Shadows Over Las Vegas – Opening Stakes (#Shadowrun)

This is the second run in the weekly Heroes for Hire Campaign set in Las Vegas.

It’s been a week and a half since the team’s last job when Grifter is contacted by his former employer, Mr. Johnson.  “Grifter.  Are you busy presently?  I have… let’s call him a ‘professional associate’…that needs a team to handle a task for him.  Simple data steal.  Think your team would be interested?  I can give you an hour to confer, if you need…”

Once the team has said they’re interested, Mr. Johnson says “Excellent!  You’ll need to pick a team representative and he will pick them up in front of the Nugget on Fremont at 7:30 tonight.  Let me know whom he’ll be meeting with.  Don’t be late.”

Scene 1 – Mobile Meeting

The Nugget has undergone several overhauls over the years and it is the nicest stop on Fremont Street, though it is still outclassed by the massive resorts along the Strip.  The street is still quite busy, but regardless of the foot traffic a limo pulls up at 7:30 sharp.  A chauffeur gets out, rounds the vehicle and pulls the curbside rear door open.  Addressing the chosen runner he motions into the back of the car.

Sitting in the back is a manicured Chinese man.  He looks bored by the whole situation, wearing a handful of gold rings on his fingers and a crisp suit that likely costs more than the team member’s rent for the year.  “Welcome.  Please, help yourself to the bar.”  The man motions to the driver and the limo pulls away from the curb.

“I appreciate your willingness to meet with me under these unusual circumstances.  I’m from out of town and don’t know the city well, so I felt that this was simplest.  You may call me Mr. Chen.  The people I represent are very interested in starting a business here in Las Vegas, but the market here is rather cutthroat.  We need an edge.  That is where you come in.  There is a company in Boulder City called Desert Sun Investments.  They have a file on their server that was promised to us called HPLV-IP76 (High Profile Las Vegas Investment Portfolios 2076).  They have recently backed out of our arrangement and I need what I was promised.  Therefore, I’m willing to pay you and your associates 9,000¥ apiece to get what I’m owed.  Does this sound like something your group can handle?”

Mr. Chen is not being fully honest with the runners.  He was offered the file in question, but the man selling it was asking too high a price.  It was cheaper to hire runners.  He also knows there are other potential offers out there.  He is hopeful that he is acting quickly enough to avoid complications.

He is willing to negotiate on price (250¥ apiece per net hit), but assuming they can come to an arrangement, he nods in agreement.  “Excellent.  I look forward to our next conversation.”  As if on cue, the limo rolls back up to the Nugget to drop off the runner.  Mr. Chen hands the runner his AR business card.  “When you’re ready to exchange the data, contact me at this number.”

Mr. Chen
Black Ops Recruiter
Possible Sources – Corporate Contacts, Shadowrunner Contacts
2/3 – The only name that exists for this man is Wu Lei Chen.  He has only existed since about 7 years ago.  All previous records of him have been deleted.
4/6 – His stomping grounds are in Hong Kong.  He works for the Pacific Prosperity Group.  No idea why the PPG is interested in an inland desert city.
6/8 – Several AA corps that are part of the PPG have been expanding into Europe of late.  This could be tied to the expansion of the shipping network.
8/10 – Chen is pulling his weight around for Wuxing this time around…

Desert Sun Investments
Financial Trust Company
Possible Sources – Corporate Connections, Rich Associates
2/3 – Desert Sun Investments is an owned subsidiary of the Pueblo Corporate Council.  The national government wanted to keep an eye on their wealthiest citizens, so offered the best rates to those who kept their money “in-house”.
4/6 – The amount of wealth represented by the clientele in the company is such that PuebSec themselves monitor the building.
6/8 – While the company caters to the wealthiest citizens, the employees are not so well cared for.  The PCC has been ratcheting back on benefits to employees, which has caused some dissent.
8/10 – A financial advisor named Eric Lasseter has substantial gambling debts that need paying off and quick.

Matrix:  The primary network they access is PuebNet, represented by a dreamcatcher rimmed by idols from each of the tribes that make up the nation.  The iconography here is simple, a vast prairie with rolling hills and deserts, each landscape varying slightly depending on the city you log in from.  For Vegas, the prairie is split by bright lights, a long road and large stacks of poker chips.  The old Welcome to Paradise sign standing prominently over everything.  The Noise on Fremont Street confers a penalty of 3.

Scene 2 – Investigating the Investors

Aside from the Matrix investigations the team could do, they can do other forms as well.  The building is a three story glass box, tinted nearly black to try to keep out the desert sun.  There are no magical defenses on the building.

One of the unspoken security measures of the building is its location.  Boulder City is an intolerant suburb and any metahumans in the group are going to stick out here.  T-Bone is likely to be labeled as a criminal by the locals, simply because he’s a cyclops.  It could result in an overly probing traffic stop, which might complicate their journey.

