Fallen Angel Part 1 – Orientation (Shadowrun)

This is the introductory adventure for the second of two ongoing Shadowrun campaigns.  This game is happening on a monthly basis on a regular schedule for a very large group.  As the story unfolds, all information on the story can be found posted here.

The runners are contacted by their fixer and told that they have an opportunity for some work with a fixer named Judge (if their fixer isn’t already Judge).  They are told to meet at Club Infinity for 8:30PM, in Private room #3.

Scene 1 – Getting Acquainted

Club Infinity is a modern club in the heart of Seattle’s Downtown.  The club uses the latest in AR technology, allowing users to project holograms of their favorite celebrities on to the dance floor to join them for a dance.  Each user can tailor the environment to be customized to their own preferences.

The private rooms in the back were originally added to the club to allow for more intimate parties, but also double as soundproofed booths for runners to conduct business deals.  Room #3 has been set up for a conference, with tables and chairs and a small with a modest assortment of food and drink arrayed on it. At 8:30 a holoprojector in the table’s center activates, presenting them with a large hologram of Judge.

“Hello everyone, I hope that everyone has arrived on time.  Unfortunately, I have not been as fortunate. Since I’m running a bit late due to the traffic in this lovely city, why don’t you all get acquainted?  If things go well, you’ll all be working together for the foreseeable future. I’ll be in as soon as I can.”

Give the players opportunity to introduce their characters and ask each other questions, so they’re made aware of each other’s skills and talents.

Once the team has handled introductions, Judge arrives and flashes a wide troll-like grin.  “My apologies for my tardiness. Shall we begin?”

Judge takes an open spot at the table and surveys the collected runners.  “First of all, if you haven’t worked with me before, I’m Judge. I’m a fixer for the metroplex and I sometimes dabble in jobs in the Salish Nation as well.  If you need work in the Pacific Northwest, I’m your man. That said, I have need of a team. I’ve got a needy Mr. Johnson looking for specialists for a retrieval job.  Specifically, the retrieval of their son.

“Mr. Johnson is a person with a spoiled brat of a kid, who recently had their expense account suspended for being an arrogant little shit.  Naturally, the kid took off, but historically, the son has returned within 24 hours after he realizes he’s not prepared for life outside the company umbrella.  This time though, he didn’t come back. So, Mr. J is offering 5,000¥ apiece for you to locate their son and drag their sorry ass home. Does this sound like something you can do?”

Judge doesn’t have too much room to negotiate, since this isn’t an exec their working with, but one of the rank and file employees of Universal Omnitech.  They’re getting paid out of the wayward son’s slush fund, but additional funds will come from the father’s bank account…

After any initial negotiations, Judge thanks them for taking the job and tells them the name of their target is Jordan Mayer.  He closes by telling them that they should likely get started right away.

Jordan Mayer
Wayward Spoiled Kid
Possible Sources – Corporate Connections, Educators
2/3 – Jordan Mayer is the 17 year-old son of Brian and Rose Mayer.  Middling education, schooled by Universal Omnitech. Lives in Bellevue.  Overall unremarkable.
4/6 – The kid is coasting through his education and living spoiled on his parents’ wageslave salaries as an only child.
6/8 – Has had a few reprimands for underage drinking and noise complaints from parties he’s attended with friends, but has not been involved in anything major.
8/10 – In digging into social media, there are pictures of Jordan partying with friends at Downfall, a basic watering hole in Touristville.

Universal Omnitech
Corporate Power Player
Possible Sources – Corporate Contacts, Fixers, Medical Contacts
1/2 – Universal Omnitech is a AA corporation that is a world leader in biotech and genetics.
2/4 – UO was once allied with Aztechnology, but the current president burned that bridge and has thus far resisted takeover attempts from Shiawase.
5/8 – The Mayers are not involved in the medical aspect of the company.  The father is in marketing and the mother works in logistics. Neither have access to any sensitive data within the company.

Matrix:  The host within Infinity is complex and state of the art, though security is light, given that it’s not a sensitive system, the only systems well protected are the programs that control the links to personal profiles of those in the club.  The private rooms are kept on separate systems to protect the privacy of those within.

Scene 2 – Connecting the Dots

Armed only with a name and a home address, the runners will need to locate Jordan using some old-fashioned legwork.  If a hacker attempts to trace the commlink by the kid’s commcode (which they can get without too much difficulty), the Threshold for the trace will be increased, as the signal is traced into the Redmond Barrens.  If the trace is successful, the commlink is in the Barrens beyond the edges of Touristville. If the hacker probes into the device, they can obtain Jordan’s contact list to locate his friends.

