Demons of a Fallen God Part 2 – Unraveled (Shadowrun)

This is the second part of the Demons campaign and happens mere hours after the first part…

Scene 1 – Fractured becomes Shattered

The runners are awoken by their commlinks in the middle of the night.  The ringtone tells them it’s Jaeger calling. If they opt to ignore the call it’s at their own peril…

When they answer the call, they get a digital representation of their fixer.

“To all members of the Fractured:  we have been compromised. If you have received this message it means I have likely been killed or detained.  In either case, someone now knows of our safehouses and the members of our unit. Get your gear and get out quickly.”

After the message, there is a text addendum:  “Grab the hard drives you obtained and keep them safe.”

Jaeger wasn’t kidding about being compromised.  The local police are converging on the runners and if the runners take too long getting their gear, they will be stuck in a gun battle with local law enforcement

Ukraine Police

B4 A4 R4 S3 W3 L3 I4 C3  Init 8+1D6

Physical Limit 5, Mental Limit 5, Social Limit 5

Armor 12

Skills: Pistols 4, Clubs 4, Intimidation 6, Perception 3, Running 4, Unarmed 4

Knowledge:  Local Crime 3, Law Enforcement 4

Qualities: Toughness

Ares Predator V (Pistol, Acc 5(7), 8P, SA, AP -1, 15(c), Smartgun)

Armor Jacket

Defiance Shocker (Taser, Acc 4, 11S(e), AP -5, SS, 4(m), Melee Attack)

Erika Elite

Stun Baton (Club, Acc 4, Reach 1, 9S(e), AP -5, 10 charges)

Jazz * 2

Optics – Contact Lens 2 (Image Link, Smartlink)

If the runners investigate Jaeger’s residence, they find it in flames and the victim of a bombing.  There are several bodies in the wreckage, if they manage to get any information from the emergency crews on site, but none have been identified as of yet.  Before any conclusive evidence surfaces, one of the people on site will recognize the runners from their dossiers and call for backup.

Matrix:  In the city of Kiev, there is a Noise modifier of 1 for any local nodes they might try to tap into in order to facilitate their escape.  The local law enforcement will attempt to block any ability they have to allow for their escape.

Scene 2 – A New Ally

Once the runners have secured the hard drives and eluded police, they get a call from an unknown number.  If a runner answers (or checks their messages after they leave one), they see a thin man of definite civilian upbringing on the other side.

“Hello.  You don’t know me, but Jaeger was a close friend of mine and I got his bulletin about the mercenary company being compromised.  I’ve been checking all the known places Jaeger has used in the past when the heat was on, but I haven’t been able to locate him.  I was really hoping it was a false alarm… that being said, you need safe place to lay low. My name is Emmerich and I’m a fixer in Hamburg.  While I know I’m not of Jaeger’s caliber, I would like to offer you safe haven here in Germany. Maybe between all of us, we can figure out what’s happened and maybe hit back at those that attacked your company.”

The runners will likely be very cautious and suspect of Emmerich, given the timing of his call and how much he knows about the current situation.  To his credit, he is being truthful… he was contacted by Jaeger’s broadcast and he is on the level about helping the runners by giving them safe haven.

If the runners take the time to do a quick Matrix check on Emmerich, he will be patient while they perform their due diligence.

If the runners agree to take him up on his offer, he nods.  “Excellent. I’m sending you the address of the safehouse you can use once you arrive in Hamburg.  Now, I understand that Jaeger had some really old computer hardware he was looking to tap into. He had asked me to try and locate hardware that was capable of reading it and I think I might have found it.  Since Jaeger isn’t able to hire you for this, perhaps you can acquire it on the way?”

If the runners agree, Emmerich continues, “All right, I found a former Renraku facility from within what was Anarchist Berlin that has the hardware you’ll need.  The corp pulled out when the wall went up, so you won’t need to deal with the corporation, but the anarchist factions used the site in their absence. Since the liberation of East Berlin, it’s unclear about the state of the site, so be cautious.  If you come across the E373 and M7 you can cross through Poland into the AGS. The A2 takes you through Berlin to Hamburg.”


