Extortion Racket (#Shadowrun)

This was one of the introductory runs I ran at Phantasm 2019 to introduce Shadowrun Sixth World.  All characters were provided by me.

It is a quiet day in Seattle when Adonis gets a call from his fixer, Patience.  The old nun that moonlights as a far more hands-on protector of the city tells Adonis to bring his band of ne’er-do-wells to Dante’s Inferno for 9PM, where they have some business to discuss.

Scene 1 – A Visit into Hell

The nightclub Dante’s Inferno has been a long time staple in the Seattle social scene.  The place is packed and can still draw in top shelf talent to man the turntables or fill the main floor with eager fans of the latest from the club scene.  Patience messages Adonis, telling him to meet her on the fourth level of the Inferno to discuss business.

The fourth circle of Hell is Greed and the decor reflects the idea of decadence with faux dark woods and gold accents.  The menu offers a large selection of expensive wines and delicacies (most are soy knock-offs and only look expensive). At a large round table sits Patience:  an older human woman dressed in black, with reading glasses perched on the bridge of her nose and a simple crucifix on a chain around her neck. She has a chastising gaze that seems capable of making most people be silent.

“Welcome to Hell, dearies.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with these surroundings…” she says with a chuckle as the team arrives.  “But until then, we have work to do. Please have a seat and let’s talk shop.”

“A client of mine, that comes highly recommended, has approached me with a bit of a problem.  It requires swift action and some discretion,” she says, looking pointedly at Adonis. “A corporate asset has been taken and it is of some strategic value, so naturally, my client wants it back.  He’s willing to pay 7500¥ apiece for the safe return of this rather fragile asset. Feel up to the task?”

Patience is being deliberately vague.  As far as extractions go, the price might be a touch low, but she wants the runners to do the right thing and help anyways.

After some negotiations, Patience is willing to provide a little more detail.  “Very good. The asset you are going to retrieve is one Kayla Foster. She is a girl of 14 years of age, who was abducted from her family home and is being used as leverage against her mother’s company.  Rather than giving in to the kidnapper’s demands, the company has opted to pay you hooligans to bring her back alive and unhurt. My client had no information to pass on regarding who the ransomers are… only that the deadline is in 4 days.  In that time, you need to find out who they are and where they’re hiding. So, get to work…”

Mr. Johnson aka “Patience”
“Catholic” Fixer

B2  A3 R3  S2 W5 L3  I4 C5 Ess 6

Skills:  Con 4, Electronic 4, Firearms 3, Influence 6, Perception 4, Piloting 3

Knowledge Skills:  Corporate Finances, Industry Rumours, Theology, English (Native)

Gear:  Erika Elite Commlink (Rating 4), Actioneer Business Clothes, Contacts 3 (Image Link, Smartlink)

Weapons: Colt Manhunter (Hvy Pistol, 3P, SA, 10/8/6/-/-, Smartgun)

Possible Contacts:  Runner Contacts, Corporate Contacts

3 – Patience is a former nun in the Catholic Church.  She has a no-nonsense attitude and hopes to bring good into the shadows in her own way.

4 – Relatively new to the shadowrunning industry, she is very tight-lipped about why she left the Church and why she chose to throw in with criminals.  Her shrewd business sense has earned her a lot of positive reputation.

6 – Her departure from the Church came from when her son (a small time business owner) was killed by a run done wrong and the Church’s slacktivism in addressing the violence.  She uses her teams and reputation to track down her son’s killer.

Kayla Foster and Family
Wageslave Family
Possible Contacts: Corporate Contacts

2 – The Foster’s?  Bunch of nobodies in the grand scheme of things… work for Ares in Seattle.

4 – Kayla is a bright young girl and has the potential to surpass her parents within the company.  Her parents are low level data entry clerks for the company.

5 – Paul Foster is content to just ride the bench through life, but Maggie has aspirations.  The project she’s currently involved with could help her move up the ladder.

7 – Word is that the project Maggie Foster is working on has been attempted to be extorted through her.

Scene 2 – Doing Their Homework

After leaving Patience, the runners are left to try to track down Kayla.  The rival team has done their part to not make that easy. They tossed Kayla’s commlink and operate under a jammer that their decker only allows one throwaway commlink through at a time.

The runners will need to chase down some leads in order to get a fix on the rival team.  Some will require boots on the ground. Others will require calling up some old friends. Over time the runners will need to piece together the other team’s trail.

Useful Contacts by Runner (these are my convention characters…adjust for your player characters):

Adonis – Corporate Middle Manager = “I’ve heard through the grapevine that Aztechnology wants to keep Ares down… and they’re just the sort of company to hire runners capable of using a kid as leverage.”

