Shadows Over Las Vegas – Patch of Sand (#Shadowrun)

It’s been a week and a half since the bank heist when Zaray calls up Hugh.  “Hey buddy… listen, I’ve got a friend who needs a team.  Payment’s unusual, but I think it’ll work for ya.  If you’re interested, come by Rena’s House of Pancakes and Bondage around 9PM.  Show up hungry.”

Scene 1 – Strange Bedfellows

Rena’s House of Pancakes and Bondage is a well known spot in Vegas in the shadowrunner community.  Rena is an incredible pancake chef and a renowned dominatrix, but she is also a well-established fixer.  Often the patrons here are affiliated with the shadow community.  The location is still open to the public, as Rena’s pancakes are known as the best in the city, despite the strange pairing.

Zaray is in the forward lounge, which spares the visitors from the bondage portion of the restaurant, save for the scantily clad waitstaff, wearing the bare minimum of leather and vinyl they can get away with.  Zaray is hitting on one of the waitresses when the team shows up for the meet, at which point, their fixer turns his attention to them, freeing the waitress.

“I’ve taken the liberty of ordering us a huge stack of pancakes.  We’ll get down to business when they get delivered,” he says, rubbing his hands with anticipation.  Being used to working with shadowrunners, the pancakes are delivered right at 9 for the group to dive into.

As Zaray loads up his plate, he starts into his spiel.  “So, Rena had some extra work she didn’t have the people to deal with… naturally, she turned to me,” he says, looking chuffed with himself.  “In any case, our client needs some new digs.  Something to do with his mentor or something.  In any case, he’s found the perfect place… but someone already lives there.  They refuse to sell, so our client wants to be more forceful.  He wants you to strongarm the owner into turning over the deed to the property, preferably without destroying the residence in the process.  In exchange, he offers you his current property, which he no longer wants, which you can use as a safehouse.  The place is off the books, so it can’t be traced by bank records.  Overall, not a bad deal.  Whatcha think?”

The deal here is legitimate.  The team is going to be given a piece of property as payment.  The details on who they are going after are fuzzy for good reason…

If the runners agree to the terms, Zaray flashes them a thumbs up with a mouthful of pancakes.  After he’s able to swallow, he says “Fantastic!  I’ll let Rena know.  Here’s the address… good luck!”

Zaray will tell them that the house is outright owned by the current resident, but he will hesitate to tell them that the owner is a Koshari boss…

Matrix:  The primary network they access is PuebNet, represented by a dreamcatcher rimmed by idols from each of the tribes that make up the nation.  The iconography here is simple, a vast prairie with rolling hills and deserts, each landscape varying slightly depending on the city you log in from.  For Vegas, the prairie is split by bright lights, a long road and large stacks of poker chips.  The old Welcome to Paradise sign standing prominently over everything.

Scene 2 – The Home of the Rich and Powerful

On the Northwest side of Vegas are a large subdivision of larger properties that back onto the Mojave.  The address the runners were provided are one of these larger homes:  a large, designer home with a manicured lawn backing onto red sand and scrub brush.

The home is owned by a man simply called Raven.  His birth name is a traditional Zuni name that he often gets butchered when others try.  His piercing dark eyes and jet black hair led to the nickname.  He is cold and calculating, which has not endeared him to his neighbours.  He doesn’t fraternize with the others in his neighbourhood, so information about his life is scarce.

He has an entourage on site that protects him, including his spiritualist, who is a mage.  There is physical security in place as well, that protects the property itself.

Security Features include:  hidden cameras, wireless signal dampening (Noise 2), flash-paks, wards, barrier spells, spirits

Once the runners have subdued the Koshari boss, he will direct the runners to a key that opens a storage unit.  The deed is stored in that location.  The storage unit is in the city’s west end, in Spring Valley.

Scene 3 – Stealing from the Underworld

Spring Valley is its usual quiet and unassuming self when the runners show up in the local U-Stor-It storage facility.  With row upon row of climate controlled storage units there is plenty of personal property here that is at risk should things go sideways.  Naturally, the Koshari units are well guarded, so of course things can go any direction.

The guards on duty are supposed to be notified whenever a unit is going to be accessed, so showing up unannounced is going to raise the alarm pretty quickly and cover will be light in each of the hallways.  The Koshari are going to rely heavily on spirits, drones and hit and run maneuvers until help arrives.

Security consist of guards armed with SMGs with Frangible rounds, as well as a small assortment of on-site drones, with a Force 4 Water Spirit on call should the alarm be raised.

Once inside the storage unit, they will find an assortment of contents:  drugs, guns, magical goods and a heavy safe that contains the deed as well as several other important documents.  Keep track of what the runners steal… the Koshari will take great offense if they make off with too many items.

The other items of note are:

  • A Force 3 Power Focus, cursed with an imp that redirects a portion of the spell cast through it back at the caster
  • A PSG Enforcer (pg 39 Street Lethal) sniper rifle that is wanted by PuebSec for a handful of police assassinations

Both items are locked away in a signal proof and sealed container in the storage unit.

Once they acquire the deed and escape, they will receive a digital “key” to a condo in Paradise that they are welcome to do with as they please.

>> There’s plenty of cheap real estate on Vegas’s outskirts… why displace the rightful owner of a house? Sounds like a recipe for making enemies.
>> Ty Qun

>> Mentors want what they want… there must be something about that house. Still, I agree with you. The current owner is not going to be thrilled about being driven out of his home. Especially if the rumours on the ownership are true.
>> Desert Striker

>> Certainly not wanting to make enemies that would make living in Vegas trickier. It’s already quite the place for backstabbing.
>> Media Junker

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