Demons of a Fallen God – Oil and Water (#Shadowrun)

Xia receives an automated response from an anonymous dropbox that she had created a while ago connected to her former DocWagon number.  Checking the voice box, Xia can hear the telltale sound of gunfire and after a brief pause, she hears a familiar voice say, “Seshia? It’s Alec Kristensen… I really need an assist here… I hope you can help…”

Alec Kristensen

DocWagon Field Medic – Connection 4, Loyalty 2

Alec is a human medic that Xia worked with a couple of times in the past.  Unlike many of Xia’s former coworkers, Alec understood Xia’s point of view of the corporate bureaucracy and was outspoken about the company’s hypocrisy.  While not willing or able to quit, he sided with Xia, despite the negative impact on his career. He’s a red-haired, green-eyed man with a muscled physique, with a tired expression after all these years.

Memory Check rather than Contact/Search roll

1/2 – Alec is a good medic with a checkered history with the administration at DocWagon.  While he still jumps through the company’s hoops, he supported her decision to criticize the company.

2/4 – When Xia was quitting the corporation, Alec and several other medics she had worked with were being transferred to other divisions outside CalFree, to keep her influence and dissent from spreading.

4/10 – Last she spoke with him, he spoke about a no-contact protocol being set up around her.  Whatever he needs, he’s willing to breach company policy.

Scene 1 – A Voice from the Past

Receiving a desperate call from a former coworker will hopefully spur Xia into action.  If she calls the number back, she catches Alec on a quick pick up. “Hello? Seshia, is that you?”

She can hear the code phrases of a team under fire in the backdrop and the sound of bullets ricocheting off of armour.  After quick pleasantries are exchanged, Alec gets down to brass tacks. “Listen, I know you left DocWagon under poor terms, but I could really use your help…assuming the rumours I’ve heard are true.  Please tell me you’re somewhere in Northern Europe…”

Assuming Xia is willing to confirm at least that much, Alec carries on.  “We’re well and truly fucked here, if you can’t help us out. We received a 661 (client flatline in international waters) and we were dispatched to collect and revive.  When we arrived, the location was a corporate oil platform in the North Sea. The corporation complied with our landing and we had to perform a hostile extraction. The hostiles used heavy ordinance to down our craft and we’re pinned down and taking fire.  DocWagon is refusing to send back up due to CrashCart making a jurisdiction claim to the platform, which leaves us hung out to dry with the client. We require an immediate extract without the corporate bullshit. I hope you understand… I’m willing to give your group the client’s retainer (30,000¥ to be divided up) and I will owe you one if you can get us out of here…”

Alec is between a rock and a hard place.  His team is running low on ammo, the client is stabilized but still dead weight and his team doesn’t agree with his decision to bring in outside help, despite their position.  The offer of giving up the retainer was not previously discussed with his team either.

If Xia agrees, Alec breathes a sigh of relief.  “Thank you, Seshia. Hope you can get your group here before we run out of ammo.  We’ve got the client guarded, but we’re pinned down on the helipad. I think those shooting at us are shadowrunners, rather than employees of the platform…”  Alec sends the GPS location of where they’re pinned down

Matrix:  The local Hamburg grid is available and pervasive in the area where the runners call home.  There are no modifiers to complicate the commcall.

Scene 2 – Getting out to Sea

Given the oil platform’s location, the runners have two choices on how to get to Alec’s location: by land or sea.  Each presents their own set of hurdles.

If the runners choose to go in by sea, the sea conditions will not make docking easy.  Waves can change the elevation the runners can gain purchase on the ladder that leads to the elevator, complicating an already treacherous climb.  The platform’s defenses have been taken over by a rival hacker and the platform’s anti-personnel guns will take a shot at them if they aren’t suppressed, jammed or destroyed.

If the runners choose to go in by air, the downed air ambulance is seen smoking from the deck.  There isn’t an easy place to touch down with the wreck in the way. The anti-air defenses and the rival sniper are going to make getting near the platform treacherous.

However the team proceeds, go to Scene 3 once the team has made it inside or topside.

Armed with a Colt M23 loaded with APDS (Acc 4(6), 9P, -6AP, All modes, 6RC, 200(bin)

Pulsar – Acc 5(7), 7S(e), -5AP, SA, RC 3, 4m

Matrix:  As the runners get out to open sea, the German grid will grow increasingly quiet until they near the rig itself.  As an island unto itself, the rig piggybacks onto the North German League’s grid. The signal repeater is not overly strong, conferring a -2 Noise modifier.  The grid out here is devoid of icons other than international calls, so locating the rig should be easy.

