Shadows Over Las Vegas – A Vegas Classic (#Shadowrun)

A week after the call to the Mojave, Grifter is called by Mr. Johnson.  “Hey Grifter.  You remember Mr. Chen?  He was impressed by your team’s performance and would like to hire you again.  Would you be willing to meet under the same conditions as before?  A team rep at the Nugget for 7:30 tonight?”

Scene 1 – A Tour of Fremont Street

The Nugget has undergone several overhauls over the years and it is the nicest stop on Fremont Street, though it is still outclassed by the massive resorts along the Strip.  The street is still quite busy, but regardless of the foot traffic a limo pulls up at 7:30 sharp.  A chauffeur gets out, rounds the vehicle and pulls the curbside rear door open.  Addressing the chosen runner he motions into the back of the car.

Sitting in the back is a manicured Chinese man.  He looks bored by the whole situation, wearing a handful of gold rings on his fingers and a crisp suit that likely costs more than the team member’s rent for the year.  “Welcome.  Please, help yourself to the bar.”  The man motions to the driver and the limo pulls away from the curb.

“I must admit… your team surprised me last time.  You were very efficient in completing your task and throwing off suspicion.  Making that fool Lasseter take the fall for everything was very clever.  So, there is another matter I need taken care of in town, in order to secure my company’s future here in Vegas.  It is, regrettably, not overly subtle…”

“In the tradition of this city, I need you to rob a bank.  A specific bank…Nevada State Bank and Trust.  It’s an old institution, but I would not assume that their security is that old.  There is a safety deposit box I require and I am not the…shall we say, rightful owner.  I want the box delivered to me, undamaged and sealed.  Anything else your team can liberate can be considered a bonus.  I would request you take a few extra boxes, so the true target of the theft is obscured.  Since there is a risk to your team for something so… old-fashioned… I’m offering your team 12,000¥ apiece.”

Chen genuinely needs what’s in the safety deposit box for his plans.  He feels that since the team were such overachievers, they could have a chance to pull off the job.

If the team signs on, Chen steeples his fingers and smiles.  “Perfect!  The safety deposit box I am after is B-31.  I want the box delivered undamaged… obtaining the key would be nice, but ultimately unnecessary.  Anything else you manage to steal is yours to do with as you wish.”

Mr. Chen will field questions about what they’re transporting:  it’s not explosive, not particularly fragile, but that if the seal on the box is broken, the contents will be useless and they won’t get paid.

Mr. Chen
Black Ops Recruiter
Possible Sources – Corporate Contacts, Shadowrunner Contacts
2/3 – The only name that exists for this man is Wu Lei Chen.  He has only existed since about 7 years ago.  All previous records of him have been deleted.
4/6 – His stomping grounds are in Hong Kong.  He works for the Pacific Prosperity Group.  No idea why the PPG is interested in an inland desert city.
6/8 – Several AA corps that are part of the PPG have been expanding into Europe of late.  This could be tied to the expansion of the shipping network.
8/10 – Chen is pulling his weight around for Wuxing this time around…

Nevada State Bank and Trust
Financial Company
Possible Sources – Corporate Connections, Financial Sector Contacts
2/3 – Nevada State is an owned subsidiary of the Pueblo Corporate Council.  The national government purchased the bank from the old Ute government.  Many of the former Ute citizens bank through the company.
4/6 – The bank is one of the few organizations in Las Vegas that still maintains a vault for physical items like art, gold and sculptures/artifacts.
6/8 – PuebSec themselves serves as the on site security.  While equipped to deal with minor threats, they will bring in reinforcements quickly.
8/10 – Their security system was recently updated to include new features that are inaccessible from the main Matrix system.

Matrix:  The primary network they access is PuebNet, represented by a dreamcatcher rimmed by idols from each of the tribes that make up the nation.  The iconography here is simple, a vast prairie with rolling hills and deserts, each landscape varying slightly depending on the city you log in from.  For Vegas, the prairie is split by bright lights, a long road and large stacks of poker chips.  The old Welcome to Paradise sign standing prominently over everything.  The Noise on Fremont Street confers a penalty of 3.

Scene 2 – The State of Finances

Nevada State has a few branches in Las Vegas, but the branch they’ve been hired to hit is the branch in Sunrise.  It’s a single story bank location that caters to those who come and go from the Strip to deposit winnings, or withdraw money to gamble with, so the bank is often busy and is open later than most banks in the city.

There is a security guard stationed at every entrance in and out of the bank and the building has a two-layer ward:  a ward preventing astral recon and a second protecting the vault.  Cameras are very prevalent throughout the bank with pressure plates in key places.  Retractable, armoured shutters protect the tellers and the passage to the vault at the first sign of trouble.

