A Game of Inches – In Pursuit of a Traitor (#Shadowrun)

This was the seventh run in the Bogota campaign and was a diversion from the main plot, as the players sought to catch up with their traitorous Johnson before he had a chance to escape.

The team has spent the better part of a week to rest up and heal their injuries after the last job and are now ready to pursue their previous employer; a mercenary named Ruben Ortiz.

Scene 1 – Tracking Down the Villain

Using Switch’s tracking bug, they can locate the chip they handed off to the most densely populated part of the Western District.  Whether it’s via research or boots-on-the-ground reconnaissance, they discover that the address is the HQ of the 10,000 Daggers mercenary company.

As the normal of the Western District would dictate, the runners are going to have to deal with the local gangs, who are looking for the latest means of showing off.

Once away from the gangers, they find the building that the mercenary company calls home:  an old medical clinic converted into a barracks.  The mercenaries engender themselves to the nearby residents by opening the doors to locals in need of medical care, but with a carefully worded inquiry, the runners can arrange a meeting with the company. 

A Middle Eastern man is their liaison with the company.  “Welcome.  The name’s Hakan Mirza.  What sort of problem do you need to have solved?”

Hakan is a consummate salesman, willing to spout off prices for services his company can perform (and those prices are beyond the reach of standard residents), but won’t discuss current contracts.  If the runners insist on meeting with Ruben Ortiz, Hakan is dismissive.

“Our agents are busy in the field on Company business.  I cannot give out their location.”

When confronted with the notion that Ortiz has been feeding info to the Aztecs, Hakan is dismissive at first.  If the runners tell him about the previous job, the tracer and his deliberate concealment of target information, Hakan will escort them onto the base to the location of the tracer signal.  It confirms that Ortiz has the chip, as it leads to his foot locker.

Only with significant information will Hakan tell them that Ortiz was taking on a “private contract” and took a small group with him.  Knowing the intelligence is bad, Commander Mirza acts on his men being put in jeopardy.  He heads to the command center and attempts to reach Ortiz, only for comms to be jammed and him not being able to get through.

“If Ortiz is sending intel to Aztechnology and is walking good men into a trap, then he has betrayed the Company.  Here are the coordinates he stated he was investigating.  He has burned his bridge and we will not seek vengeance.”

Scene 2 – The Consequence of Betrayal

With the coordinates of Ortiz’s expedition, the runners can converge on the location.  Judging by the area, the firefight hasn’t been over for too long.  The wall protecting the ABC from the locals looms overhead, but is just outside the perimeter defenses’ range.  Insurgents are still in the area (not Bogota Libre) and the way the runners conduct themselves will determine how the insurgents react to more heavily armed intruders.

They’re already riled up from the exchange with the Daggers and these insurgents (at least claim to) only speak Portugeuse.  If the runners converge directly on the coordinates that were relayed to Ortiz, the insurgents will open fire, thinking that they were fed the same bad intel.  Being able to meet with them and relay that they are not with the Aztecs is in their best interests, but could prove difficult to convince the skeptical and jumpy Amazonians.

Whether the dissidents fall back or a peaceable solution has been found, the runners can see that the building that the intel they handed to Ortiz has been peppered with gunfire and shows signs of grenade detonations.  A total of seven bodies are found among the debris, none of them are Ortiz.  The Daggers operate in ten man teams, so they evidently took heavy losses in the attack.

An Outdoors (3) check is required to pick up the trail of the survivors out of the blasted building.  Once they find the way the fleeing soldiers took, it doesn’t take long for them to pick up a slow and steady blood trail.  After a few minutes of following the trail, they find a Daggers soldier slumped against a wall, life signs faint. He took a round to the leg and is bleeding, despite the field dressing designed to stop it.  The runners can try to stabilize his condition to keep him from dying for his comrades to rescue down the line, if they’re so inclined.

The blood trail continues, though with less frequency.  If they hadn’t already rolled enough successes, an Outdoors (4) test can help them reacquire the trail.  Otherwise, they’re going to need to save the soldier to find out which way they went.

The trail ends in a section of collapsed road.  The last member of the team lays in the rubble pile.  He has several wounds, but a Biotech (3) check reveals that he was killed recently from a gunshot to the back of the head.  Ortiz took out his own squadmate.  A faint blood trail heads under the road, towards the ABC.

Scene 3 – Into the Loving Arms

The blood trail Ortiz is leaving is heading directly toward the ABC.  As the runners pursue him through the tunnels, they may notice that the tunnels are growing wider and better maintained as they progress.

A visual/Matrix Perception (5) check is required to notice the trap laid in their path.  If they fail to notice the motion sensors built into the walls here, turrets pop down in front of them and behind them, while two gun drones sweep in from adjacent hallways to pin them down.

Gun Turrets
Body 2, Armor 6, Pilot 3, Sensor 2

All drones are Smartlinked and feature a Gas Vent system to avoid extra recoil.

The time the runners spend avoiding the drone net buys Ortiz enough time to reach the Aztec checkpoint under the wall of the ABC.  The runners will need to decide whether it’s worth it to pursue Ortiz, or abort the pursuit and plan to catch up with him later.

Ruben Ortiz
Aztec Merc

Ruben is a grizzled, muscular man with numerous scars and tattoos, including a prominent Huitzilopochtli glyph on the side of his face.  Always seen in fatigues and images of him fighting in wars around the world are available.

B4  A4(5)  R4(5)  S3(4)  W5  L3  I4  C3  Ess 2.8
DR = 12, Init 8(9)+1D6(2D6), 1 Maj, 3 Min, Move = 10/15/+1

Skills:  Athletics 4 (5 for anything involving balance), Biotech 2, Close Combat 4 (Blades 6), Firearms 6, Influence 3 (Intimidation 5), Perception 4 (5 for audio), Piloting 4, Stealth 5

Knowledge Skills:  Back Alleys, Aztec Cuisine, Military Tactics, Aztlan Spanish (Native)

Augmentations:  Wired Reflexes 1, Muscle Replacement 1, Dermal Plating 3, Cybereyes 3 (Smartlink, Flare Comp, Low Light, Vision Mag), Cyberears 3 (Balance Aug, Damper, Spatial Rec, Audio Enh 1)

Gear:  Full Body Armor (+5DR), Commlink Rating 4

Weapons: Browning Ultra Power (Heavy Pistol, 3P, SA, 10/9/6/-/-), Laser Sight
FN HAR (Assault Rifle, 5P, SA/BF/FA, 3/11/10/6/1), Laser Sight, Gas Vent
Combat Knife (Blades, 3P, AR 8 (2 if thrown)

If they decide to breach the checkpoint and kill Ortiz, Jose Salazar is grateful for a thorn in his side being removed, but the kingpin is still trying to rebuild his empire.  He offers 5,000 apiece for a bounty on the rogue merc.

>> I tell ya… vengeance against a corp is ill-advised.  If you retaliate, keep it small… too much damage and they’ve come back and ensure the job is done right the second time.
>> Revenge

>> Speaking from experience, are we?  That’s new for you.
>> Wraith

>> I got lucky and survived my first mistake.  Then made a second mistake.  You were with me for those… I’m fortunate to still be breathing.  I can learn… it just takes a lot of pain and violence.
>> Revenge

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