex, this room shows all of Renraku’s charity work, global involvement and world-changing advances they’re working on.  A smiling, gorgeous Japanese woman is there to greet them and tow the company line.
113 – Employee Entrance and Security.  This large room serves as the security station for the building, as well as a checkpoint for all employees to enter through and be verified.
114 – Senior Management.  This office complex houses the senior managers for the building.  114A is Otomo Fuchita and 114B is Mori Iko.  The front room serves as reception and conference area.
115 – Conference Room.
116 – Planning Area.  The room is full of holographic screens designed for spreading ideas out upon and manipulating them to make relevant connections between ideas.  116A is a computer room that coordinates related projects so only required data is compared.

Out Buildings

C100 – Security.  Renraku security forces are stationed here before doing rounds on the compound grounds.  Consisting of drones and personnel, they also have a pen for guard animals as well.  C100A is a relay station that coordinates security communications.  If it goes offline, the compound is automatically put on high alert.
D100 – Gatehouse.  This tunnel is the only entrance through the outer wall of the compound and is only one lane wide.  Spike strips can be deployed if someone tries to get in or out without offering further clearance.
D101 – Guard Post.  The two guards that man the gate are behind reinforced walls and bullet proof glass and will double check all credentials for anyone going into the compound.  The passenger registry is recorded on entrance and double-checked on exit.  If a vehicle goes to leave with different passengers or driver, it will be detained for questioning.
E100 – Guard Tower.  Halfway between the buildings and compound corners are four towers spread about the place, spraying the area with ultrasound to detect cloaked foes.
R100 – Rigger Security.  While this area seems unmanned, all spiders are tied in remotely through the hub.  Should these systems be taken offline, all drone frequencies will be scrambled and all users ejected.  The spiders will then take individual control of key drones and hunt down the source of the hub failure.
R101 – Repair Bay.  All drones down for maintenance or repair are stored here until they can be returned to active duty.

Upper North Building

20 – Executive Office
21 – Executive Office
22 – Executive Office
23 – Supervisor’s Mezzanine.  This has an open wall overlooking the development floor with seating for a meeting if needed.  Usually used when entertaining potential buyers for produced technologies.
24 – Secured Hallway.  Being just off the lobby, the hallway is decorated with Renraku propaganda, but it can be locked down quickly in the case of an intruder.  The hall can be fully sealed and the area gassed in a pinch.
25 – Atrium Overlook.  This is a U-shaped area of balcony, overlooking the reception area below.

Upper South Building

201 – Senior Executive Office.
202 – Head of Development.  202A is his inner office, while the other area is the receptionist, who rarely lets anyone pass through.
203 – Executive Conference Room.
204 – Teleconference Room.
205 – Teleconference Room.
206-211 – Offices.  Hiroshi Takamoto is office 208.
212 – Executive Break Room.  A games room, with trideo unit, refrigerator and microwave.  For those times an executive pulls an all-nighter and needs a minutes rest.  Late at night, you can find people catching a quick nap here.
213 – Engineers Conference Center.  This looks like most other conference rooms, but is equipped with a state of the art holo-projector system so engineers can get some ‘hands-on’ time with a new design.
214 – Overlooking the offices below (the skylights in the office ceilings are one-way glass, so people in the Mezzanine can’t see in, sunlight filters in from above for this seating area.  Vending machines dot the area, providing people with a snack and place to rest when they have a few minutes to themselves.

Hiroshi can be found in several places depending on the time of day.  They can find him asleep in the break room late at night, in his office after dinner.  In meetings for the mornings and supervising the floor in the afternoon.  Once the runners pacify the target, they need to get him out alive and out of the country.  Assuming they can get him back to Seattle, they will get paid on delivery as promised.


Mr. Johnson
Threshold:  Corporate – 2, Matrix – 3
0 – I have no idea…
1 – His name is Marcus Hale.  He’s a mid-level HR exec with Horizon.
2 – He’s one of Horizon’s cheery axe-men.  His job is to lay off the people who no longer fit Horizon’s vision, while maintaining a positive disposition.
3 – Mark is not an authorized black-ops recruiter, so whatever this job is for, it’s not likely sanctioned by Horizon.
5 – He has a thing for young prostitutes.  That information hasn’t reached his employer yet and it would detrimentally affect his P2.0 standing and his position within the corporation, if that information were made public.

The Delivery Location in Renton
The address is a fenced in warehouse with high levels of drone and automated defense security.  A small group of armed guards patrol the grounds.  There are no outer markings as to what company actually runs the facility.
Threshold:  Corporate – 2, Matrix – 3
0 – What am I, your realtor?
1 – That property was recently acquired by Singularity, a Matrix company.
2 – Singularity is a subsidiary of Horizon.  They specialize in skillsofts, knowsofts and training programs.
3 – Singularity is supposed to be a safe haven for technomancers and AIs.  They were one of the first companies to open their doors to digital savants, even while everyone else was still panicking.
5 – Rumour has it, the technomancers in their employ have put together the software for prison rehabilitations.  Very strong psychotropic suggestions, unlike anything else on the market.

Threshold:  1
0 – Bless you…
1 – City in Japan.  Got nuked back in the 20th, right?
2 – They’ve done a lot of cleaning up since the Awakening and the city is supposedly on a major growth spurt these days.
3 – Despite their cleaning efforts, there is still a city-wide background count from the bomb.
4 – The city suffers from something they call Taint Blindness.  The Awakened who are exposed to the background count for any duration go blind until they are removed from the area.

Hiroshi Takamoto
Threshold:  Corporate – 2, Matrix – 3
0 – Who?
1 – Takamoto is some big mover and shaker in Renraku.  Word is he’s got Mitsuhama’s number when it comes to robotics and cybernetics.
2 – He’s an expert cybertechnician, but he’s been working in other areas recently.  Outside of Renraku, no one really seems to be aware of what he’s doing.
3 – It may be nothing more than hearsay, but word is he got his hand on an AI and has been studying how AI’s interact with machines in order to optimize neurological connections.

>> An extraction from Renraku in their own backyard?  I don’t think there’s enough nuyen out there to make me jump on that train.
>> Fade

>> A cyberneticist huh?  Think he’d give me a consultation?
>> Basher

>> Word has it that this guy’s been dabbling in virtual sapients.  Do you really want this guy dipping into your ware?
>> GridRunner

>> Renraku and AIs… do they ever fucking learn?
>> Wraith

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