RPGaDay 2020 Day 23 – “Edge” #RPGADAY2020

Today’s prompt is “Edge”

Being a Shadowrun GameMaster, this prompt is pretty easy for me to address.  Edge as a mechanic in the game changed significantly between 5th and 6th Editions.  Is the change a good one?  There is no straightforward answer to that question.  I like that the ways of spending Edge have been diversified and ranked in terms of their general utility.  The most common Edge actions in 5th (in my experience) were pre-Edging an important roll to ignore limits, etc or re-rolling a failed roll.  I’m seeing a far more expansive use of Edge in Sixth World, due to Edge being (at times) more scarce in the heat of battle.  I like how Edge is more fluid in 6E and character development can see the character not only on improving existing knowledge and skill, but finding that right piece of equipment or new Quality that helps them generate Edge might keep them alive for the next run.

However, there is one daunting downside to the new Edge system.  After the Corebook and Firing Squad, there are already over 60 ways of spending Edge.  For a system that has done a lot to simplify the bookkeeping involved in combat and character building, the sheer scope of this new system is daunting and having been running 6E since its launch, I can safely say that this causes some analysis paralysis and often at the worst possible time:  combat.  There are one through five point Edge abilities… when you’ve amassed a pool of Edge, knowing how you want to spend that pool of Edge can stymie people… there are a lot of really cool ways of using Edge.  Some are specific to hackers, some for faces… a lot of combat-centric ones were introduced in Firing Squad.  It’s like all of the complexities of 5th Edition were poured and distilled into the Edge mechanic.

My solution to this saw me resort to drastic measures… I borrowed from D&D.  I stole the idea of D&D’s spell slots and applied it to Edge.  At character build, depending on how much Edge they’ve taken to start, they will receive a number of 1-point, 2-point, etc Edge abilities.  The higher your Edge attribute, the more abilities you can take.  It adds another layer of customization to the character, as it’s highly likely that your character can spend Edge in ways others can’t.  Plus it reduces the sheer number of Edge abilities you need to familiarize yourself with.  The main goal to this approach was to cut down delays in combat, due to being unsure which of the copious Edge uses to bust out in a clinch.  Hope this helps any new Sixth World GMs out there.

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