Shadows Over Las Vegas – Out of Reach (#Shadowrun)

It’s been about a week since the clean escape from DSI and redirecting blame among other parties.  Hugh gets a call from Zaray and it’s instantly apparent he wants something.  “Heeeey, Handy-man.  I’ve got a line on some work and I think your crew are ideal for it.  Meet me at 8:30 tonight in North Vegas?  Buy you guys a shawarma at the Shawarma Shack…”

Scene 1 – Bribing with Food

As promised, Zaray is at the dive food stall that is the Shawarma Shack.  The food is tasty, if a little dry and the ambiance is what you’d expect from a food truck, but the area is essentially an empty parking lot.  While the vegetables are somewhat fresh, any protein is typically spiced soy… the ork and troll one seasoned with Ghost Pepper, so it “tastes like something”.

Once everyone has their food, Zaray starts talking around a mouthful of shawarma.  “All right, here’s the deal… some European high roller is coming to town tomorrow night.  Guy by the name of Claude Vidal… some rich fucker from Marseilles.  He wants to blow his load in Vegas and naturally the PCC wants him to as well.  However, this poncy Frenchman has chosen to spend his money at Planet Horizon, which rubs a few people the wrong way, given everything Horizon has done to this town.  There are rumours that this guy Vidal is being targeted for assassination by some of the locals and it would create some bad blood with the rich old worlders if some aristocrat dies on our soil…”

Zaray takes another mouthful of shawarma before continuing.  “Naturally, Vidal has refused a protection detail, for fear of it cramping his style.  So PuebSec wants to pay you some of their good government money to go where they can’t… into the casino on the Strip.  They want you guys to thwart any attempts to kill Vidal as well as finding out who’s trying to kill him.  They are willing to pay you guys 6,000¥ apiece to keep Vidal alive, doubling it if you put an end to the people behind it.  They’ll want a commcode from one of you so that if they respond to a call of gunshots, they can delay accordingly if you’re doing their jobs for them… though I do recommend you use something you don’t mind ditching afterwards… so, what do you guys think?”

Zaray may be cavalier in his methods, but he wouldn’t bring it to the team unless he felt it was legit.  He won’t negotiate much on cost, seeing as he already feels the runners are being overpaid.

Once the team signs on, Zaray gives them a thumbs up.  “Excellent.  I’ll let the cops know they’ve hired themselves some criminals.  They love being reminded of that.  Once you guys know a commcode you’re willing to give the cops, let me know and I’ll pass it along.  Good hunting.”

Claude Vidal
French Aristocrat
Possible Sources – Celebrity Gossip Contacts, European Contacts
2/3 – Claude Vidal is one of those people who is famous because they have old money.  He can tie their family line back to pre-Republic nobility and for that he is famous.
4/6 – He managed to emerge unscathed with the Project Omen debacle, as when the nobility conspired to topple the Republic, he wanted no part of it.  Many conspiracy theories still place him amongst the conspirators.
6/8 – He is a bachelor and fervent player.  Unlike much of the French aristocracy, he isn’t hung up on keeping the family name alive.  He is one for enjoying life to the fullest.  That said there are several outstanding paternity suits…
8/10 – The French Republic is still mending fences with the upper class and Vidal is the face of those efforts.  His death would be dangerous to the rebuild efforts, but the government can’t convince him to make himself so available.

Matrix:  The primary network they access is PuebNet, represented by a dreamcatcher rimmed by idols from each of the tribes that make up the nation.  The iconography here is simple, a vast prairie with rolling hills and deserts, each landscape varying slightly depending on the city you log in from.  For Vegas, the prairie is split by bright lights, a long road and large stacks of poker chips.  The old Welcome to Paradise sign standing prominently over everything.  The Noise in North Vegas is only 1.

Scene 2 – Preparing for Arrival

The runners have roughly 24 hours to prepare for Vidal’s arrival.  Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot to go on.

If the runners choose to check out Planet Horizon prior to Claude’s arrival, they will find that the resort casino is very well guarded.  Horizon doesn’t mess around when it comes to the safety of their guests.  First off, there is a dress code… if they don’t look the part, they don’t get in.  If you aren’t a member on one of Horizon’s social media platforms and actively broadcasting, you don’t get past the doors.

