Demons of a Fallen God – Black Water Bandits (#Shadowrun)

The unit is contacted by Emmerich after roughly a week and a half off, regarding a Mr. Schmidt in needs of runners with a sense of urgency. Mr. Schmidt would like to meet the team at 9PM at Krangasse (Crane Alley) Taverne.

Scene 1 – Stepping Up

The Krangasse Taverne was so named due to its position on the edge of the corporate district of the city; cranes dot the horizon in a constant bid to upgrade, upscale and outdo their neighbours.  The interior is pretty standard fare for a German pub, in that the interior is a fusion of classic and modern decor with all types of German ales on tap and football on the trid. Most of the residents here are from two walks of life:  corporate or construction. While this dichotomy might strike people as odd, the two cultures seem to get along well in this environment. All just want to watch the game and drown their stress in beer.

Tucked away in the back are a series of small rooms, usually reserved for poker games and private parties.  In one of these rooms is Mr. Schmidt. He is a Caucasian human in a light grey suit with matching tie. Despite his professional demeanour, there are a couple of tells that betrays his nervousness (his pick at his fingernails while idle and his aura will tell any mage that he’s in a hurry to see this done).  As the runners enter, he puts on his salesman smile and once all runners have arrived, he motions to the chairs across the table and gets right to work.

“Guten Abend (Good Evening).  I have a matter of some urgency I would like to discuss with you.  The corporation I represent recently had a critical shipment stolen from them by terrorists in the city’s east side.  We cannot afford to lose the shipment, nor do we have jurisdiction to pursue it… which is where you come in. We are prepared to offer you 6,000¥ apiece to go into Wildost, locate our merchandise and return it to us.  A list of goods will be provided to you upon your acceptance of the task.”

Mr. Schmidt is being particularly vague for good reason.  The materials that were stolen are fundamental pieces of a nuclear reactor, including several used fuel rods.  The repercussions of these materials falling into criminal hands are dire and could spell a major downturn in the corporation’s status.

Mr. Schmidt can negotiate and is willing to, given how sensitive the information is that the runners will have access to.  Once they’ve settled on terms, Mr. Schmidt tells them that tools for handling depleted uranium, as well as two Type B drums of spent fuel rods were taken.  With the dangers of having lost radioactive material in Hamburg, the runners are tasked with retrieving it. The drums are very heavy, so if the runners need to move them, be sure to bring any required materials.

Mr. Schmidt
Corporate Recruiter – Connection 5, Loyalty 1
Possible Sources – Corporate Contacts, Shadowrunners

1/2 – Mr. Schmidt is Johannes Halbeck, a black ops recruiter for Ruhrmetall.

2/4 – Halbeck is the premiere shadowrunner recruiter for the AA Corp and is called upon when something must absolutely get done.  No nonsense and practical, he has a strong reputation in the shadows, only erasing shadowrunners who have screwed up severely.

4/10 – He has no family or strong ties to anyone, as he is acutely aware of the hazards of his role.  He has several vices that he uses to unwind, but if Ruhrmetall knows about them, they seem not to care.  Halbeck has considerable autonomy to contract out as needed, so long as he gets results.

Ruhrmetall AG
Heavy Industry Corporation
Possible Sources – Corporate (Heavy Industry, Energy)

1/2 – Ruhrmetall is a major player in Heavy Industry; big enough to be in Saeder Krupp’s own backyard and compete with the AAA giant.

2/4 – Ruhrmetall has voting stock in Transoceanic Mining and MET 200K, as well a place on the ruling council of the Prometheus Council that currently runs Proteus AG.  They even have their own Urban Brawl Team. Their European control is expansive and influential.

4/7 – With one of the largest standing forces on call for a AA Corporation, they have 5000 soldiers in the AGS alone, including magical and digital forces.  MET is also able to send reinforcements at a moment’s notice

7/11 – With the Corporate Court review pending, Ruhrmetall is in the top companies being considered for a seat on the council.  Lofwyr is not about to allow another Essen-based company to rise to the top…

Matrix:  The Hamburg Grid is state of the art and has nearly infinite bandwidth.  However, with all of this bandwidth, the local companies have been exploiting the crap out of it.  Getting this close to the downtown core seeing the runners getting bombarded with limitless AR spam unless they have a top notch spam filter.  Any Firewalls less than 5 suffer -3 Noise while in the area.

Scene 2 – Into the Wildost

After the runners have taken their leave of Herr Schmidt, they runners can head to the Eastern side of the city.  On the site of an old Polish refugee camp, a series of walkways and sunken concrete walkways is all that remains of this former valley.  Now a black moor of sludge and pollution, the Wildost consists of walkways of wood and sheet metal where boats are tied to a bazaar of black market goods.  All the goods here are common items, with the rare find for the intrepid shopper. Everything here is hot, so if the characters look to acquire goods here, be sure to note anything they purchase.

