Cannonball Shadowrun Part 6 – Novosibirsk, Russia

Finally leaving the desert climate behind them, the runners end up in the other extreme.  They end up in Russia in the Siberian capital of Novosibirsk.  A cold wind whips across the plains, driving home the fact that the team is indeed in Siberia.  The feel of this city is vastly different from any of those the runners have been in thus far.  The city is dark and dirty and the Red Army patrols the streets, while the secret police scour the spaces in between.

The hotel the runners are placed is an old building in the commercial district of the city.  The building is far enough away from the Yakut border that it has not been reinforced against shelling and is in a nicer part of the city.

McDermitt calls upon the team for a heavy duty job.  “Welcome to Russia!” he says, cheerfully, as the window behind him looks down on an Army training exercise.  “Today you have to conduct two jobs in rapid succession.  Both are targets of opportunity on the same corporation.  You have a little time on your side for one job, but less for another.”

“Both jobs require sabotage.  The first job is disrupting a supply train coming across the Trans-Russian Railway.  The train belongs to Saeder-Krupp, stopping in Novosibirsk to pick up goods on their way to Moscow, before heading to Germany.  Delay this train from leaving as long as you can, or stop it entirely if possible.”

“The second job is a strike on a metallurgical factory on the northern outskirts of the city.  The facility is set on the rim of a platinum mine.  Because the costs of processing the metal is extremely high, the greater the disruption the better.”

“The train pulls into Novosibirsk tonight at 10:20PM.  You have four days to plan your attack on the mine, though.  Best of luck.”

Everywhere the runners go is guarded by soldiers who are experienced after a long and drawn out conflict with the Yakut nation.  They will have to be very stealthy to avoid the eyes of the army.  The rail lines are monitored by computer and the occasional foot patrol.  Drones make regular rounds as well.  The train station itself shows the highest concentration of soldiers.  Let the runners deal with the train as they want.  The main opposition should come from the Army.

The platinum mine is a large pit mine in a tree-encrusted valley.  The facility is a large, sprawling affair that is heavily guarded by soldiers (and Army vehicles, as per the GM’s discretion…even a tank, if you feel it is warranted).  All vehicles, mining and otherwise, have had their remote operations disabled.  Saeder-Krupp maintains their own security force on the inside.  While the two forces don’t get along very well, the metal is worth a lot to both parties and will defend it tooth and nail.  The forest is dotted with a network of assorted sensor systems and a vast network of drones that scan the perimeter of the grounds.

Mine Layout:

1 – Intake.  All the mined rocks from the pit mine are fed onto conveyors and pulled up into this massive bin, where they are moved into one of the rock crushers.

2 – Rock Crusher.  These massive drums roll and smash the incoming boulders into smaller rocks before sent on to finer processing.

3 – Finer Crushers.  These arrays of finer drums pulverize the rocks into a fine powder before being poured into a large bin outside.  The industrial lifters come by and retrieve the bins once they’ve reached a sufficient level.

4 – Liquid Mixing.  The powder created by the crushers is fed into a series of small water tanks when the lifters pour in the dust.  Using a series of methods, the dust is mixed with water and several reagents sifted, filtered and bubbled with air.  The output is poured into one of two vats (5 & 6).

5 – Recrush Slurry.  This thick goop is rock that wasn’t crushed enough to extract the ore, but the reagent pool suggests that ore is present.  Once sufficiently dried, these will be carried by lifter back to the rock crusher for another run through the crush process.

6 – Flotation Concentrate.  This thick mud is a richer, more processed platinum slurry.  Once this tank has filled to a specific level, a specially modified tanker truck pumps the slurry into its hold and brings it over to the first furnace.

7 – Flotation Operations.  This cold room holds the computers that automate the addition of reagents and run the slurry process.  These computer are heavy with IC to prevent any form of software tampering.

8 – Electrical Furnaces.  This entire building runs hot, as the massive furnaces here take the slurry pumped in by truck and quick dry it in order to draw out any ores within.  The unneeded minerals are loaded onto a conveyor belt and poured back into the pit mine, while anything with magnetic properties are loaded onto an alternate conveyor and moved to the next stage.

9 – Air-blown Smelters.  The refined ore slurry is then thrown into a massive air-blown furnace, where the ores are melted, sorted and separated.  During this process, iron and sulphur are siphoned off, cooled and collected before being sent off to storage for sale (10).  The remaining metals are let to cool before moving on.

10 – Ore Storage.  This massive storeroom is where the extra ores are stored before being sold to potential buyers.  In these bins are iron, sulphur, cobalt, copper and nickel in varying quantities.

11 – Chemical Leaching and Electrolytics.  The high tech gear in this room submerges the remaining ores in a bath of toxic chemicals in order to refine them and separate them.  While in this chemical bath an electrical charge is applied to help sort out chemicals by their latent electrical resistance.  When done, copper, nickel and cobalt can be extracted from the platinum group ores.  These refined ores can then move to the next stage.

12 – Solvent Extraction and Ion Bombardment.  Removing the chemicals from the ore is done in this room, through a series of machines.  Once cleared of the leaching process, the system bombards the ores with ions, in order to bring out the type of ore inside.  Once the process is complete, this process yields gold, palladium and platinum in trace amounts.  The remainder that does not properly leach out or respond to the ion treatment is moved to a holding silo, where it can eventually be gathered and run through the treatment process over again.

