A Game of Inches – Shell Game (#Shadowrun)

This is the sixth event in the Bogota Feral City Campaign, using the Sixth Edition Rules.

After a couple of weeks of downtime, Shepherd receives a call from Mrs. Right.  She had a client of hers approach her and asked her to set up a job.  The Fernandez is unknown as an employer, but has always treated her girls well and always has the money they say they do.  If they’re willing to give the guy a try, she would like to meet with them around 9PM at La Mansion.

Scene 1 – A Bordello of Business

La Mansion was once a ritzy hotel in Bogota’s north end.  The brown brick facade is stained black with the fires that tore through the city and the wrought iron in the windows, once decorative, was now rusting away.  The stone slabs that lead the way to the front doors are cracked and crumbling after years of punishment.  Structurally, the building is sound and Mrs. Right does everything she can to maintain the interior, which is nicely furnished still, if somewhat dated.

As before, the practically naked and gorgeous young human girl, Harmony is at the desk.  Upon them entering she smiles.  “Ah, welcome.  Mrs. Right is expecting you.  Please, follow me.”  The journey toward the rear of the building shows that there aren’t as many patrons as last time they were here, but still a decent group of regulars partaking in any vice they can get their hands on.

Mrs. Right is in her office.  Dressed in a pinstripe suit vest with a partially unbuttoned blouse that shows off her trademark assets, she smiles broadly as the runners enter.  “Welcome back!  I’m glad to see you brighten my doorway once more.  It definitely sounds like you’re making a name for yourselves.  Please, grab a seat.”

The house’s Madam stood up from behind her desk and walked to a bar cart in the back of her office, where she made herself a drink.  It would be easy to forget that she was a satyr until you saw her walk.  Taking a sip of the alcohol in her glass, she smiled as she tasted the aged drink and returned to her seat.

“To the matter at hand… a new employer has approached me and asked if I knew of any teams that could get a job done for him.  I immediately thought of you.  This Senor Fernandez is a regular client of mine, so I trust him enough to bring you in to consult on this one.  If you’re willing to hear him out, I’ll pipe him in.”

If the team assents, Mrs. Right presses a button on her desk.  “All right, Senor Fernandez.  Go ahead.”

A generic humanoid icon appeared over the Madam’s desk.  A heavy voice filter distorted the real voice of the speaker.  “Greetings.  Thank you for hearing me out.  Mrs. Right assures me that your team can do the work I need done.  I hope your experiences have paralleled my own, in finding Aztec strike teams throughout the city, disguised as other local organizations.  They’re operating in secrecy to weed out dissidents or gather intel, but the end game still eludes me.  So, I aim to counter their actions with an intel job of my own.  I have located a remote command post in the Central District that should contain some of their planned troop deployments.  They are likely to move out before long, but if you can seize the command post before they pack up and move on, I’d like to see what they have planned.  Any data they have on those servers is likely to be protected, but bring me the data intact and I can offer your team 7,000¥ apiece for the advanced intel.”

Senor Fernandez is actually working for Aztlan and the troop deployments are those of Amazonian dissidents.  He’s hoping the runners will not be able to piece that information together before delivery.

Fernandez is willing to negotiate on the price a little, but he already feels they’re getting a solid price for the work he’s asking for.  Once the team has signed on, he provides the team with the GPS coordinates for the command center and a commcode they can reach him at when they’re ready to deliver the data.

Senor Fernandez aka Ruben Ortiz
10,000 Daggers Mercenary

If the runners can find an undoctored image of Ruben, he’s a grizzled, muscular man with numerous scars and tattoos, including a prominent Huitzilopochtli glyph on the side of his face.  Always seen in fatigues and images of him fighting in wars around the world are available.

Possible Sources – Az-Am War Veterans, Mercenary Companies

1 – The man is Ruben Ortiz.  A soldier of some repute, currently working with the 10,000 Daggers Mercenary Corps..

4 – Former Aztlan citizen who defected to Novatech.  Went independent after the company crashed.

6 – Has been with the mercenary company for several years, signed on when the company was going to return to Aztlan to resist the attack on Bogota.  Missed the Battle of Bogota by mere days.

10 – Never defected.  He has been a long dormant sleeper agent for years and has been feeding information back to Aztlan to keep the company in the loop about moves against the nation.

Matrix:  The North District has only scattered Matrix nodes that are up and running.  The sporadic signal confers a Noise of 2.  Anyone with Matrix here is on the public grid, but SolNet can be accessed.  The ABC is a member of SolNet, the Aztlan Grid, represented by a spinning Aztec calendar stone.  While on SolNet, the AzGrid icon looms in the sky overhead like a jade gargoyle.  Non-Aztec citizens will have a harder time accessing anything of import here.