The pirates here are suspicious types and asking the wrong questions will see guns drawn quickly.  German pirates seem to know nothing about stolen nuclear parts (and wisely choose to stay out of that business) and direct them to the Eastern docks, where the Polish crews run out of.

The Polish docks are a noisy affair with people shouting to be heard over the competition, as they try to peddle their wares.  Weathered weapons of the Polish civil war seem to be one of the popular items on the market. Asking about nuclear fuel rods will see people roll their eyes and refer to Czarna Woda (Black Water), a local crew who has recently been heard boasting about the heist they pulled off.

As the runners are getting directions to where the Black Water dock, one of the crew has overheard all of this.  Taking off at a sprint and spraying the crowd with bullets, the Polish pirates are in motion. A quick radio out to the other crewmates sees people scattered around the docks running toward their respective craft.  The runners have their work cut out for them, trying to stop them all and they will jump aboard their boats and try to escape. Falling into the moor is inherently fatal to the pirates that fall in, as… something big, pulls them under, as they frantically try to escape the polluted waters.  They will need at least one pirate alive to interrogate.

Czarna Woda Pirates (human baseline)

B4 A4 R3 S4 W3 L3 I3 C3  Init 6+1D6

Physical Limit 5, Mental Limit 4, Social Limit 5

Armor 9

Skills: Automatics 4, Blades 4, Intimidation 5, Perception 3, Pilot Watercraft 4, Unarmed 4

Knowledge:  Local Crime 3, Local Area Knowledge (Wildost) 4

Qualities: Toughness

Ceska Black Scorpion (M.Pistol, Acc 5, 6P, SA/BF, AP 0, 35(c), Folding Stock)

Armor Vest

Renraku Sensei

Knucks (Reach 0, 5P, Acc 5)

Combat Knife (Reach 0, 6P, AP -3, Acc 6)

Airboat Chassis (AirRanger Heavy from Rigger 5), modified With Weapon mounts and improved Handling.

Main Boat (Nightrunner from Rigger 5)

Sea Leech (from Howling Shadows)

Once the pirates are defeated, either via interrogation or (if no pirates survived the attack), the pirate hideout has a server that holds the financial transaction records that shows that the theft of RuhrMetall’s goods was an ordered hit, paid for by a Grüne Zellen (Green Cell) led by Liesel Wahl, an eco-terrorist who feels that the corporations still haven’t learned the lesson taught to us by the Black Tide.  The exchange has already occurred, but the server/pirate’s commlink has the GPS location of the delivery point.

Liesel Wahl
Corporate Recruiter – Connection 5
Possible Sources – Green Factions, Law Enforcement Contacts

1/2 – Liesel Wahl is an outspoken social activist, turned radical extremist.

2/4 – Ms. Wahl was an advocate for the cleaning up of the German coastline in the wake of the Black Tide, but was overruled by the governing council, in lieu of corporate interests.

4/10 – After being repeatedly blocked by the corporations and the coastal parts of the city still flooded with toxic sludge, she has vowed to show the AGS and corporations within Hamburg in particular, that the ecology of the city is more important than the bottom line.

Matrix:  The Hamburg Grid is state of the art and has nearly infinite bandwidth.  The Wildost part of the city is vastly removed from the city and regular data traffic.  The advantage of the isolated pocket in proximity to the city is the Noise reduction, resulting in a clean signal, this far removed from the spam zone of downtown.

Scene 3 – Street Racing (optional scene)

The portion of Hamburg the Green Cell has hold up in is within the flooded quarter of the city.  The runners will need to find a way to traverse these flooded streets without exposing themselves to the black water here.  The most likely option is via boat, though an air drop is also possible.

If the runners were fortunate enough to avoid the chase with the Czarna Woda, the GM can opt to have rival pirates chase the runners down through the flooded streets as they make their way to the target.  This could be a fun scene of weaving through ruined buildings, trying to shake off the tail they’ve picked up. The pirates will herd the team into a kill box where the enemy has snipers set up in a dead end, if given the opportunity.  Use the stats and vehicles from Scene 2 to represent the NPCs in this scene.

Matrix:  As the runners return into the city proper, the Matrix Noise increases, though the flooded portions of the city are less populous than the inland portions.  The Matrix here is devoid of oppressive signals and there are no modifiers, though there are more nodes cluttering up the landscape here.