Whether through his commlink, or stopping by his school (or knocking on Mr. Johnson’s door and stopping at his home address… which may not be the best plan), the runners can find out from Jordan’s friends that after he got cut off by his parents, his buddies took him out for one last trip to Touristville.  Most got drunk off their faces and don’t exactly recall how the evening ended, but they recall fragments, of the night of drinking, fighting and gambling. They started their night at Downfall, moved on and woke up at home in their driveway after the autonav brought them home. Jordan wasn’t in the car, but they figured he likely walked it off when he woke up before them.

Touristville Dive Bar
ossible Sources – Gang Contacts (Redmond, Bellevue), Street Contacts

2/3 – It’s a crappy little bar out in Touristville.  Pretty clean by Redmond standards and the beer isn’t even that watered down.  A nicer establishment in Redmond.
4/6 – Downfall has remained the low-key nightspot it is because a few of its patrons are Awakened and they’re willing to accept a few free drinks to deal with people who disturb the peace.
7/10 – They’re not nearly as popular as Aces or Crusher 495 and they like it that way.  Since the other two are frequented by gangs, orks and trolls, those looking for a more peaceful night of drinking come here.  If people do a Touristville pub crawl, it usually starts here and ramps up to Banshee or Crusher. Only those wanting a fight go to Aces.

Scene 3 – Slumming It

To say that Touristville is the prettier side of the Barrens isn’t saying much.  The area is dingy, poorly lit and smells of urban decay. But the area has a nightlife and Knight Errant will actually come when called here.  As result, Touristville is a haven compared to the rest of Redmond. This is where the Redmond gangs play nice, so they are allowed to come back and where corporate kids from Bellevue come to slum it in a place that feels dangerous.

At the heart of this civilization is the bar district.  A stretch of mostly cleared road, where the various bars that make up most of Redmond’s economy are arrayed.  The heart of Touristville is around Crusher 495, much to the chagrin of racists throughout the Barrens. At night, Crusher is blasting neo-pagan metal and goblin rock into the streets, with the mosh pit spilling into the street.  During the day, the street shows the refuse from the party the night before, both human and otherwise, those who wake up on the curb the next morning are put in charge of the clean up.

In the outlying areas are the competition.  In the North are the turf of the Crimson Crush and their bar, Aces.  The area is heavily tagged and you can always tell when someone without the right colours has been by.  To the south are the easier bars, Downfall and Banshee. Downfall could almost be walked past without noticing it, as it’s set back from the street and does little in the ways of advertising.  Banshee is a run-down karaoke bar with a poor selection of beers and a sound system on its last legs.

The other buildings in the area are vastly pop-up shops, selling whatever the squatters there have unearthed.  What passes for district government is here, as are a few gathering places, like soup kitchens, but Touristville is only a few city blocks in size, before plunging into disarray and squalor.

If the runners spoke with Jordan’s friends, they know they started off at Downfall, but moved on.  Through the day, none of the locals recall Jordan by his description. At night, talking with the bartenders reveals a little more information, as they were mostly sober.

The bartender at Downfall remembers the group, as they rapidly escalated to being rowdy and disruptive and the locals evicted them from the bar.  Jordan and his friends skilled Banshee, as they couldn’t stand the idea of karaoke, so they headed for Crusher 495.

The patrons of Crusher laugh when they recall Jordan and his friends coming to the ork bar and trying to outdrink the locals.  Being absolutely plastered, he picked a fight with an ork, who easily bested the corporate kid.

Bloodied and drunk, Jordan was welcomed eagerly into a poker game and lost big.  The people that took all his money gave him an errand to do, but most people don’t know what the errand is.  Tracking his commlink points to the Barrens, not far from Touristville.

Matrix: The local grid in Touristville is dodgy at best.  Due to the inconsistent nature of the grid, there is a -2 Noise modifier for the area.

Scene 4 – Neighbourhood Watch

As Touristville slips behind them, the true Redmond takes form.  The buildings fall into a greater state of disrepair and the people become reclusive and suspicious.  Debris from the crumbling homes has been used to erect barricades, where enclaves of people have huddled together for protection.

Tracking the commlink signal, or following the directions provided by someone at the bar, they find an old apartment building with burnt out vehicles out front and piled brick around the front lobby.  Several orks have set up an outpost and tell the runners off, that this place is taken.