13 – Holding Silo.  This holds small nuggets of ore that are known to have platinum group metals within that could not be extracted.  They are stored here until they are able to be run through the furnace again, during the next blast.

14 – Security.  The combined might of Saeder-Krupp and the Red Army convene here.  This is the nerve center of the local defense team.  They have a respectable magic presence, numerous hackers, an armory and a vault where they store all the precious metals until they are ready to be shipped out under the cover of an armored convoy.

15 – Bunkhouse.  Miners work long days and occasionally need medical attention and food.  All the amenities required for a site like this are present in this large building.  The workers are well cared for and none have any complaints about the working conditions.

16 – Gate House.  This security checkpoint watches over any traffic coming in from the only road into the facility.  If the runners trip any alarms and are doing well at keeping the army troops on their toes, this is the route the tank will take into the compound.  It won’t use the main gun unless absolutely necessary (for fear of damaging the equipment).

Lighter dotted lines are overhead walkways that circle the grounds.  The large boxes are scaffold towers that allow people up onto those walkways.  Some of the roofs of the buildings also grant access to the walkway via one-way locked hatches.

Security Building:

1 – Main Entrance.  A security checkpoint is here and they thoroughly check every person that walks through the door, no matter how many times they’ve seen them before.  Magic, cybernetics and ID tagging are all scanned before they are allowed past this room.

2 – Storage.  Many of the building essentials are kept in this room, to replace blown light bulbs, damaged property and other regular maintenance materials.

3 – Magical Resources.  Separated from main security, all sorts of magical tomes are kept here for access by the multiple on site magicians.  There is a chance, if the runners have tripped an alarm, that there will be mages in here, in the midst of summoning up some reinforcements.

4 – Break Room.  With the number of security on the grounds at any given time, there are always a few guards taking it easy during their down time.  The latest in trideo games, satellite sports feeds and a new pool table let the troops unwind.

5 – Washrooms.  These large washrooms allow several soldiers use the facilities simultaneously.  They are elegant and aren’t overly clean, but they are sufficient for the facility’s needs.

6 – Security.  The nerve center of the mine, this room monitors everything on the grounds.  From the motion sensors and pressure plates on the outskirts of the clearing, to the cameras and turrets, it is all controlled from here.  Everything is hardwired, so no remote operations are possible.  If an alarm is triggered, this room is locked down, so intruders cannot break in and disable security.

7 – Security Servers.  The hive mind of the corporate spiders.  Sealed away during lock down, these allow ultimate control of the mine’s security features.

8 – Vault.  This is where the platinum, palladium and gold are stored until they are picked up.  They are in marked crates, for loading up in an orderly fashion.

9 – Armory.  This room stores specialty weapons for suppressing different types of attackers (FAB III Gas Grenades, rocket launchers, APDS rounds, etc).  Without an implanted RFID tag and voice print, access cannot be granted.

10 – Store Room.  Surplus army gear is kept here.  Uniforms, spare clips and blank RFID chips are stored in here.

11 – Gym.  Troops need to stay in shape and this is a place they can do that, without straying far from their posts.

12 – Cafeteria.  The mess hall…where the troops come for food.

13 – Conference Room.  When word of a possible strike lands in the ears of the senior officers, they convene here to discuss defense.

14 – Magician’s Office.  Only a registered mage with an implanted chip can enter this room.  Used as a ritual magic chamber, the magicians come here when they need to hide themselves away and let their spirits deal with the attackers.

15 – Telecomms.  A place for security to communicate to the outside world.  The moment the alarm sounds, if a threat seems sufficient enough, they can call in reinforcement.

16 – Drone Shop.  If a drone is run down or damaged, it is brought here for the local mechanics to repair.  The room is full of spare parts and partially assembled drones.

17 – Senior Officer Offices.  A place for the paper pushers to sit and do their work.

18 – Store Room.  Office supplies and chemicals are stored on opposite sides of this closet.  The office supplies are there for the officers to use, while the chemicals are for the drone repairs and building cleaning.


1 – Cafeteria.  Where the bulk of the employees come to grab a bite to eat.  The quality of food here is a step above that of most Russians, thanks to Saeder-Krupp’s budget.

2 – Doctor’s Station.  In case of injury this office can treat any number of injuries and illnesses.  Field surgery is a possibility, but anything extremely major will require an airlift out.

3 – Equipment Locker.  This room holds all the equipment for the miners when they aren’t on the job.

4 – Recreational Complex.  This room has all sorts of activities for the employees to do.  There’s a gym, a library, a bar with numerous trid units and a games room.

5 – Restrooms.  These large rooms can house 15-20 people at a time…more than enough given how many people are off-shift at any given point.

6 – Bunks.  A wide open room full of vertically stacked bunks for the miners to sleep in whenever they aren’t manning equipment or in the pit.

>> Pissing off the Russian army AND the Dragon’s corp?  Wow, are you a glutton for punishment…
>> Revenge

>> I don’t know…they manufacture precious metals there.  Can you imagine the amount of cash you could earn if you stole even a fistful of platinum?
>> Kemist

>> Sure, and I’m sure security is just going to let you waltz in and take it.  Better to burn it all and run.
>> Scorch

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  1. Try a whole titanium/gold golem…

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