German Fixer – Connection 4, Loyalty 1

Possible Sources – Shadowrunners, Underworld, Corporate Contacts

1/2 – Emmerich is a mid-range fixer stationed in Hamburg.  Only has a few teams under his belt, but has built a decent reputation.

2/4 – He has worked extensively with mercenary companies in the past, working as a middleman between many mercenary companies.

3/6 – Due to the competitive market in Hamburg, he has avoided scrutiny from authorities, or serious competition from other fixers.

Scene 3 – Leaving Home

If the runners decide to take Emmerich up on his offer of safe haven, they will need to get out of Ukraine and across Poland.  The GM can have them have to evade police searches as they cross the Ukraine, but once they get away from Kiev, the efforts of the local law enforcement drops of significantly.  The journey across Poland could also be complicated by the ongoing Liberation War, but the E373 is typically left alone by the army, unless they believe that the rebels are on the road (and even then, they will opt to avoid damaging national infrastructure.  If the runners play by regional laws and obey law enforcement, they shouldn’t have issues in Poland.

Continuing down the autobahn, the runners will eventually arrive in Berlin, where Emmerich has told them the hardware needed to access those hard drives.  The former Anarchist Berlin shows the disrepair of years of neglect by the inhabitants and signs of corporate presence have been defaced. When they find the abandoned Renraku facility, they find a building that has been so tagged by gang graffiti that the original color of the outer walls can’t be determined.  The windows have been smashed out and turned into makeshift gun ports. The gangs into the area have established a form of cease fire to deal with the bigger threat: corporate takeover. With the gangs unified in purpose, the corporate teams have yet to push into the area.

The gangs are very territorial and if the runners topple the gang currently holed up in the building, another gang will quickly sweep in to claim the territory.

The ground floor has been all but gutted by the gang turf wars and cannibalizing parts.  The upper reaches of the buildings still servers that are worse for wear, but have the working drives and power sources they need in different rooms.  They will need to harvest the drive and power supply while dealing with the local kingpins.

The building is without power, so once they find the hardware they need, they will need to remove the hardware from the facility without it getting damaged.  Once they’re away from Berlin they can head to Hamburg to the safehouse provided by Emmerich (or they can find their own, if they don’t trust him).

The hard drives, once connected to the old machines, can be accessed by the team’s decker and the disk appears to be full of random data.  A decker, after some time will recognize that the random data is a decryption cypher… but no idea as to what it decrypts. The only words recognizable on the disk are “Project Longevity” and “Fuchi”.

If the runners share this information with Emmerich, he plans on going through his contacts and seeing what he can dredge up.

Matrix:  This district of Berlin hasn’t been fully rebuilt by the corporations since the anarchist factions were driven out.  As a result, there isn’t any kind of Matrix infrastructure locally. Tapping into Berlin’s Matrix has a Noise of 2 (one for static, one for distance) and don’t provide much for the local area.  They might be able to locate local devices using an electronic warfare scan.

>> Anyone hear about this fire in Kiev?  Old school, supposedly full of guns and such, burned to the ground in what looks like a clandestine op?  Anyone know anything?
>> Salvo

>> Nothing in Jackpoint as of yet… Vory base of operations, maybe?  Sounds like their kind of deal.
>> Spin

>> Not a familiar location to me.  You should keep us out of your speculations, comrade.
>> Crazy Ivan

>> There have been a few recent seemingly unconnected hits in Eastern Europe recently.  A Proteus employee in the Czech Republic in a suspicious construction accident, a few Vory thugs got outed to the police in Hungary during a routine delivery and this explosion in Kiev… it may be coincidence, or it could be someone cleaning house.
>> Conspir-I-See

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