A Game of Inches – Relic of the Past (#Shadowrun)

This was the fourth installment of the ongoing Bogota campaign.

It’s been a bit more than a week since the runners ran into a pocket of Blue-227 in the old Capitol District.  The streets seemed quiet in the days that followed, as the United Nations swept into the old Capitol, looking for further evidence, but things are slowly going back to normal.

In the silence that followed, Switch gets a call from her associate, el Pasador.  “Como Estas, Escobar?  Listen, I have something I need taken care of in your part of the world… any chance you know a reputable team that can get some results?”

Scene 1 – Remotely Interested

Where the team takes el Pasador’s call is up to the team.  There is only a one hour time difference between Bogota and Havana, so unless the runners wait until very late to return the call, el Pasador will answer promptly.

Hola.  Is this your group, Escobar?  All right, this is a summary of what’s going on… I have benefactors all around the Carribean and the Yucatan.  They help keep me in business. One of my main suppliers lives in your fine city and is now behind in their shipments.  We’ve all got bills to pay… I need some locals to track down my provider, find out what happened and see if there’s any way to restart the pipeline.  I can offer you 2000¥ apiece for the investigation and if you can restart the shipments, or even get me another one, there’s another 6000¥ in it for the team.  I can’t tell you anymore unless you sign on, since I’d rather not sell out my providers… you understand, of course…”

El Pasador has seen his primary Novacoke provider go missing and it could lose him a significant share of his market.  He needs this shipment more than he is willing to let on.

If the team agrees to the terms, the troll on the line grins and nods.  “Much appreciated. In the old Usaquen neighbourhood, the Northern tip is on the banks of the Rio Bogota.  Along the river’s edge, you’ll find a makeshift port where the packages ship from. You can probably get some answers there.”

Scene 2 – Home of the Cartels

The old Usaquen district, once upon a time, was one of the nicest parts of Bogota.  Being remote, the district survived better than many parts of the city. There are several blocks of intact structures where many of the better-off denizens call home.  There is power, Matrix service and running water here. Much of it is run by the Alegrea Oculta, a local wizgang and the largest gang in Bogota.

The area used to be the home turf of the Olaya Cartel before the Tempo crisis and Aztlan sent in a hit squad to wipe the Cartel off the map.  The scars of those raids still dot the landscape, but the majority of the Battle of Bogota happened far from here, so the degradation here is a role of time, rather than conflict.

Beyond the blackened buildings and cluttered streets lies the Rio Bogota.  This brown flow of water carries the main source of fresh water into the city.  The river is heavily polluted, but is actually on the mend with the city in ruins, as the old heavy industry is no longer actively pumping toxic chemicals into the river.

Scanning the coastline, they will see numerous spots where locals have erected platforms for fishing in the river (for better or worse), but in time they will see something that could be considered a dock.  The area is embroiled in a gun fight when they arrive on scene and the attackers are obviously better equipped.

In the aftermath of the gunfight, one of the dockworkers lays bleeding out on the dock.  He can try to provide information (more easily with a First Aid roll applied)… tells them that they’ve been under siege for a few days, but today their competition showed up in greater numbers and a number of them went into the tunnels to flush them out.  If the runners tell them that they’re after a missing shipment, he tells them that they need their leader in the tunnels, if they want to see another package go out.  

Matrix:  The North District has only scattered Matrix nodes that are up and running.  The Usaquen network is close enough that there is no Noise. Anyone with Matrix here is on the public grid, but SolNet can be accessed.  The ABC is a member of SolNet, the Aztlan Grid, represented by a spinning Aztec calendar stone. While on SolNet, the AzGrid icon looms in the sky overhead like a jade gargoyle.  Non-Aztec citizens will have a harder time accessing anything of import here.

Scene 3 – The Underbelly of the North

The tunnels here are narrow… even the average human would have to bend over at the waist to walk down these tunnels.  Tags dot the water-stained concrete down here, as do sporadic skeletal remains of young orphans that hid away the war underground, only to drown in a flood of water, or waste away from starvation.

