Data Haven Podcast Episode 001 – Inspiration

So, I decided to go ahead and try my hand at this podcast thing.  I have talked about how I go about finding inspiration to write Shadowrun material.  I’m not entirely sure about the format, so any feedback you have is greatly appreciated and suggestions on potential future podcasts is also quite welcome.

If you are interested in my point of view on these sorts of things, please give a listen and any/all constructive criticism is welcomed.

About the Blogger – 1:00
Finding Inspiration – 4:45
Expanding on a Concept – 21:28

I hope it’s not too dull or rambling.  Thanks for listening.

~ by 1nsomniac on September 13, 2016.

One Response to “Data Haven Podcast Episode 001 – Inspiration”

  1. Listened to, and shared.
    Good start. Easy to listen to. I am looking forward to what you might talk about next. In regard to your call for suggestions, I am sure many, including me, have questions along the lines of best practices of catching up with Shadowrun after being out of it for a while, and payment is a perennial hot topic.

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