The resort is spread over three towers, each one is themed for different forms of media, spanning 150 years.  One for the towers is focused on music, another on TV and trideo and the third on feature films.  If a hacker is able to get into the casino’s system, they can learn that Claude is staying in the movie third of the casino.

The casino is chock full of the latest in sensor technology.  MADs, chemsniffers, cameras, motion detectors in sensitive areas and ultrasound projectors are just some of the precautions put in place to protect the patrons here.  They have a high-level mage on call who watches for signs of magical manipulation and a security rigger, trained to recognize the signs of technomancer manipulation of the game machines.

Because this is a Horizon establishment, they enforce their own security here and they often look to incapacitate on the floor before dragging off for interrogation and potential disappearing, if need be.

The area around Planet Horizon is wall-to-wall people at any hour of the night and the spam zone of the Strip hits a prospective hacker on the street with a painful -8 Noise penalty, but inside the casino, the Strip is cut out and the only system available is that of the casino.  Horizon armed guards keep the entrance way clear, especially when a VIP is being escorted in.  The streets are so crowded and the casinos so highly guarded, that the odds of assassination by shooting on the way in are very low.

Scene 3 – Arrival at Planet Horizon

When Claude rolls up at the entrance to Planet Horizon, a crowd of royalty groupies are there to greet him and he receives their praise with a laugh and a sweeping bow.  His personal security urge him indoors, but he can’t help but posture a short while longer before stepping inside.

Once he is in the casino, he gets checked into his hotel room and leaves the bulk of his travel necessities in a safe in his room before he returns to the casino floor.  He heads to the banker to convert a sizable amount of coin into chips before heading to the Baccarat tables.

There are three ways assassins will attempt to kill Claude Vidal:

The first will be a subtle attempt by an adept capable of changing her features.  She will watch to see which waitress is serving Vidal and then take on her identity to deliver a drink poisoned using smuggled in supplies.  She has a birthmark/tattoo that serves a visual clue that it’s not the same person.


Chameleon Assassin
B3  A6  R4  S3  W4  L4  I5  C5  Edge 4 Magic 5
Init 9+1D6, PL 5, ML 6, SL 8

Qualities:  Blandness

Skills:  Acting Group 4, Athletics Group 4, Blades 3, Unarmed 4, Pistols 3, Disguise 4, Palming 3, Sneaking 5, Negotiation 3, Etiquette 3, Perception 4

Knowledge Skills: English (Native), Zuni 4, Hopi 4, Spanish 4, Kinesics 3, Meditation 3

Powers:  Facial Sculpt 4, Melanin Control, Keratin Control, Killing Hands, Voice Control 1, Flexibility 2, Cloak, Inertia Strike, Penetrating Strike 2

Metamagic:  Masking

Gear:  FFBA (8), Waitress uniform, Commlink Rating 4

Weapons: Unarmed (Acc 5, 3S/3P, Reach 0, AP -2)

The second comes in a two-part ruse.  One is an absolutely gorgeous dryad woman, who comes on to Claude hard and is all over him.  She does her best to keep her eyes on him the whole time (to a notable extent).  Anyone with knowledge in magic may recognize the behaviour of a magical ritual spotter and will need to locate the connection to the casting mage.  A teammate will have a matter of hours to track down the caster and kill him.  His spirits will attempt to buy him time to finish the ritual.


Dryad Eye Candy and Spotter
B3  A4  R4  S3  W4  L3  I5  C8  Edge 3 Ess 4.9
Init 9+1D6, PL 5, ML 5, SL 13

Qualities:  Catlike, Glamour, Low-Light Vision, First impression, Symbiosis, Creature of Comfort, Distinctive Style, Moderate Addiction (Alcohol)

Skills:  Acting Group 5, Athletics Group 3, Close Combat Group 3, Pistols 3, Stealth Group 3, Influence Group 6

Knowledge Skills: English (Native), Spanish 4, Seduction 5, Psychology 4, Magical Theory 3