Northern Jewel Host

The Northern Jewel is a misleading name for a dingy, refurbished oil rig in the middle of the North Sea.  The host here has been stylized to reflect an idyllic view of the platform. A calm ocean with a perpetual sunrise silhouettes the pristine platform as seagulls circle and cry in the skies above.  The smell of seawater mingled with the smell of a two-stroke fuel lingering like a distant perfume clings to the system. Upon logging in, the user finds themself in the command center of the rig, overlooking the North Sea.  There is little that can be physically accessed from the log in node. Serving as a PR system, the room is plastered in the clean environmental record the rig has had since the Black Tide and the ecological clean up initiatives they’ve undertaken.  From here, the user can (with the right credentials) can access Operations (the control panel in front of them) or Administration (a smartboard on the wall behind them).

Icons depend on the host.  Within the Operations host, icons appear as clean versions of drilling equipment and users as roughnecks.  Within Administration, icons appear as manilla folders within filing cabinets and users as executives in suits.  In either host, IC is represented by black-clad security guards.

Operations Host –  Rating 10

Standard Configuration – Attack 10, Data Processing 13, Sleaze 11, Firewall 12

Security Protocol – Patrol IC running at all times.  Once an alarm has been triggered, IC activates in this order: Killer, Marker, Scramble, Acid, Jammer, Blaster, Binder, Crash, Sparky, Black IC.  If an IC is crashed, it will continue down the line before rebooting. If an alarm has been going for 4 turns or any IC gets bricked, two troubleshooters log in to kill the intruder.

Administration Host –  Rating 7

Standard Configuration – Attack 7, Data Processing 9, Sleaze 8, Firewall 10

Security Protocol – Patrol IC running at all times, Security Spider patrolling at all times.

Once an alarm has been triggered, IC activates in this order: Killer, Probe, Bloodhound, Marker, Blaster, Binder, Black IC.  If an IC is crashed, the host will reboot the IC before moving on to the next stage. Two more Spiders will log in after 3 turns from when the alarm sounds.

Scene 3 – Saving the Day

Once the runners have gained access to the oil rig, they will have opposition coming at them from two separate angles.  The runners that are firing at the DocWagon team are not the most discriminate group and will fire at anyone that attempts to stop them from claiming their target (the client).  In addition, if the runners encounters any of the oil rig security, they will assume that the runners are with the hostile team and will open fire.

The rig has 6 decks, plus the surface level.  Each deck does have bunk rooms save for the uppermost deck.  The surface level has raised buildings with communication equipment and diagnostic gear.

Deck 1: Operations, Infirmary, Briefing Room, Store Room

Deck 2: Primary Mess, Main Security, Armory, Residences

Deck 3: Recreation Room, Primary Residences

Deck 4: Secondary Mess, Central Processing

Deck 5: Store, Arcade, Gym

Deck 6: Launch Bay, Morgue, Emergency Drilling Shut-off, Ballast Controls

Surface: Helipad, Oil Derrick, Piping and Oil processing machinery, Radio Room

The primary target for the team is on the helipad, but the other team has done anything they can to block off reinforcements.  There are five runners on the opposing team.

At the highest point on the platform is the team’s sniper.  He monitors the sky for signs of reinforcements and snaps off shots at the deck if one of the medics pokes their heads out.

In the Radio Room is the team’s decker.  Tapped into the platform’s system, he has control of the system’s defenses and is actively blocking as many signals as he can from getting out.

Set up in the infirmary is the team’s mage.  Using stimulants from the medical ward to mitigate drain, the mage is harrying the DocWagon team with spirits while mind controlling security to guard her.

The other two are bunked in just off the helipad, using cover to keep the medics pinned down.  One is a demolitions expert (he brought down the chopper) and has rigged a claymore by the elevator, so if anyone tries to follow them to the deck, the carriage gets vapourized by the blast.  The second is an adept, who is waiting for the head count to be lowered enough to rush in and finish the fight with a melee blade flurry. Her powers are built for being nimble and deadly.

If the runners are able to successfully evac the team or can eliminate the rival team, they will have rescued the DocWagon HRT.  Alec is relieved to see Xia, though the rest of the team is less than amused that a “traitor” to the company was contacted to pull them out.  Pointing out that DocWagon was going to leave them to die due to red tape will garner a mixed response, as will the disclosure that the client retainer paid for their rescue.

Even though Alec is likely to face backlash from this, he thanks them profusely for the rescue and tells them that he owes them one.

If the runners ask about the client, he’s an ecological engineer under the employ of Saeder-Krupp (Jost Lang) that the runners were attempting to extract, but the runners missed the part about the client being allergic to the sedative they used to pacify them…

>> Place is a total kill zone… nobody is worth that kind of risk.
>> Burn

>> And now we know why Burn has no friends…
>> Morph

>> He stood by me when no one else did.  Plus knowing a loyal medic is pretty handy.  Risky, sure… but some things are worth it.
>> Xia

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