In the Name of the All-Mighty – Underestimated Worth (#Shadowrun)

This is the second run in the Vatican Campaign.  This is the campaign that has been contracted through Heroes for Hire and has been progressing whenever the group is able to convene.  To see how the story has progressed thus far, check out the summary available on Obsidian Portal.

Sapphira is contacted by the Bishop and asked to meet with him in regards to “a matter of some urgency”.  He asks her to gather her team and meet him after his service the next morning, so he can go over the details.

Scene 1 – Man of the Cloth

The cathedral is a towering construct in white and gold.  The pews are packed with the faithful and the Bishop presides over his flock, spreading the gospel to inspire those gathered to be selfless.  It feels like another hour after the sermon wraps up before Veneto Calsconne is free.

As the last stragglers filter out of the cathedral, the Bishop ushers the runners up to the base of the cross that looms over the pulpit.  “I’m glad you were able to come. I recently came into some information during confession last week and while the man who confided it in me has been absolved of all sins, the object he referred to is of significance to the Vigilia Evangelica.  The man told me that he had recently sold an old piece of recovered cloth to a man named Reginaldo Nucci. The cloth is rumoured to have old writing on it and after the Vigilia “aggressively asked” some of Nucci’s men about it, they confirmed that the writing is not just old, but ancient.  It is of cultural enough significance that the Vigilia is authorizing 5,000¥ apiece in subsidy for you to retrieve the object from Signore Nucci’s residence in Sicily.”

Upon hearing the artifact is in Sicily, the runners will know that they are stealing the artifact from the Mob.  Nucci is a man of some influence, owning a nice estate home in Montelepre, a small town in the south of Palermo. It’s this estate the runners will need to gain access to.

The Bishop will offer up additional information on the object when asked, although there isn’t much.  He knows the object is over 2000 years old and is rather fragile, so the runners must take care to not be too rough with the artifact until the Evangelican scholars can decipher the text.  He also knows that Nucci is a bit of a collector and has his own private showroom in his home.

The Vigilia will get the runners into Sicily by whatever means they choose, as men/women of the cloth, in order to avoid La Cosa Nostra from looking too deeply into their arrival.

Reginaldo Nucci

La Cosa Nostra Sottocapo

Reginaldo is a young, rising star within La Familia.  Born into the family, his father had been an influential mover and shaker in Palermo, rising up from the ranks of a soldato to a politician representing the rural Sicilians.  His policies were controversial and was assassinated a couple years ago. Reginaldo was afforded many liberties in his youth and he has started up his own winery on his father’s land, which is doing well.  With elven looks, short black hair, grey tailored suits and a winning smile, he is a bit of playboy in the city and is popular in the nightlife of the capital. While he wears a cross around his neck, his conduct is hardly Christian.  He has continued his father’s legacy of collecting rare Sicilian goods and is well known in the shadows as a buyer for rare goods.

Possible Sources – Mafia Contacts, Sicilian Contacts

1/2 – Reginaldo is a local Mafia boss in Montelepre, a rural suburb of Palermo.  He got his station from his father’s legacy.

2/4 – He is forging his own path from his father.  Where his father was a talented politician, Reginaldo is making his name as a vintner.  Not as locally liked as his father, he is a bit of a playboy in the city.

5/8 – Word on the street is that Reginaldo is continuing his father’s hobby of collecting Sicilian artifacts.  The Mob is watching him closely to ensure that his purchases don’t get too extravagant and he pays his share.

7/10 – Reginaldo was born into the Mob and has a higher station than his age might dictate, a fact that many older members harbour quiet bitterness over.

Matrix:  The VaticaNet is a grid that permeates the Papal States and some of the other countries that make up the Italian Confederation.  The grid has been molded in the style of Ancient Roman architecture, though looming over top of the Roman roads that connect everything is a glowing crucifix atop St. Peter’s Basilica that reflects the Vatican itself.  The grid is potent within Rome, but some of the more touristy areas are slight spam zones, inflicting Noise 1 or 2 on any hackers in that area.

Scene 2 – Palermo

Whether the runners fly into Falcone Borsellino Airport in Palermo, or opt to take a ship/car, they find the capital of Sicily as a thriving hub.  With a long history spanning Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman and Byzantine occupation, the architecture here is varied and unique to any major city in the Confederation.  With the Mafia in full control of the country, the nightlife and subsequent vice industry is booming here, but the abundance of cathedrals shows that the Church has also bunkered in in order to try to keep the crime under some degree of control.

Asking around the city, the name Reginaldo Nucci seems to be fairly well known.  A local politician, Albrico Nucci, was well respected in the area, but his policies to get better yields from the Sicilian farms was met with controversy and was assassinated a couple years ago.  Reginaldo is his son and he has opted against a life in politics and has instead converted his father’s lands to a winery. Masquerading as a man of wealth and sophistication, he has become a mover and shaker in the Palermo social scene.

Through the shadows of the city, they can learn a few things about Reginaldo:

  • Oversees the winery through the day, hitting nightclubs at night
  • Added new security features to the gallery in his estate
  • A playboy with a reputation for abusing the women he’s with
  • Other Mafioso are watching him for signs that he might become too much of a liability

Reginaldo has installed some new security features to his home, including internal cameras to the newly created wine cellar, faraday shielding to the gallery, as well as a retinal scanner to the doors leading into the room.