Security-wise, PuebSec maintains a presence here to protect the wealth of its citizens.  There are motion sensors throughout the building and everything is biometrically locked down.  The runners will need to be careful not to raise too many alarms or risk PuebSec showing up in large numbers.  The building is pretty lightly protected in the grand scheme of things and the account info in the stolen file will be rendered useless very quickly, once they realize what was taken (thankfully, that’s not what Mr. Chen is after).

The first course of action the PuebSec will do on the first sign of trouble will be to call for backup, which will come in the form of spirits.  If the spirits are disrupted, stronger spirits will manifest and a call for greater backup will go out.

Scene 3 – Raid the Building

The Desert Sun Investments building is a three story building of tinted glass with maintained grounds surrounding the building.  The runners will have to use off-site parking (which could complicate their escape later), as there is nothing here to leave a vehicle in, aside from a small amount of visitor parking, which could serve as a trap.

Through the day, the building is busy with employees and clients coming in and out of the building.  After dark, the busy is much lighter in terms of foot traffic, with only PuebSec and maybe a couple of late working employees in the building.  Patrols are light, but if the alarm gets raised, more officers show up quickly.

Each of the client files are assigned to the agents handling the cases, so the runners will need to figure out which agent was working on the file they need.  They can find out who has checked out each file on the main database (the file has been assigned to Eric Lasseter).  Lasseter has an office on the second floor.  The runners will need to get to Lasseter’s office and break into his encrypted workstation.

Spirits that Manifest are Force 4

The hiccup comes when they get to the workstation and decrypt it.  The file is sitting in the buffer, but if it isn’t scanned before they grab it, what they’re grabbing isn’t the data that Mr. Chen wants, but an identically named package hiding a Data Bomb.  The real file has been lifted from the system and is being transported for sale.  It will take some additional sifting to find the transfer record and the email that details the sale transaction.

Matrix:  The Desert Sun host latches onto its name and runs with it.  The surrounding landscape resembles the most barren part of the Mojave Desert, with barren sand and scrub plants.  DSI however, is a pleasant oasis, bathed in warm sunlight and cool, refreshing water.  The system secretary is a Pueblo pathfinder, who directs them to the appropriate spot around the pool to get where they’re going.

The advisors manifest as Pueblo wise men, while the security system is concealed in the system, disguised as a cactus.  In the security system, each node is encrypted.  They can view cameras, disable motion sensors and engage/disengage the emergency door locks.  Users in the system appear as Pueblo Natives, while IC appear as warpainted braves.

Host Rating: 7
ASDF Ratings:  Attack 7, Sleaze 8, Data Processing 9, Firewall 10

Security Processing:  Patrol IC is running all the time.  One Security Spider online at all times.

Once the alarm is raised, IC activates in the following order:  Probe, Killer, Track, Black IC, Crash, Marker and Sparky.  If an IC gets bricked, a new version of the IC is rebooted rather than moving to the next.  After 1D6 Combat Turns, a new Troubleshooter logs on.

Scene 4 – Following the Money

Using the transfer record, the runners can trace Lasseter to the area around McCarran International Airport.  The signal stops moving at a Park and Fly parking lot in Paradise.  Once they locate the area, they will need to act quickly to intercept the package.

The parking lot has two groups in it.  Lasseter and his two body guards and across from them a corporate buyer and his entourage.  The file is on an optical chip that Lasseter is carrying.  Lasseter’s buyer has two marksmen with him and drone surveillance above.  If a fight breaks out, each group has two separate objectives.  Lasseter has paid his bodyguards to keep him safe, so they will work to extract Eric.  The buyer wants the chip and when fighting breaks out, his men will work to separate the chip from the keeper, so they can get it for free.

Bodyguards carry Ares Predator Vs loaded with gel rounds (Acc 5(7), 8S, AP -, SA, 15c). The Buyer is not armed.

The buyer’s guards are more professional and carry HK-227s (Acc 5(7), 7P, AP -, SA/BF/FA, RC (1), 28c).

Dalmations are armed with AK-97 Assault Rifles with Frangible rounds and arrive to cover the buyer’s escape (Acc 5(7), 9P, AP +2, All Modes, RC -, 38c, Internal Smartgun Added, Double Armor vs Barriers).

If the runners can secure the chip, they can contact Mr. Chen about transfer.  If the runners let the buyer acquire the chip, he signals for pick up by the airport shuttle and will take the shuttle to the airport for a flight out.  The runners will need to intercept him at some point and get the chip from him before he gets on a plane.

>> Stealing something from some independent financial company? Sounds like a milk run. What’s the catch?
>> Pryors

>> The catch is that the company is completely in the pocket of the PCC Government. PuebSec can follow you right into the building, or chase you all the way to L.A.
>> Mongo

>> There are some underworld types that have their investments handled there and they won’t take kindly to their slush fund getting exposed…
>> Crow

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