The Dragon Swords

The fixer should contact one runner. In my case, Blender is the PC, as the sniper later in the mission is an enemy of his. The runner will be responsible for assembling his/her team of choice for the mission. The leader will meet the Johnson in a busy Japanese restaurant. The other team members are not permitted to enter the meeting. The Johnson will scream “Yakuza”, but it is a cleverly placed deception the runners will not know about. The Johnson is really a man named Qiang that works for the Seoulpa Ring known as the Dragon Swords.

“My Wakagashira has ordered me to take motions against our mutual enemy. Our Gumi wishes that a warehouse by SeaTac airport and all of its contents be destroyed. You and your team will be paid 10,000¥ each for the destruction of the building.”

The building is a warehouse owned by the Mafia. The Johnson continues:

“There should be little opposition right now as the Mafioso are currently tied up in other affairs. This is the address and here is an LTG number you can reach me at when your objective is complete. I am patient but the sooner you act, the more likely you are to succeed.”

The destruction of the warehouse should be real easy. Only a few of La Familia should be present, at least until the warehouse is detonated. Several members of the Mafia will ambush the runners. They will demand to know which organization hired them. They really don’t see the warehouse destruction as a problem, as nothing valuable was contained, and they were about to reconstruct the poorly built warehouse anyways. However, the runners did hit a Mafia establishment, and the local Caporegime won’t allow it to go unpunished. He delivers an ultimatum:

Hit the Yakuza free of charge, or get sized for cement shoes. The answer should be fairly easy to see. The captain orders a Yakuza run brothel be destroyed, after the runners extract a few of the prostitutes. “The more…exotic…the better.” He gives the runners an address, and a RV point for “delivering” the “merchandise”.

The brothel is, indeed, Yakuza, unlike the Johnson. There will be several “patrons”, half a dozen prostitutes, and roughly a dozen Yakuza Kumi-in present. The brothel is in the Pullayup Barrens, but just outside city limits, so it isn’t too dangerous for corporate employees, so some of the “patrons” should be suits. The runners need to grab at least two prostitutes to appease the Caporegime. Once the brothel is destroyed and the prostitutes delivered, the runners can still collect from the Johnson (or so they think). He will agree to meet at the Seattle docks, but he will only meet with the leader. No other members are permitted.

Two large narrow warehouses flank the meet area. The Johnson waits between the warehouses, near the piers. A sniper sits slightly to the left and behind the Johnson at the base of a crane. Once the meeting begins, the Johnson speaks:

“You have done everything as I expected you would. You were caught by the Mafia and hired to hit the Yakuza, which was my plan right from the beginning (used a watcher spirit to track the runners movements). I am not Yakuza, at least, not anymore. Tensions between the Yakuza and Mafia were dropping too low for my associates liking. With any luck this will stir things up a little. The Mafia think that the Yakuza hired you to hit them, and the Mafia in turn hit the Yakuza. The Yakuza will see the attack on them as unprovoked and I guess we’ll see how it goes from there. The Dragon Swords eagerly await the results of your team’s fine work. Now, for your payment.”

The Johnson bends over to grab something from his boot when the sniper fires on the leader. The alley fills with Seoulmen and the leader is surrounded as he lies on the damp pavement. Half of the men wield sub-machine guns, the other wield large Ghurkha knives. Qiang continues if the runner survives the sniper’s bullet:

“One of our Ring’s most profitable businesses is in second hand cyberware. Did you know that? It’s a shame you will be conscious while we liberate you of yours. The remainder of you will be sold to organleggers and fed to ghouls, I imagine. Farewell.”

Note – if the runner has no cyberware, he simply walks away while the Seoulmen attack (see below).

Qiang walks away and the knife wielding Seoulmen will begin hacking at the downed runner. If the runners were smart enough to set up some sort of support, they can distract the Seoulmen while the runner tries to get away. There will be no payment for the runners, as if they pursue Qiang, they will be unable to track him as he erased his astral presence (he’s magically active). Qiang should get away to harass the group at a future date.

>>Sounds like a pretty cut and dried run against the Mafia.  What’s the catch? 
>> D-Grade 

>>For a better idea as to what’s going on, perhaps you should look to the Johnson…

>>Gee, a dishonest Johnson?  Will wonders never cease.

>>What would you know about dishonesty, Blender?  You keep spouting off your own lies…

>>Lies?!  You just stay where you are…I’ve got a nice surprise for you. 

>>Children… you play nice in my home turf.  This is an open forum and is no place for whatever your issues may be with each other.
“The shadows never sleep, so why should I?”

~ by 1nsomniac on January 8, 2009.

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