Bad Medicine (Shadowrun)

This run concept was put together for the 2016 Phantasm convention.

The runners are contacted by their fixer in regards to a job, where Mr. Johnson would like to meet with them in person to discuss the details of the job.  If they’re willing to hear them out, Mr. Johnson would like to speak with them at 8:15PM at 1512 Broadway.

Scene 1 – Meet Dr. Johnson

1512 Broadway is the location of Capitol Hill Urgent Care clinic.  The location is old and while it has undergone several upgrades over the decades, the building still shows its age.  The hours on the door say 8AM to 8PM.  Entering the building before then sees the clinic in full operation and will likely see them turned away, as the waiting room is still rather busy.  The patients are ushered out as close to 8 as possible.  Once the building is set to closed, the automatic locks on the clinic don’t engage and the runners can enter the clinic.

Mr. Johnson is awaiting them in one of the family counseling rooms off of the waiting room.  Still in his white smock, Mr. Johnson is a Latino doctor with a winning smile and more charm than a doctor might typically exude.

“Welcome and thank you for coming.  I am hopeful you can assist me in a matter of some concern.  This clinic has been participating in the clinical trials for a pain relief medication that we hope will see launching on the market soon.  All of our patients have reported back on how the drug worked for them, save for three.  Since we don’t want our competition learning about their most recent competition just yet, we would like you to locate the missing patients and collect the data we’re missing.  If our rivals are attempting to gain information about our latest drug, destroy any evidence they’ve collected.

“I am willing to pay each of you 5,000¥ for the job, negotiable on delivery if  you’ve encountered significant resistance.  Is this something you feel you can accomplish?”

Mr. Johnson is really Julio Espinoza, a medical technician and developer for Aztechnology.  While the clinic has been partaking in testing of a new drug, it is far from legal and the patients here are guinea pigs for a newly developed BAD (Biological Awakened Drug) pulled from the Yucatan jungles.

If the runners sign on, Mr. Johnson nods.  “You have my thanks.  I was told that the side effects of the drug were to be minimal, so I would hate to think that my patients fell prey to undisclosed side effects.  Here are the dossiers for the three missing patients.  I hope you can find them safe and sound.”

The dossiers contain the names, addresses and commcodes for the patients that haven’t reported in.  The runners are required to bring the patients back to the clinic, or barring that, come back with a blood sample.  He tells them to call the clinic and ask for “Dr. J”

The three people they need to track down are:

“Braaker” (Or’zet for Bruiser) – Ork Male, Age estimated to be around 20.  No specific address – Commcode provided

Braaker has been a regular at the clinic for broken bones, gun shots and stab wounds.  Despite numerous attempts to kill the man, none have succeeded.  Known member of the Skraacha (Scorchers).

Rick Tol – Human Male, Age: 37, Address included, Commcode Included

Rick is a known hypochondriac and agoraphobe, who is on a cocktail of anti-anxiety meds.  Lives on disability and welfare after an accident on the job forced him into early retirement.  Has mobility issues from moderate spinal damage.

Jenni Kallio – Elven Female, Age 32, Address included, Commcode Included

Jenni is a relatively new patient to the clinic, claiming to suffer from neuropathic pain as a side effect of juvenile cancer therapy.  Unable to locate previous physicians to find out of pain is physical or psychological.  Admitted into the program with the caveat that the exact nature of her pain be established first.

Matrix:  The Seattle Grid is easily accessible from here with no Noise modifiers.  The clinic itself shows it’s age and it doesn’t appear that the facility has been fully integrated into the wireless Matrix.  Breaking into the system can be done, but there are definite holes in the security grid.  There is a public  ARO for the clinic, but aside from scheduling appointments, it offers little information.

Scene 2 – The Coward

Upon hearing the descriptions of the patients, the runners will likely want to deal with Rick Tol first.  His commlink puts him in his apartment.  The building he calls home is nothing spectacular.  The lobby has a couple homeless people squatting in it and the elevators feel slightly less than secure as they lurch upward to the fifth floor, where Rick calls home.

Knocking on the door yields nothing.  Astral projection on the room is another matter.  The room has a vibrant aura and the room seems almost alive, with the energy coursing literally through the man’s veins.  The aura almost masks the presence of the shedim inhabiting the body of Rick.

Rick reacted poorly to the BAD in his body and made him into an astral beacon.  The spontaneous appearance of spirits scared him badly and between his excitement and the drug, he suffered cardiac arrest.  The shedim the aura attracted decided to take up root in the now deceased human, but due to the strength of the aura, it can’t leave the host.

Stepping into the room, the spirits will take offense to their trespass and attack.  The shedim cannot be banished from the host… the only way to kill it is to destroy the host body (which might complicate getting a blood sample).  Hopefully, once they destroy the shedim, they will have enough of the body left to get an uncontaminated blood sample.

Rick (Shedim Possessed)

B4, A4, R6, S5, C4, I4, L4, W4, Edge 2, Magic 4

Init = 10+1D6, Astral Init = 8+3D6

Skills:  Unarmed Combat 4, Perception 4, Astral Combat 4, Assensing 4

Powers:  Deadly Aura, Karma Drain, Fear, Immunity (Age, Toxins, Pathogens), Paralyzing Touch, Sapience

Weaknesses:  Sunlight (Mild), Evanesence

Matrix:  The Seattle grid is accessible from here, though Rick has personal access only to the public grid, rather than anything nicer.  His commlink is almost at it’s factory defaults, with no names in the contact list and only a handful of games on the device.  The onboard biomonitor shows his overall health levels and tells the team that he died from cardiac arrest two days ago.

Scene 3 – The Warrior

Tracking down Braaker is easier than the runners might think.  The Scorchers are a gang from the Ork Underground, but tracking the ork down by his commlink shows that he’s above ground.  If the runners go into the Ork Underground and ask around, they learn that Braaker has been missing for a couple of days and is suspected in killing one of his own.