They will not take kindly to trespass and make a show of looking large and carrying a shoddy looking shotgun as a means to intimidate passersby.  If the runners want to get to the commlink, they’re going to have to fight their way through the enclave’s residents or offer up something in exchange.

The guy with the commlink is a former member of the Brain Eaters, an old Redmond techno-gang.  The walls of his apartment are covered in technology of the pre-WMI age and he is currently dismantling the commlink in order to try and jury rig a wireless transceiver with it.

If asked about how he came to possess the commlink, he tells them that he got it off the Crimson Crush, who traded it with him for services rendered.  If pressed as to where the Crimson Crush got it, he tells them that he overheard that some kid was gambling at the 495 with a few members of the gang and lost big.  They held the commlink as collateral until he did a task for them. They then traded it to him, since “he wasn’t going to need it any time soon”. He doesn’t know what task was given.

Scene 5 – Seeing Red

The turf of the Crimson Crush starts on the northern side of Touristville and spreads into the Barrens where their ork-centric numbers have are “protected” by the gang from organizations like Humanis.  To the same end, if the runners are vastly non-ork, they are unlikely to find a very warm welcome waiting for them.

Any orks in a human/elf/dwarf heavy party is likely to be called a “race-traitor” and the group will be set upon by the gang once they’re into their turf.  The gang will flee if they’re losing too many members, but the runners will need to beat down enough of their number in order to open a dialogue with the gang.

With orks laying in the street, the gang can finally be convinced to talk.  They will find out who was at 495 on the night in question and when questioned about the kid they “pranked”, they shrug and say noncommittally that they were asked to take a care package to an address to the east of Touristville.  Upon hearing the address, the person in charge they’re talking with gives them them crap for “feeding the creepers” to which the ganger merely replies “hey better them than us”. When pressed to clarify, the ganger tells them that the kid was sent to 162s turf.  The 162s are a ghoul gang, who the 2076 Olympics couldn’t even flush out. They are known organleggers and will hunt anyone they feel has something worth harvesting, eating the leftovers.

Scene 6 – Home of the Fleshmongers

The turf for the 162s is misleading in its tranquility.  Most of the non-ghoul population has fled or become food for the residents, while those that remain are in league with them, tricking wandering people into feeling that this is a safe haven, only to drug them and turn them in for a share of the Tanamous profits.

The western-most portion of the 162’s turf is a rare sight in Redmond:  new construction. During the Olympic games in 2076, a portion of Redmond just outside of Touristville was to be redesigned for the Olympic village, while other areas still were to be relocation centres for those displaced by the construction.  This building was never finished, as the ghouls picked off members of the construction crew. Knight Errant attempted to wipe out the ghoul population, but the ghouls knew the terrain infinitely better and evaded the patrols. The feral ghoul population was culled, but the more intelligent ones continued to pick off police and construction workers alike.  The cost got too high and the building was never finished.

It is now prime real estate for the squatters of the area.  An old man tells them to come inside and get off the street before they get spotted.  He offers them a place inside the building and offers them some food. Despite his friendly nature, he is anything but.  The food is laced with a powerful sedative and if any runners partake in it, he will contact the ghouls to let them know he has more for them… he laid the same trap for Jordan and is looking to capitalize on the runners as well.

He won’t put up much of a fight, if the runners resist the drug, or don’t eat it in the first place and he will tell them about his arrangement with the ghouls.  If he is allowed to make a call, several ghouls will come to his apartment to collect in short order.

The runners will need to stealth their way through the terrain or be fighting ghouls all the way through their turf.  Interrogating one of the ghouls can reveal the location of a butcher shop they use for “prepping” the bodies for harvest.

The butcher shop is thick with ghouls looking to get a piece of the latest catch.  The runners will need to break through and rescue Jordan from the organleggers before he gets carved up.

>> Oh fantastic… nothing like rescuing some corporate brat from his own idiocy.
>> Burn

>> Honestly, I don’t see the appeal of visiting Redmond.  What’s so great to visit some scummy bar in a destitute part of the city?
>> Glasgow

>> Spoken like a true elf.  Sometimes, the rich corporate kids need to feel badass by going to the “bad part of town” for a night.  It’s like a runner surviving on their rep.  Plus, it strokes their fragile egos to see those who have it worse than themselves.
>> Zug

>> Having spent more than my share of time in the Barrens, there are very few places outside of Touristville a young whelp should ever go… this kid is in for serious trouble if he strayed beyond the “safe” region…
>> Havik

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