Scene 2 – Desolation Sets In

The Central District is an overgrown wasteland from the early days of Bogota’s conflict with Aztlan.  The roads here are difficult to navigate, as they have over 20 years of disuse in the face of aggressive growth from the Amazon.  The people that live here have taken a back-to-nature approach to their lives and at the sight of the runners will often scuttle back into whatever ruin they call home.

Information on this part of the city is little of late.  For plot reasons, Cinco is unavailable for the duration of this job.

Looking at the coordinates provided by Senor Fernandez on the surface shows nothing but wrecked homes from an age long gone.  The locals in the area tell the runners that anything noteworthy in this part of the city often happens in the old service tunnels underground.  The group will need to check the neighbourhood for an available access point into the underground.

Once they locate one, they find the old tunnels under the city (pre-Awakening size… sorry Slaughterborn).  With a successful Navigation roll, the team can find the most effective route to the maintenance tunnel they’re after.

The downside is that they need to cross into an overflow tunnel, which a homeless group calls home.  The Awakened flora in the area has corrupted them similar to how Tempo used to open people up for possession.  A group of people and a couple feral dogs all have glowing green eyes and the spirit can use any of them as a host at any time.

Force 5 Free Amazonian Plant Spirit

B 7  A 4  R 5  S 6  W 5  L 4  I 5  C 5  M 5  Ess 5

1 Major, 3 Minor Actions, 11CM, Move 5/10/+2

Init = 10 + 2D6

DR = 5

Skills = Astral, Close Combat, Exotic Ranged Weapon, Perception

Powers = Astral Form, Concealment, Engulf (Plants), Fear, Guard, Magical Guard (can counterspell itself and others nearby), Possession, Sapience, Search

Optional Power = Accident

Attacks:  Engulf 7P, crushed by vines and raked by thorns.  Gain Fatigued I Status, AR 11
Lash 3P, AR 10

Once the spirit is defeated, any surviving homeless people come to their senses and surrender.  The path to the command post is unobstructed at this point.

Scene 3 – The Den of the Enemy

At the end of a service corridor is the old maintenance control center.  This room has been converted into a makeshift command center for troop deployments in the area.  The room is warded and once the runners are on the inside, they find the interior filled with Aztec soldiers, who are prepping the room for destruction with explosive charges.  There are twice as many Aztec soldiers as there are runners and despite the ward on the room, there are no mages in this group.

The room is large with a wall of old-school monitors on one side, a heavy conference table dominating the center and a smaller table along the other long wall, with assorted maps of the city splayed across the surface.

The Aztec soldiers here were not privy to the Fernandez’s plan and tracked down the command post of the dissidents on their own.  They’re ready to blow the room to hell, but they are actually after the same info as the runners and will be hesitant to destroy the room before they’ve lifted the data from the server.

The runners, once successful in dealing with the Aztec soldiers, will need to crack into the server and steal all relevant data.  Whether they use the Aztec explosives to destroy the evidence after is up to them.  Fernandez will pay the runners if they deliver the data and move on.  If Senor Fernandez feels that the secret is out and the runners have pieced together that they’re betraying the dissidents, he will ghost them and the team earns nothing.

Matrix:  The Matrix here is spotty at best.  Unless plugging directly into a device or having it in visual range, there is a Noise of -3 to the general Matrix here.  Accessing the bunker computer or any guards’ commlink has no penalty to Noise.

The imagery here is generic.  In fact, it’s nearly defacto off-the-rack iconography (which might make a hacker question the owner of the system).  The entry level Host is a general atrium host that is designed to scan the icon of every user to check for legitimacy.  The second host actually contains the information, but it is encrypted and data bombed, in order to slow down illegitimate users.  If the Data Bomb detonates, all data in the host is destroyed.

Host Rating: 5
ASDF Ratings:  Attack 6, Sleaze 5, Data Processing 7, Firewall 8

Security Processing:  Patrol IC is running all the time.  Once the alarm is raised, IC activates in the following order:  Tar Baby, Black IC, Sparky, Killer, Track.  If an IC gets bricked, a new version of the IC is rebooted rather than moving to the next.

>> Why set up shop in the Central District of the city?  There’s nothing left out there…
>> Leopard

>> For precisely that reason.  No one would think to look there, but the area under the earth is pocked with old basements, tunnels and sewers that serve as a good way to avoid detection.
>> Perdidos

>> Not too mention that the Amazon has begun reclaiming that part of the city… nothing like an angry force of nature to deter exploration.
>> Jungle Warrior

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