When they catch up with Braaker, he is in the middle of a rival gang’s turf and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.  His eyes glow with a vibrant green light and if assensed, shows the same energy coursing through his aura as Rick Tol, despite the cybernetics in his system.  He shows signs of having been attacked and there are even knives still lodged in his body.  He is on a mindless rampage, tearing apart his enemies with inhuman strength and feeling no pain.


B7, A4, R6, S7, C3, I4, L2, W6, Edge 3

Init = 10+2D6

Skills:  Unarmed Combat 6, Perception 3, Clubs 7, Intimidation 7

Qualities: Toughness

Implants:  Wired Reflexes 1, Aluminum Bone Lacing

Powers:  Immunity (Pain) – functions like a Pain Editor, Magic Resistance 3

Armor 9


B4, A4, R3, S4, C3, I3, L2, W3, Edge 2

Init = 6+1D6

Skills:  Unarmed Combat 3, Blades 4, Clubs 3, Etiquette (Street) 3(5), Perception 4, Pistols 4, Intimidation 4

Armor Vest (9)

Browning Ultra Power 8P

Knife 5P, -1AP, Acc 5

Matrix:  The area Braaker is in has some basic Matrix access, but it’s spotty, conferring a -2 Noise modifier due to the shoddy infrastructure.  The gangers have poor commlinks and little information of value on the devices.  Remotely disabling Braaker’s cybernetics don’t appear to slow him down.  His biomonitor shows levels of adrenaline and a heart rate that would kill most people.

Scene 4 – The Mole

Jenni Kallio turns out to be a false name.  Tracking the commcode leads to the address she provided, but the apartment it leads to looks vastly empty, with only a cot, some fast food containers and cables from a commlink connection.  The bathroom shows trace evidence of theatrical make-up that she used to change her appearance.  A Logic+Disguise (3) test against the still of her face in the dossier will give the runners a better look at her real face.

Her real name is Jennifer Gibbons, a professional actress at Shiawase.  Doing research on Ms. Gibbons shows that she resided in the apartment since the start of the clinical trial and she hasn’t returned for the past several days.  Searching for her likeness on the Matrix, shows that three days before, she was wandering the streets aimlessly, speaking gibberish.  A van pulls up alongside her and three men get out.  After a brief conversation, she unleashes a blast of green light into one of the men, while the other two tackle her and sedate her before dragging her into the van.  The third man’s limp body is pulled into the van and they drive off, heading into a Shiawase compound, where the camera is unable to see.

The Shiawase compound is primarily residential, but there is a mall, private police force and, of greater interest to the runners, a private clinic on the grounds.  Jennifer is being restrained in the clinic by magecuffs as the doctors in the clinic are running a full analysis of her blood.  The runners will need to either rescue Jennifer or get some of her blood, before destroying any data Shiawase has already collected.

Shiawase Corporate Clinic

Shiawase Security

B4, A5, R4, S4, C3, I3, L3, W4, Edge 3

Init = 7+1D6

Skills:  Unarmed Combat 4, Clubs 4, Running 4, Perception 4, Pistols 4, Leadership 4

Armor Jacket (12)

Ares Predator IV (9P)

Defiance EX-Shocker (11s(e))

Stun Baton (9S(e), Reach 1, AP-5

2 doses of Jazz

If the alarm is raised the general police force will retreat and elite security will be called in (pg 384, SR5)

Matrix:  The Matrix signal here is solid, but you must be a Shiawase citizen to access the local grid.  Breaking into the grid will put them on borrowed time, but the runners will have to deem the importance of the Matrix access.  While the enclave itself doesn’t have an ARO, the clinic where Ms. Gibbons is being held does, helpfully providing directions around the clinic (with your Shiawase ID, of course).

Shiawase Corporate Enclave

As part of Shiawase Central, the node seems that little bit too bright, as they show off what they are famous for: providing the world with power.  A warm beach with rolling waves chruns nearby while the waters edge is dotted with submersible turbines and windmills spin over the bluffs.  All of the wonderful electricity being created from Shiawase’s branding funnels into a picturesque white picket fence style neighbourhood.

Most of the houses are subsystems for each of the residents but there are other icons that can tap into other aspects in the node.  There are community buildings in the node that reflect non-residential buildings.  Commlinks of the residents show as generalized Japanese people in icon form.  Security personnel appear as people in Shiawase uniforms.  IC appear as patrolling drones.

Host Rating 7

Standard Configuration – Attack 8, Data Processing 9, Sleaze 7, Firewall 10

Security Protocol – Patrol IC running at all times, Junior security officer on regular patrols

Once an alarm has been triggered, IC activates in this order: Probe, Scramble, Track, Jammer, Marker, Crash.  If an IC is crashed, the host will reboot the IC before moving on to the next stage.  A security spider will log on after 3+1d6 combat rounds after the alarm is triggered.

The runners will likely want to re-negotiate the terms of their arrangement, but Mr. Johnson will remain tight lipped about the nature of the drug these people were injected with, even with everything the runners have discovered.  As long as the runners are professional in their conduct, they will get paid as promised.

>> Rounding up guinea pigs, huh?  Sounds like easy money to haul away a few body bags.
>> Burn

>> If the whole tempo thing taught me anything, never trust that any brain bender that comes out is fully tested.  Who knows what you might find…
>> Revenge

>> I’m not finding any public record of legal drug testing on the Matrix.  Somehow, I think this new wonder drug is being rushed to production, consequences be damned.
>> 404

>> That would explain the remote nature of the testing.  If it was above board, they’d want all the rich kids blabbing about the latest pharma-wizardry…
>> Sapphire

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