RPGaDay 2020 Day 27 – “Favour” #RPGADAY2020

Today’s prompt is “Favour”

There are some systems and mechanics that I tend to favour as a GM.  Perhaps it’s my mathematical way of thinking, but I prefer a distributed model as opposed to putting my faith in a single die.  It is my number one complaint about the D20 mechanic.  No matter how good your character gets, there is always that 1/20 chance that something will go horribly wrong.  Yes, I know it’s not as straightforward as that… but there is something more realistic about dice-heavy systems.  If you aren’t skilled at something and you have few dice, the risk of failure is high.  However, with years of training and being an expert in your field, you get a fistful of dice and the odds of failure are far lower.  As they should be (in my opinion).

The systems I gravitate toward tend to follow that same principal… the better you get, the more control you have over your fate.  Don’t get me wrong, I have rolled 30+ dice for a test in Shadowrun and still managed to glitch… the dice and I have a ‘special’ relationship in that way.  But the odds of that happening are so remote that it’s noteworthy, even when it happens to me.  Me rolling a 1 on a single die happens all the damn time, which is why I’ve never really had a great D&D experience.  I’ve had great stories told, but my character never really gets to be much more than comic relief, thanks to that special relationship I mentioned.  Ten Candles has a similar arc, just in reverse.  When you start and the characters still have hope, you have 10 dice (d6) to try and get a single six.  Odds are good, right?  But as hope fades and the light dims, you lose dice.  As that pool of dice shrinks and character traits are burned away, you know the odds are against you and you feel that noose tighten.

The system should aid the game, rather than distract from it.  I’ve never enjoyed a game of D&D, primarily due to the mechanics (what good is a story when your character face-plants in every fight?) and the mechanics should never ruin the experience.  Of course, this is my heavily biased opinion and your mileage may vary substantially…  ultimately, play what works for you and find a system you enjoy.

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