Piecing together the intel of Reginaldo’s schedule and habits can hopefully aid the runners in formulating a plan of attack for his estate.

Matrix:  The Sicilian Grid features some of the latest wireless tech in order to facilitate the latest in iconography and exploit select loopholes to suit the Mafia.  The grid resembles a scaled down version of the island. Mount Etna looms over the grid with an ever-present plume of smoke, with lush green fields sprawling out from the mountain’s base.  Buildings dot the coastline. The buildings lead to the city nearest urban center (often Palermo), while the features in the fields lead to tourism and wineries for the nation.

Scene 3 – Wine and Mobsters

The Nucci winery and estate in Montelepre is a sprawling plot of land outside of town with a manicured lawn, topiary and an expansive vineyard.  The property has two main buildings (winery and mansion) with smaller out buildings for maintaining the property.

There are two types of people that are on the property:  labourers (innocent bystanders who live in Montelepre) and mobsters.  On the grounds, the majority of people are labourers, working the fields to make a decent wage.  Mafioso patrol the vineyard as foremen with minimal arms. The winery are also where the vintners Reginaldo has hired work on the wine.  Soldatos protect sensitive areas of the winery and the mansion. The room with the artifacts is inside the mansion, guarded and locked with several security measures.

Depending on when the runners go in, Reginaldo will be in the winery during the day, in the city from dinner until just after midnight and then home with female company after that until the morning.

The runners will need to slip into the mansion and gain access to the vault to find the cloth.  Any hacker will recognize the problem once they gain access to the vault. All the items in the display cases are holographic representations of the objects, rather than the real deal.  On top of that, whether legitimate or not, a silent alarm is tripped when the vault door opens. Security is coming and they still don’t have the cloth.

The runners will need to find a high-ranking guard or Reginaldo himself to find out where the artifact is being held.  He tells them that Albrico/his father opened a trust company that caters to rural investors and the artifact is stored in the vault there, where it would be more secure.

Reginaldo Nucci – Mafia Playboy

Reginaldo is an elf of power and influence and he uses it for personal gain every chance he gets.  He’s never had to work a day in his life and it shows in his manicured appearance and sense of entitlement.  He commands respect from those who guard him, but if physically threatened, Reginaldo is ultimately fragile. He’ll use his charms to get himself out of whatever situation he can.  If words fail him, he ultimately becomes a sniveling coward.

B2  A4 R4  S2 W5 L3  I4 C7(8) Edge 4  Ess 5.68 Init = 8+1D6

PL4  ML5 SL9(11)

Armor 8

Qualities – Too Pretty to Hit, Made Man, Privileged Family Name, Addiction (Mild, eX), Did You Just Call Me Dumb?, Creature of Comfort

Skills – Acting Group 6(7), Athletics Group 4, Blades 3, Influence Group 7(8), Perception 5, Pistols 3

Augmentations – Datajack, Bio-Tattoo (Tribal Sleeve), Tailored Pheromones 1

Gear:  Beretta 201T Light Pistol (6P, Acc 6, SA/BF*, (1) RC, 21c), Erika Elite, Armante Suit (8), Switchblade (Acc 5, Reach 0, 3P, -1AP), 2 doses eX (+1 Cha, +1 Per, -1 Will, -1 Log)

Scene 4 – Albrico Financial Trust

In downtown Palermo is Albrico Financial Trust; a financial institution set up by the late Albrico to provide competitive interest rates to rural land developers to help farmers with their investments.  Naturally, being a Mafia establishment, the mob is skimming off of the farmer’s returns under the guise of service fees and shifty math that most farmers would fail to catch. Every employee in the bank is under the employ of Don Feretti (the current political leader of the country) and reports directly to Reginaldo and other Sottocapos in the area.

Despite being a criminal enterprise, the entire nation is run by the mob, so it will be no different than robbing a bank in terms of emergency response, although the police will shoot to kill, rather than attempt to arrest the would-be thieves.

Even the bank tellers could draw a weapon, so the runners really only need to worry about the bank patrons in terms of bystanders (if they go in during the day).

Security measures:

Guards (use the above stats)

Spider-controlled pop-out turrets

Armored Teller shutters

Greeters with sim-sense recorders

“Man-trap” entryways between main bank and vaults

Two-tier vault security, requiring two users to unlock.  Once the runners gain access to the vault, the vault is primarily a secured server that tracks the cash coming in and out of the bank (that isn’t on the books) and a series of safety deposit boxes.  One of these boxes is a deep, narrow locker that holds the cloth in an armored cylinder.  The alarm is likely sounding after the job is complete and the runners will need to escape before the Mafia has a chance to catch up to them.

>> Stealing from the Mafia in their own backyard?  You must have a death wish.
>> Havik

>> Not necessarily.  There’s a lot of organizational bloat in Sicily, as they have a country to run on top of their own goings on.  Something like a relatively small theft is going to rank pretty low on their priority list.
>> Chang

>> Unless they learn the significance of what they’ve lost.
>> Pedro

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