The Latest Experiment and State of the Haven

So, the site has been pretty quiet overall this year… but I haven’t been resting on my hoop doing nothing all this time…

I will have some material to post (both new and old) again very soon.  I’ve been busily developing a campaign over the past year and it has taken a very long time to get off the ground, but we’re now three runs in and I will probably be posting the first pieces of that soon.  Plus, I have some material from a recent convention to post as well.

Given that the feedback on the podcast I posted was overall positive, I will also post another episode (hopefully soon) in hopes of keeping some new material regularly posting here.  Of course, I’ve said similar things in the past and look how that’s turned out… but I will do my best.

The most recent experiment was this past weekend, where I ran a full game of Shadowrun for a group of players where the oldest player was 13 years old.  I was expecting a more frustrating game than I got.  My daughters played (13 and 9 years old), my daughters best friend (age 12), as well as a long time friend of my daughters (age 13) and his friend, both of which had played Pathfinder once before.

I refused to “tone down” my material… I think many people underestimate the maturity and intelligence of kids these days (Lord knows I’ve met a few that have shaken my faith in humanity), and perhaps I’ve been blessed with friends that have done a great job of raising their kids…  But I pulled no punches and they impressed me with their inventiveness and resourcefulness.  I joked around and kept the atmosphere fun, until it was time to drive home the gravity of the situation.  I let them kick ass and take names, but also allowed them to experience the darkness of the setting…

They didn’t question the nature of the setting.  It was native enough that they recognized it, but fantastic enough to distance themselves from it.  It was fun for both them and myself.

There’s always a part of me that has feared that, in this age of video games, smartphones and short attention spans, that the role-playing game in all of its tabletop glory, was on its deathbed.  That fear that my generation would be the last to enjoy the art of collective storytelling.  But this little experiment gives me hope that imagination and spontaneous creation will carry on.

Plus it makes me feel that I’m winning as a parent.  😉

~ by 1nsomniac on October 11, 2016.

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