A Game of Inches – Glory Days Buried (#Shadowrun)

The “Game of Inches” campaign is a long time goal of mine.  I am running a campaign with a small team of recurring characters with a long history together.  The interpersonal interactions between the characters are as much a part of the game as the shadowruns they pull off together.  Set in post-war Bogota, the dynamics of a city in lawlessness has shaped the way the campaign comes together and so far has been an exciting experiment.

Shepherd is contacted as the sun is setting on the city by Mrs. Right, asking him to pull his crew together and meet her at her establishment after sundown (7PM).

Scene 1 – A Den of Sin and Vice

La Mansion was once a ritzy hotel in Bogota’s north end.  The brown brick facade is stained black with the fires that tore through the city and the wrought iron in the windows, once decorative, was now rusting away.  The stone slabs that lead the way to the front doors are cracked and crumbling after years of punishment. Structurally, the building is sound and Mrs. Right does everything she can to maintain the interior, which is nicely furnished still, if somewhat dated.

Greeted at the desk by a gorgeous human woman wearing nothing but a thong (and questionably 18), she asks what services they would like this evening.  When told that Mrs. Right is expecting them, a brief moment of something else flickers across her face (fear? intimidation?) before she smiles and cheerfully asks them to follow her.

At the rear of the building, they are led to a large office where the buxom Mrs. Right is in a tailored suit for her satyr body, completing paperwork.  A plunging neckline shows off her cavernous cleavage, but her demeanour is purely professional. Once the runners are inside, she tells the young woman (apparently named Harmony) she could leave.  Once the young woman is gone and the door is closed, the cold business-like demeanour falls away and she smiles a tusky grin at Shepherd. “Shepherd, querido, how are you?”  She rounds the desk and gives the old ork a tight hug, telling him that he should book an appointment and relax a little while.

After some small talk, she sits back down behind the desk, leaning forward over her desk.  “I suppose we can catch up later. I asked you to come for business. It’s not much, but I hope you will ultimately be successful.  I need you to look for something for a client of mine. Before the war, there was a building in the old Central District called El Museo del Oro (The Museum of Gold).  It used to house the world’s largest collection of gold artifacts.  Since the war, every fleck of gold has been plundered from that old building… but they didn’t only house golden artifacts.  It was a museum, after all. My client is looking for something in particular: an ancient Incan idol that is rumoured to have been last seen in the Museum.  He believes that the basement level may still hold some secrets. The request is two-fold: one of you will wear a simrig harness for the duration of the job to film the expedition.  He is willing to pay each of you 2,000¥ for the search and he will triple the payout, if you can return with the idol. Interested?”

Mrs. Right is giving them all the information she has.  She trusts Shepherd and won’t make this work any harder than it needs to be by hiding intelligence.

She can negotiate the expedition pay, but the absolute max is still going to be 6000¥ for the recovery of the artifact.  Once the runners are on board, she provides them with a holopic of the idol (to scale… it will fit in a human hand) and the GPS location of the old museum, since street directions mean nothing in the central district anymore.

“I wish you all good hunting.  If you are able to recover the idol, bring it back here so I can provide proof to Senor Fernandez (the Spanish version of Mr. Johnson) that the article is genuine.  You can ask Harmony for the simrig… I leave it to you as to who will wear it. Though, I’m afraid it won’t fit a man of your stature…” she says, looking at Slaughterborn.

Matrix:  The North District has only scattered Matrix nodes that are up and running.  The sporadic signal confers a Noise of 2. Anyone with Matrix here is on the public grid, but SolNet can be accessed.  The ABC is a member of SolNet, the Aztlan Grid, represented by a spinning Aztec calendar stone. While on SolNet, the AzGrid icon looms in the sky overhead like a jade gargoyle.  Non-Aztec citizens will have a harder time accessing anything of import here.

Scene 2 – Treacherous Path (optional scene)

Traveling from Mrs. Right’s to the Central Zone takes the group through gang turf and one of the gangs they attempt to pass through takes offense to their trespass.  The team finds them in a high speed chase through the ruins of the area with an armored Comet (by armored, it refers to metal plating having been bolted to the sedan) and a squad of beat-up Buell Spartan motorcycles.