Augmentations:  Tailored Pheromones 2, Toxin Extractor 3, Vocal Range Enhancer, Silky Skin, Clean Metabolism

Gear:  Moonsilver Nightgown (7), Commlink Rating 4

Weapons: Unarmed (Acc 5, 3S, Reach 0, AP 0)


Ritual Caster
B6  A4  R3(6)  S6(9)  W7  L3  I5  C4  Edge 3 Magic 6
Init 8+1D6 (11+2D6), Astral Init 10+2D6, PL 7(10), ML 6, SL 7, AL 7

Qualities:  Thermographic Vision, Toxin/Pathogen Resistance, Astral Chameleon, Made Man, Prejudice (Mundanes, Outspoken)

Skills:  Clubs 4, Unarmed 4, Blades 6, Conjuring Group 5, Sorcery Group 6, Stealth Group 3, Astral Combat 4, Assensing 5, Perception 4, Negotiation 3, Intimidation 3, Con 3

Knowledge Skills: English (Native), Spirits 5, Magical Theory 5, Talismonger Shops 4, Mojave Hot Spots 2

Spells:  Prodigal Spell ®, Death Touch, Imbue ®, Manabolt, Clairvoyance, Combat Sense, Demolish Gun, Mind Probe, Melt Armour, Increase Reflexes, Increase Strength, Resist Pain, Armour, Sight Removal, Ward ®, Homunculus ® 

Metamagic:  Masking, Extended Masking, Efficient Ritual

Gear:  Armored Jacket (12), Bonded Sustaining Focus 3 * 2,Commlink Rating 4

Weapons: Unarmed (Acc 7(10), 6(9)S, Reach 0, AP 0), Imbued Combat Axe (Acc 7, 14P, Reach 2, AP -4)

The final attempt will come from a massive troll that has been busily playing games all evening in the casino.  When all attempts to be subtle have failed, he will blithely walk over to the table and smash Vidal’s head into the table, before winding up to make a killing blow.  The runners will need to be fast to stop the troll for long enough that casino security can intervene and take the troll down.


Massive Troll Enforcer  (the name is a Zuni cannibal demon)
B11  A4  R3  S10  W3  L2  I3  C3  Edge 2
Init 6+1D6, PL 12, ML 4, SL 5(7)

Qualities:  Exceptional Body, Adrenaline Surge, Did You Just Call Me Dumb?, In Debt, Distinctive Style

Skills:  Acting Group 3(4), Athletics Group 3, Close Combat Group 6, Firearms Group 4, Perception 3

Knowledge Skills: English (Native), Zuni 4, Poker 3, Koshari Establishments 3

Gear:  Armante Suit (8), Commlink Rating 4

Weapons: Knucks (Acc 12, 11P, Reach 1, AP 0)

If the runners are able to interrogate or acquire a commlink from the assassins, they can learn who sent them to kill Vidal and subsequently, where the Koshari boss calls home.

Scene 4 – Stopping the Bankroll

Once a trace has been run on the Koshari boss that has ordered the death of Vidal, the runners find themselves in North Vegas at a mechanic’s shop that doubles as a chop shop.  At this time of night, the legitimate side of the business is closed and the activities within are illegal, so the Koshari won’t wait to open fire on anyone who spots them hacking apart cars.  Collateral damage here is not an issue, so the runners can be let off the chain.

Some may carry Cobra SMGs (Acc 4(5), 7P, 0AP, All, 2(3)RC, 32c) or Defiance T-250 (Acc 4, 10P, -1AP, SS/SA, 5m), instead of the Black Scorpions.  The Boss carries a tomahawk (Acc 6, Reach 1, 5P, – 2AP) and Warhawk (Acc 5, 9P, -2AP, SS, 6cy)

With Vidal safe and the Koshari behind it dead, the runners can get in touch with Zaray and arrange for payment.

>> Trying to finish a job in a casino on the Strip? Are you mental?
>> Baroque

>> Actually, as a bodyguard, your job is easier, since casino security is on your side (for a change).
>> Candid

>> What doesn’t make your job easier is that this guy Vidal has made several enemies with deep pockets. Expect some talented people to make the attempt.
>> Scope

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