Friendship is Optional (Shadowrun)

This run was written with a “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” slant to it.  It was meant to be a parody using centaur Shadowrunners who were very much not team players.  It was run for the Spring Phantasm 2018 convention and is patently ridiculous.  You have been warned.

The team is contacted by the clan leader’s aide and asked to report to the city hall to meet with the Alpha Chad.

Scene 1 – Chadtown

The town of Chadron, Nebraska is a town that capped out around 7000 citizens at its peak and fell with the outbreak of VITAS and was outright abandoned when the Sioux nation was formed and the white man was forced out, the remaining population moving to Rapid City, 100 miles North.  When centaurs were recognized as a sentient race, the Sioux Nation awarded the centaurs the town of Chadron and the northeast corner of the Nebraska National Forest as their own land to develop as they saw fit. After decades of sitting empty, the town had begun to crumble and was certainly not built with centaurs in mind, but they’ve made it work.

The larger buildings, like the city hall and state college still stand, as they were large enough to house the creatures, where others were modified to serve as shops.  Chadron had always served as a trading post and its old role has been resumed. Many of the centaurs live in the woods and use the town for commerce, but some call it home.  With the faded paint on the signage, the town was initially incorrectly called Chadtown and the name has stuck, even calling the leader Chad as a title.

As the runners walk into the city hall, they see two city guardsmen standing astride the Chad.  The Chad nods in thanks to those assembled. “I appreciate you coming. Our colony has been prospering for many years now.  However, in recent weeks, many of our number have gone missing without a trace. The forest has been getting more sparse in fresh game of late and our hunters have had to travel further into the forest to find food.  I fear that some have traveled too far and were detained by the Sioux military for leaving our designated area. If they have fallen prey to detention, I need our hunters returned to us, lest we become reliant on human charity.  So, I have sent for you to locate our people and bring them home.”

Chad has no intention of paying them, as they’re expected to want to help out of civic duty.  If they demand payment, Chad will seem surprised but eventually capitulate and offer them a modest sum.

Once any terms have been set, Chad will wave them along, wishing them luck.  He recommends one of two routes heading south. If they want to follow the same route the others took, they can cross into the forest, or they can take the old Hwy 385, or Gold Rush Highway that runs through the old forest, if they would rather take a more direct route to the Southern forest.

Matrix:  The DakotaNet is a nondescript network with barely any sculpting.  Icons are individually sculpted, but the grid itself is a simple black void with two crossed tomahawks as the symbol for the grid.  Chadron has access to the Matrix for any intrepid enough to log in.

Scene 2 – The Road South

The way South is fraught with peril, regardless of whichever way the Heroes choose to travel.  The Gold Rush Highway, is four lanes of asphalt running through the old National Park and serves as a main artery through the area.  Walking along the road will surely garner attention of the travellers-by, which could lead to some frantic phone calls to the local authorities or simply gawking as people may not have seen a centaur before.

Traveling through the forest presents other challenges.  The rough terrain will make the journey slower, plus the Awakening has taken what was hillsides and canyons with trees, into a bristling forest over rocky terrain.  This thick cover has turned the old park into a safe haven for smugglers and as a result the Sioux Wildcats still patrol these lands, despite the rule that the land belongs to the centaurs.

The centaurs can cause their own trouble well enough, but some things that the team can run into are:  Sioux patrols, who feel like treating the centaurs as unthinking creatures; free spirits of the forest, who don’t take kindly to trespassers; or smugglers who have set down in the woods to hide from patrols.  None of these are likely to be swayed by words and are likely to pick a fight, so use these foes as needed to keep the runners on their toes.

As they go further South, greater Sioux presence will be felt, in the form of more frequent patrols from drones.  However, they will eventually stumble their way into a vast man-made clearing.

Scene 3 – Unicorns for All!

The clearing shows tree stumps and the lumber has been cut to make a crude paddock.  In the paddock runs several wild horses, who stay close to their own enclave, which centers on a unicorn.  There are three unicorns in the paddock and the herds are overseen by several of the centaurs they’ve been sent to retrieve.

The centaurs in the paddock will turn when they hear themselves called, but their features are slack-jawed and will attack when approached.  They don’t seem to speak or recognize words, just showing a feral rage.

Off to the side of the paddock is an old forest ranger station, including a lookout tower.  The interior has been all but gutted and a strange smell fills the air… like old stagnant air, though the building definitely appears to be lived in.  If a light is shone into the room, they will see a centaur with pitch black eyes in the center of the room. Flanked by three Sioux soldiers, he grins broadly.  The centaur in the room is a former member of their clan, who was exiled for attempting to forcibly become Chad. He is a potent Necro mage with three summoned spirits in the bodies of the Sioux guards (one looks nearly normal, the second is a humanoid shaped section of fallen tree and the third is a humanoid form made of ashes.  Using his magic, he aims to retake Chadron for himself.

David Pale Spirit
Necro Mage Initiate

B7 A4 R4 S7 W6 L4 I5 C3  Ess 6 Magic 8* Edge 4

Init = 9 + 1D6, Astral Init = 10 + 3D6, Drain = 10 dice

Skills:  Spellcasting 7, Ritual Spellcasting 9, Counterspelling 7, Assensing 7, Perception 5, Alchemy 6, Unarmed 4, Astral Combat 6

Spells:  Necro Summoning (Corpse), Necro Summoning (Rot), Necro Summoning (Palefire), Manabolt, Rot (A), Armor (A), Death Replay, Whisper of Bones (Ritual), Agony, Foreboding, Flamethrower

Metamagics:  Necromancy, Efficient Ritual

Gear:  Armor Jacket (12), 75 Reagents

All Necro Spirits are Force 5 (see Forbidden Arcana).

Further examining the ranger station reveals the bones of centaurs amongst the refuse.  It appears that their bodies were used to create the spirits they had fought. Knowing that all the members of the clan are dead, the runners can return to Chadtown to tell Alpha Chad the sad news.

>> Wait, let me get this straight… there’s an enclave of centaurs in the Sioux Nation and they have their own runners?  Wouldn’t they stick out in a crowd?
>> Bael

>> Hell yeah, they would.  That’s why they are the enforcers for their enclave, rather than proper Shadowrunners.
>> Wildcat

>> They must be pretty bored most of the time… I can’t think there’s too much going on around there…
>> Zero

>> They find things to do.  The alternative for that band of wackos wouldn’t be pretty…
>> Wildcat

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