#Shadowrun: The Sixth World

So, Catalyst came out yesterday with the announcement that Sixth Edition is on the horizon.  By GenCon, the current edition will be done and we’ll be in the future of the game.  There are a couple of twitch streams and podcasts about some of the new features of the next edition, so I won’t get into the weeds.  But some highlights are:

  • Gone are Limits, Spell Forces, Explicit Weapon Ranges, AP and RC ratings, Marks
  • Edge is no longer just Luck, but tactical/situational advantage and Edge will get used and replenished much more often (use it or lose it each combat round), with a lot more options to choose between
  • Slimmed down Combat Engine to shorten the average fight time
  • Not an Anarchy re-skin… still pretty crunchy
  • Major Skill reduction and trimming a lot of the excess rules
  • Catalyst tried to keep book around 300 pages compared to the 450+ of SR5

From what I’ve heard and been told about SR6, it sounds net positive.  I will remain cautiously optimistic while I wait for the opportunity to read it for myself (Quick Start Rules are supposedly coming out mid-June).

Will the Data Haven transition to the new Edition?  Maybe…?  I still have plenty of material in the works for Shadowrun and other systems (I’m currently developing material for five different game systems, among that are three active Shadowrun campaigns).  If I get my hands on Sixth and my players and I really like it, we may transition my campaigns over.  Otherwise, I will keep SR5 alive, at least until the campaigns reach their eventual conclusion.

That said, I will at least acquire SR6 and review it once I get my hands on it and can digest it.  In the meantime, my campaigns continue to move along at our once-per-month pace and I am diligently working at cranking out material at a steady rate.  I’m also a backer for Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops and delivery is supposed to be happening soon, so I will share my thoughts on this big-box board game when I receive it.

Until the next run is ready to post, keep your heads down, chummers.

~ by 1nsomniac on May 2, 2019.

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