Amok – Weapons Broker = “No idea where they might be, but my channels recently dried up when it comes to explosives… they weren’t quiet about their inquiries either.”

Clutch – Traffic Cop = “There’s an area around Auburn that a lot of automated traffic is being diverted away from.”

Edna – Fixer = “I did some digging and it’ll cost you… but I think you’ll find the information worth it.  There’s an old Azzie-owned parking garage that’s been under renovations on the fringes of Auburn that has seen recent activity, despite the work site having been shut down.  None of my people had anything to do with it, but it definitely seems suspicious…

Tiny – Mediocre PI = “I can do some digging… <later>  I think I have something. A girl matching Kayla’s description was seen in the eastern part of the city with a gruff ork.  That same ork appeared on cameras around Kayla’s school the day she disappeared. He’s a runner that uses the handle Nox.”

Whisper – Spinrad Exec = “Hey babe… I don’t want to get involved in whatever you’re doing, but I’m sending you some camera footage that might help.  It was caught by one of our media drones… if anything news-worthy comes out of this, you’ll tell me first, right?

With the gathered intel from contacts, the runners can pinpoint the part of the city (roughly), where the team is hiding out, they know they have explosives and one of the runners is named Nox.

Digging into the group that Nox runs with, reveals the makeup of their team:  Nox is the muscle of the unit, Marianas is the group’s Sea Shaman, Percival is their infiltration expert/face, Octane is their demo expert/driver and Siren, their decker.  In digging up info on the team, they trip one of Siren’s safeguards and when someone goes digging into the team, they are paid a visit by a cell of the Ancients. The go-gang will show up en masse with their motorcycles and interrogate the team.  Only minor provocation is needed to start a fight. If the team is already on the road, the gang strictly attacks.

Elven Go-Gangers

B3  A3 R2  S3 W3 L2  I2 C3 Ess 6

Skills:  Athletics 2, Close Combat 4, Firearms 3, Influence 5 (Intimidation 7), Perception 4, Piloting 4

Knowledge Skills:  Back Alleys, Fencers, English (Native)

Gear:  Riding Leathers (+2DR), Commlink Rating 2

Weapons: Beretta 101T (Light Pistol, 2P, SA, 9/8/6/-/-)
Club (Blunt Weapon, 3S, AR 6)

Whether it’s extracted from the Ancients, or the runners narrow it down by a search on foot, they will track down the rival team to a parking garage that is closed for renovation on Auburn’s edge.

Scene 3 – Taking Down the Enemy

The parking garage is weathered and beaten, but it is currently half way through a restoration project.  Scaffolding and tarps cover much of the exterior, but the entry gate is uncovered. While closed, the arm barring the doorway is easily removed or raised.

Inside, the lower level is dotted with construction equipment that is dormant for the time being.  The second level is all but vacant, but the third level shows signs of recent activity.

The other team is waiting in ambush.  Once the team has (mostly) arrived on the third level an explosive charge goes off, bringing down the roof and trapping them on that level, while the majority of the team attacks from cover.  On the first level, one of the tarped pieces of construction equipment is a sustained illusion, hiding Octane and Kayla in the getaway car. The enemy rigger will flee while his teammates attempt to kill their pursuers.

If the team sent everyone up to the upper level, they may struggle with the fleeing car.  Marianas will use her spirit to keep the team off balance, while the others fire from cover to prevent the runners from pursuing.  Siren keeps the area jammed and will interfere with cybernetics and weapons.

If Octane escapes, the runners can use the other team’s commlinks to locate their alternate safehouse.  Knowing the likely fate of his teammates, Octane will surrender without a fight and relinquish Kayla.

The Spirit is a Force 4 Spirit of Water.  Use NPC stats that are equivalent to your players.

>> Ugh… kids.  They’re such a hindrance and an unnecessary complication.
>> Burn

>> Says the man who will never have kids.  As runners, family is hardly a thing most of us can consider, but the rewards for having a kid outside the system can be better than nuyen.
>> Pioneer

>> The merits of parenting aside, I think we can agree that using children as leverage is an underhanded tactic.  Anyone got eyes on this team?
>> Indica

>> How’s about you mind your own business and let runners do what they need to?
>> User 2019483

>> Logging in anonymously, eh?  So, you’re a Jackpoint user without the spine to own how low you’ll stoop.  You won’t be anonymous for long and consider your rep tarnished after this.  If you survive.
>> Insomniac
“The shadows never sleep, so why should I?”

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