Bogota Gangers (human baseline)

B4 A4 R3 S4 W3 L2 I3 C3  Init 6+1D6
Physical Limit 5, Mental Limit 4, Social Limit 5

Armor 9

Skills: Automatics 4, Blades 4, Intimidation 5, Perception 3, Pilot Groundcraft 4, Unarmed 4

Knowledge:  Gang Turf 4, Local Area Knowledge (Zona Oeste) 4

Qualities: Toughness

Uzi IV (SMG, Acc 4(5), 7P, BF, RC (1), AP 0, 24(c), Folding Stock, Top-mounted Laser Sight)

Armor Vest

Meta Link

Knucks (Reach 0, 5P, Acc 5)

Knife (Reach 0, 5P, AP -1, Acc 5)

Mercury Comet from Rigger 5 has Additional Features: + Standard Armor Rating 5

Buell Spartan Motorcycles are from Rigger 5

Once the runners have ended pursuit, either by escaping into rival gang turf or defeating the attackers, they are clear until they reach the old Capitol region.

Scene 3 – Into the Wasteland

Set in the old Martires neighbourhood, just outside the old Capitol district sits what remains of El Museo del Oro.   The formerly three story building lays in ruins in the surrounding rotted streets.  The top two floors lay strewn around the building’s foundation, the victim of an Aztec shelling years ago.  The first floor is in disrepair, but shows signs of habitation in recent years.

The runners will need to investigate the ruin to find the way into the basement, but they are not alone.  Scrappers have set up shop in the museum, hoping to find some hidden cache of gold in the museum. They will guard their home with zealous fervor and they have rigged the old stairwell with traps (Smart Platforms and simple trapping-style traps) to prevent people from going downstairs.

Scrap Gangers (human baseline)

B4 A4 R3 S4 W3 L4 I5 C3  Init 6+1D6
Physical Limit 5, Mental Limit 6, Social Limit 5

Armor 9

Skills: Automatics 4, Gunnery 4, Intimidation 5, Perception 3, Armorer 4, Unarmed 4

Knowledge:  Gang Turf 4, Local Area Knowledge (Capitol Region) 4

Qualities: Toughness

Colt M23 (A.Rifle, Acc 4, 9P, All, RC 0, AP -2, 40(c))

Armor Vest

Renraku Sensei

Knucks (Reach 0, 5P, Acc 5)

Smart Firing Platform (Pilot 3, +5 RC, 6+4D6 Init)

With the scrappers dealt with, the team is free to enter the lowest level of the old museum.

Scene 4 – Buried Treasures

After their eyes adjust to the change in lighting, the room just off the stairs appears to be the bunkhouse for the former scrappers, though beyond this first room there is little sign of recent disturbance.  The floors here, once a nice polished wood, is now a water-stained black morass after over a decade of exposure to run-off, the open air and vegetation have pierced the old concrete walls, spreading like a spiderweb crack in various locations around the basement.

The lower level of the museum has become a nesting ground for a large family of Spider Beasts (Howling Shadows).  Typically non-aggressive, the colony here has swollen to an impressive number and food has become scarce as the scrappers no longer ventured beyond their bunkhouse.  As a result, the creatures have busily filled much of the basement in with their web. The rooms beyond the entrance are pitch black, so without a light source the runners are bound to stumble into a web.

The creatures are not duped by inanimate objects striking the web and when they detect prey, the colony mobilizes to paralyze and wrap up prey in web.

Towards the rear of the museum basement, the runners find a small hole, barely big enough for one of the beasts to scurry out of.  In this hollow is an old storeroom where items not yet on display had been kept. The room is full of webbing and features a Spider Beast egg sack, as well as a protective mother.  However, the runners can potentially make out three artifacts in the space:

  • The Incan idol they’re after
  • A stone slab written in Chibcha, a local tribal dialect (including the Sutagao and other tribes along the Bogota River)
  • A stone figurehead from a ceremonial staff from an unknown tribe

Once the team has liberated the idol (or decides they’re happy with the 2,000¥), they can return to Mrs. Right to receive their payment.  If they bring back the idol, she scans the idol with a piece of equipment and sends the data back to Senor Fernandez and after a brief pause, wires the team the 6,000¥ each.

>> I feel for the people of Bogota… even years after the Az-Am War, the city is still in tatters.  But you could not pay me enough to go back there.
>> Viper

>> Back?
>> Cheshire

>> May have done some work down there, but that was before the Battle of Bogota.  It was bad when I was there.  It’s worse now.  Plus the Azzies and I are not exactly on speaking terms… more like shoot-first terms.
>> Viper

>> The city has definitely seen better days, save for the area around El Dorado, where the Azzies rule over the area.  The idea of going under the surface of the city has no appeal to me whatsoever.  The things that want to avoid the daylight all lurk beneath the streets and I have no interest in that at all.
>> Firewatcher

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