Scene 4 – Under the Tide

The location provided to the runners is an abandoned office tower that appears to have not weathered the Black Tide with grace.  The mirrored glass is marred with water stains and drips of rusty water have scarred the exterior. Despite all outward appearances that the building is derelict, there is a gap in the glass on the building’s North side that leads to an interior chamber with boats tied to repurposed office equipment.

The upper floors of the building are abandoned and dilapidated.  There is little or no security on these levels, unless the runners make a loud entrance.  The “black pool” level is lightly guarded and is centered on guarding the one secured means to the submerged levels.  One of the stairwells serves as a conduit to the two lower levels that are now underwater. The first level down serves as a storage level and a barracks of sorts, while the lower level has been fortified, with a heavy wooden conference table and filing cabinets set up as a bunker and guards stationed behind them (ready for action if the runners have been noisy on their way in).  The conference room the table came from has been cleared and turned into a workshop, where the eco-terrorists are assembling their dirty bomb.

The bomb is nearly ready.  If gunfire erupts, the first round of combat sees the demolitions expert finish his work.  If it’s looking like they will lose the fight, Liesel will activate the bomb. It isn’t the planned location, but she aims to make her statement anyways.  If the bomb gets armed, they’ll need to either force the bomb maker to disarm it, or pass a Demolitions+Logic (3) test to dismantle the explosive. The room with the bomb has unshielded radioactive isotopes in it and every round the runners are in the room they will take radiation damage (3P damage, no armor allowed unless it has radiation shielding, net hits = rating of Nausea).

Terrorists (human baseline)

B4 A5 R4 S4 W4 L3 I4 C3  Init 8+1D6

Physical Limit 6, Mental Limit 5, Social Limit 6

Armor 6

Skills: Automatics 5, Blades 5, Intimidation 6, Perception 3, Pistols 4, Unarmed 6, Demolitions 5 (Bomb-Maker Only)

Knowledge:  History (Ecological Disasters) 4(6), Local Area Knowledge (Hamburg) 4, Radioactive Material 4

Qualities: Toughness

Colt Cobra TZ-120 (SMG, Acc 4(5), 7P, All, RC 2(3), AP 0, 32(c), Folding Stock, Top-mounted Laser Sight, Gas Vent II)

MCT EE Suit (Chemseal, Fire Resist 4, Radiation Shielding 6)

Renraku Sensei

Knucks (Reach 0, 5P, Acc 5)

Knife (Reach 0, 5P, AP -1, Acc 5)

Liesel Wahl

Liesel is a German-born human woman who has spent her entire life in proximity to the black waters of the Black Tide.  A mousy woman with brown hair and eyes and short in stature, she is easily lost in a crowd of her peers. She has studied the ecological disaster extensively over the years and despite being mundane, has studied enough magical theory that she believes the planet vomited up all the waste man had dumped into the North Sea over a century.  Taking her findings to numerous ecological commissions, she was hushed and sent away every time, the Corporate Court trying to stifle her research. Rather than continue her research independently, she became so frustrated with the exploitation of the environment that she radicalized her point of view and aims to “force” the Corporate Court into seeing her point of view.

B4 A5 R4 S3 W5 L3 I4 C4  Init 8+1D6

Physical Limit 5, Mental Limit 5, Social Limit 7

Armor 6

Skills: Automatics 5, Blades 5, Perception 3, Pistols 4, Unarmed 6, Etiquette 5, Leadership 7, Negotiation 7

Knowledge:  History (Ecological Disasters) 5(7), Local Area Knowledge (Hamburg) 5, Radioactive Material 4, Magical Theory 3

Qualities: Blandness

Colt Cobra TZ-120 (SMG, Acc 4(5), 7P, All, RC 2(3), AP 0, 32(c), Folding Stock, Top-mounted Laser Sight, Gas Vent II)

MCT EE Suit (Chemseal, Fire Resist 4, Radiation Shielding 6)

Renraku Sensei

Knucks (Reach 0, 5P, Acc 5)

Knife (Reach 0, 5P, AP -1, Acc 5)

With the terrorists defeated, the runners will want to transmit the location of the disarmed bomb to Mr. Schmidt, so his people can reclaim their cargo safely.  With images of the rigged up explosive, Mr. Schmidt sheepishly offers up the mentioned payment and in exchange for the team’s silence on what might have been, he offers to advocate for them in corporate circles.

>> Anyone got any intel on the cargo truck that got hit the other day?  Think this might be related?
>> Spec

>> I’m pretty sure they’re one and the same… a friend of mine in Corp circles says that Ruhrmetall was shipping spent uranium to their disposal site when things got real loud.  Not exactly the kinda stuff you want in the wind.
>> Groundwire

>> Missing radioactive waste?  I guess I’d better knock Hamburg off my vacation list…
>> Noir

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