RPGaDay 2020 Day 5 – “Tribute” #RPGADAY2020

The prompt for Day 5 is “Tribute”.

I think I’d like to use this prompt to pay a tribute to the systems that have shaped my game style over the years.

Firstly, I can’t say much without first talking about Shadowrun.  It has been the foundation of my gaming experience since I discovered the hobby.  It fed my love for science fiction and cyberpunk in general, while dipping my toes into the fantastical with the incorporation of fantasy elements.  The system has fed my need for lore in a game and reminding me of my love for a good story.  It has been my go-to system for over 20 years and I will be running Shadowrun for the foreseeable future, as my love for the game runs deep.

Second, I have to tip my hat to 7th Sea.  It was the system that told me that games didn’t have to be serious, doom-and-gloom all the time, which running dystopia for years had gotten me in the habit of doing.  Sometimes, lighthearted, cinematic action is just what the soul demands and 7th Sea is not afraid to throw common sense, as well as the laws of physics out the window.  This was one of the few games that actively reminded you that the players were the star of the action and rules should be bent to allow them to shine.

Finally, one of the most recent games in my repertoire, Ten Candles.  This system was unique in how it played, the atmosphere it creates and the overall flow of a tale.  It has reminded me that there are so many different games out there beyond the industry giants, like D&D.  In this day of one page RPGs and indie games being created by crowdfunding, there are so many different systems out there to be tried.  New games like Ten Candles and Dread mix up the genre by changing the fundamental mechanics behind RPGs and shifting the story to risk-based character narratives… a transition I heartily support, as a player whom dice typically hate.

I love games in all their forms and it’s nice to pay homage to games that have brought me a lot of enjoyment over the years.

~ by 1nsomniac on August 6, 2020.

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