The Matrix Host within the bank is interleaved… there are three separate security systems, each overlapping in coverage.  Suppressing the cameras can be possible, but at the risk of exposure, while suppressing three separate systems.  Some security measures, such as the shutters, are manual and cannot be retracted by the security grid.  If one system detects a breach, the other supporting systems will go to an alert.  Turrets, armed with gel rounds, will take out any intruders they detect.

Inside the vault, a bound air spirit has been tasked to prevent any unrecognized aura from escaping the vault.  The vault also has safeguards preventing the early removal of safety deposit boxes, by having injector tips at the corners to inject Narcoject into the would-be thief.  All security measures are designed to be non-lethal.

Scene 3 – The Heist

The bank is a modernized affair, with active AROs, marble floors and clean decor.  The digital side of the bank will be somewhat suppressed if they choose to break in after dark, but security is cleanly integrated into the facade of the building.

The runners have two different environments to contend with, depending on when they break in.  Going in during the day will draw more public attention, provide hostages and mean that security’s response will need to be more measured.  Going in after dark means that security will be more prevalent and will show little restraint in attempting to subdue them.

Security Guards using average to above average stat lines.

Lone Star Castle Guards (as per Rigger 5)

Features:  Light Weapon mount with Ares Predator V, Targeting Autosoft (3), Smartsoft, Smartsafety bracelets

Armed with: Smartgun, Stick’n’Shock Rounds – (6S(e) DV, -6 AP Total)

MCT Gun Turrets (as per Rigger 5)

Features: Standard Weapon Mount with SCK Model 100 mounted

Armed with:  Smartgun, Folding Stock, Gel Rounds – (8S, +1AP Total)

Bound Force 6 Spirit of Air

Additional Powers:  Elemental Attack, Fear

Force 5 Spirit of Man

Additional Power:  Control Thoughts

Assuming the runners can subdue security, access the vault and get to the safety deposit box that Mr. Chen wanted, they will have to get away from PuebSec.  

Matrix:  Nevada State Bank is an old institution, pre-dating the Awakening, the Great Ghost Dance and the split of the NAN.  That said, after all of those events took place, the Ute Nation held a referendum (as they always did) and the public opted to keep the name.  It remained a separate entity as a private bank until the Crash of 64, when they lost most of their digital records and much of their clientele’s recorded wealth.  The resulting lawsuits left the bank bereft of capital and when the Ute Nation similarly collapsed and was absorbed by the PCC, the bank was bought into by the government.  Saved from extinction, the company now has branches all throughout the PCC.

After the Crash, the bank kept most of their desert themed system untouched, save for switching the Ute iconography for Zuni and Hopi.  The “plains” look of the system walks the user through the different landscapes the PCC tribes call home.  Icons are designed to fit into a tribal village motif, with personal icons appearing as classic Natives in traditional garb, while IC and security icons sport streaked warpaint made of flowing code.

Host Rating: 8
ASDF Ratings:  Attack 9, Sleaze 8, Data Processing 10, Firewall 11

Security Processing:  Patrol IC is running all the time.  One standard Security Spider online at all times.

Once the alarm is raised, IC activates in the following order:  Probe, Black IC, Sparky, Killer and Track.  If an IC gets bricked, a new version of the IC is rebooted rather than moving to the next.  If the system is being overrun, one new Troubleshooter logs on after 2D6 turns.  Their priority will be to lock down the system any way they can.

Scene 4 – In Hot Pursuit

With the heist complete, odds are the alarm was raised and if PuebSec isn’t already on scene, they will converge on them shortly.The reinforcements will come in the form of cars, motorcycles, spirits and a helicopter.

Police Reinforcements have a slightly better than average statline.

Buell Spartan Motorcycle (as per Rigger 5)

Dodge Charger (as per Rigger 5)

Additional Features:  Rear-facing Road Strip Ejectors (6 Zapper Strips) (10S(e) Damage to Vehicle), paired forward-facing AK-97.

Loaded with APDS (-6 AP Total) and Smartlink (+2 Acc)

The motorcycle cops are just trying to keep an eye on the car, to relay location.  If pressed, the motorcycle cops will attempt to shoot the car with their sidearms, which have tracker rounds in them.

If the runners can shake their tail and escape the police, they will need to lay low for a while and potentially ditch their car to avoid PuebSec.  Good to his word, Mr. Chen will pay them for the delivery of the safety deposit box, whenever they choose to do the hand-off.

>> You have to be insane or desperate to try and rob a bank these days. Which is Mr. Johnson?
>> Mercury

>> I’m gonna go with the latter. The stuff he’s after is hard to come by, stores well and doesn’t need to be accessed much. He pretty has to go in and get it.
>> Dine

>> You know what Mr. J is after do you?
>> Haz-Matt

>> Yes.
>> Dine

>> Care to enlighten us?
>> Haz-Matt

>> No.
>> Dine

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