A Ray of Hope – 7th Sea 2nd Edition

Since I acquired my copy of 7th Sea 2nd Edition back in the summer, I’ve been getting myself acquainted with the new narrative styling of the game.  After cranking out several characters and working on a few backstories in order to orient myself in the system, I tried to get a game going.

Not an easy feat.

I tried running the game the first time with family for the most part.  The first time out, I was unable to distance myself from my roots in Shadowrun enough and called on the players too often for tests when there were key pieces of the system’s intent that I was still missing (tests are only needed if there is risk involved, otherwise, only RP is involved).  Player interest in the game has been exceptionally hard to come by.  I find it odd, seeing as I’ve run the game for years and the game is loved at conventions when I run it, yet when I put out a call for players to test the latest incarnation, you can just about hear a pin drop.

This weekend, I finally got my opportunity to give it another try.  With a modest three player group, I re-ran the original adventure and employed a more story-driven style.  I think each player rolled the dice three times for the entire thing, allowing the players to embellish and steer the game until they met opposition, where they finally had to spend their rolled successes.  The game went much smoother this time and the players seemed interested in seeing where the story would ultimately end.  The narrative feel of the game definitely felt more natural this time and I think that the system has some definite promise with the right group of players.

Looking forward to getting some mileage out of the game.

~ by 1nsomniac on November 28, 2016.

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