RPGaDay 2020 Day 7 – “Couple” #RPGADAY2020

Today’s prompt is “Couple”.

I can take this a couple different ways.  My current partner loves RPGs and is a fantastic and innovative player.  Having a partner who listens to my babbling and serves as a sounding board for all of my crazy ideas is a resource I love having, as she’s able to distill my prattling down to something coherent and useful.  Having a partner in gaming is pretty awesome.

I would also say that being familiar with a couple of different systems will help you to be a more well-rounded Gamemaster.  Being familiar with multiple mechanics, genres and levels of crunch will help the GM to discover where their happy medium is and tailor their game the way they want to see it run.  I run my Shadowrun games lighter on rules and more cinematic after playing 7th Sea and discovering that the movie-style action made for a more rewarding session overall.

Try a few different systems and find your sweet spot.  It will make for a more rewarding time when you discover your style.

~ by 1nsomniac on August 7, 2020.

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