So… anyone left?

The Haven has been pretty quiet over the past few months.  There are reasons for that, of course… I separated from my wife and, of course, COVID-19 causing everyone to be isolated certainly didn’t help my home game much.  However, the pandemic has been a boon to Heroes for Hire, as I have begun various online platforms to keep the games moving.  The truth is that for the past two months, I’ve been writing every day for a weekly SR5 campaign that I’ve been running for some players in the Mountain/Pacific time zones set in Las Vegas, which has been a ton of fun.  As I get more material written up, I hope to get caught up in my posting backlog for both Game of Inches and the Shadows Over Las Vegas campaigns.

So, with any luck, I will get more Fifth Ed and Sixth Ed material posted on a semi-regular schedule for GMs looking for game hooks and such.  The Haven isn’t dead… just incredibly busy.


~ by 1nsomniac on June 18, 2020.

One Response to “So… anyone left?”

  1. Big changes. That can be quite an adjustment
    I look forward, as always, to the new material~

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