The tunnels wind through the streets of the Northern District and it will require a good tracking roll to avoid getting lost.  When they find their way, the group steps out into a main tunnel and can finally stand upright (even Slaughterborn). Pursuing the rival team is going to have to wait, as when they step out into the tunnel, they hear movement down the main tunnel and in a few moments they see a humanoid shape step out from the shadows, revealing the milky eyes and bloody teeth of a feral ghoul.  The Ghoul pack attacks, as do a swarm of rats that hang around nearby, feeding on the scraps the ghouls leave behind.


B1  A3 R2  S1 W1 L1  I1 C1 Ess 6

Initiative = 3+2D6, 1 Major, 3 Minor

Condition Monitor 6

Qualities:  Fragile 3 (-3 Condition boxes), Enhanced Smell, Gestalt Consciousness (work as a swarm and can do teamwork attacks), Bite (1P, 3AR)

Skills:  Athletics 3, Perception 3, Stealth 3, Close Combat 2

Defense Rating = 1

With the hungry under-city life dealt with and their Stealth likely blown, the runners will need to resume the trail and hurry to catch up.

Matrix:  The North District has only scattered Matrix nodes that are up and running.  The Usaquen network is close enough, but due to being underground, there is a -1 penalty to Noise.  Anyone with Matrix here is on the public grid, but SolNet can be accessed. The ABC is a member of SolNet, the Aztlan Grid, represented by a spinning Aztec calendar stone.  While on SolNet, the AzGrid icon looms in the sky overhead like a jade gargoyle. Non-Aztec citizens will have a harder time accessing anything of import here.

Scene 4 – A Ghost from the Past

The larger stretch of tunnels mercifully carries on for a while and it appears that areas where the tunnels used to be smaller have been widened to turn this part of the sewers into a rancid set of catacombs.  No natural light makes it this far under the city and without a light source, the runners will be stumbling around blindly.

With a successful Tracking check, the runners can navigate the catacombs.  Stealth is harder here, as the waste water here is thigh-deep in places. However, they can find an area that has been shored up and drained.  Shortly after they locate the area, they see chemical protection gear and gang colours discarded.

The air is a mixed noxious stench of sewage and ammonia.  Without a gas mask or filtration system, the characters will suffer the Nauseated status in the area.  As they near their quarry, they find not a group of gangers, but an Aztec strike team. A series of Kanmushi microdrones have been cast in a net in the area, so there is a very high likelihood the runners approach has been noticed by the Aztecs and they are lying in wait.  Some of the team will engage the runners, while a couple are going to carry out their original mission.

If the runners are successful in engaging the Azzies and prevent the Aztecs from completing their objective, they can find an excavated room where the ammonia stench is extremely powerful.  A group of people work diligently to extract Novacoke from Awakened coca plants, while a man in a hazmat suit orders them all back to work.

Escobar can make a Memory check to remember who the man barking orders really is:  Olaya kingpin and long presumed dead drug maker, Jose Salazar.

Mr. Salazar will (cautiously) thank them for dealing with the Azzies and cuss out the would-be assassins for the massive setback to his operation.

“I went to great lengths to die and apparently they’ve figured out that their bombings in Usaquen weren’t fully successful.  Now I need to uproot my whole operation and rebuild…”

He has enough manufactured final product to complete el Pasador’s shipment and will press the runners to see it delivered, since his network is in ruins.  If the runners let Salazar live and potentially help him to disappear again (via doctored footage, networking, etc) they can gain Jose Salazar as a contact.  (Conn 5, Loy 1)

>> Searching the sewers of a war-torn city for a stash of coke?  Not enough nuyen in Zurich for that one… you know those sewers are haunted, right?
>> Kali

>> You actually believe that?  The ghosts of dead orphans?  C’mon man, Bogota has enough real problems without your fear-mongering.  The sewers are one of the few places in that city where one can live without worry of gang violence or Azzie patrols.
>> Tunnel Rat

>> Not these days… been seeing more patrols under the streets of late.  I’m guessing they’re looking for something.  Must want it pretty bad to send their soldiers in…
>> Vagrant

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