Divert, Distract, Deceive (Shadowrun)

The idea from this run came from the website Casting Shadows, where the owner Runeslinger has posted Adventure Seeds for all sorts of game systems.  If you haven’t already checked him out, you should check out his content.

The runners are contacted by their fixer for an extraction job. Mr. Johnson has opted to conduct the meet himself and will meet the team at The Purple Haze at 8PM.

Scene 1 – Getting the Rundown

The Purple Haze is a Pueblo restaurant known for it’s authentic cuisine and it’s luxury accommodations (dress code for attending the meet or be turned away at the door). Any AmerInds will get preferential treatment by the staff, but once they mention that they are meeting with Mr. Johnson, they are directed to a private dining room in the back of the restaurant.

Mr. Johnson is a man of Native American descent, but he speaks without hint of an accent and wears an expensive suit without logos or RFID markers of any kind. He smiles pleasantly at the runners, as if he were sitting down with old friends, rather than a group of criminals.

“Thank you all for coming. I have a matter that requires the aid of professionals and your fixer assures me that you are a team that gets results. I need your team to work in tandem with a second team, who has already been contracted to complete the second phase of this operation. A systems designer named Shunsuke Ogawa is flying in to Seattle from Neo-Tokyo three days from now. He will be flying in with an entourage of coworkers and security. I need your team to infiltrate Sea-Tac airport, separate Mr. Ogawa from the rest of his entourage and divert him into the hands of the second team, while planting false leads as to where the target has gone. Think this is something your team can do?”

Mr. Johnson is really Ben Evans, a member of the board of the Pueblo Corporate Council. The council seeks to redesign their Matrix infrastructure and needs some fresh blood in their design team. Rumours of Ogawa’s dissatisfaction at his current job have singled him out as a target for the PCC.

If the runners agree to the type of work, Mr. Johnson goes into greater detail.

“I will give you the contact information for the second team you will be delivering Ogawa to. I want this job to be traceless. No trace of this in security, as few eye witnesses as possible… I don’t want any reason for his associates to investigate the airport. Instead, I want you to doctor security to show Ogawa renting a car and driving away to tour the city. That should buy enough time before they realize he’s missing. Due to the limited window and the discretion required, I’m willing to pay each of you 13,000¥.

Mr. Johnson can be negotiated up as high as 15,000¥ with some of that up front for expenses, if the players can roll high enough.

Once the runners have agreed to the terms, Mr. Johnson provides them the commcode for the other runner team, as well as the scheduled arrival time for Ogawa’s flight.

Mr. Johnson
Government Official – Connection 5, Loyalty 1
Possible Sources – NAN Politicians, Koshari, Matrix
1/2 – Mr. Johnson is someone of decent influence in the PCC. Not necessarily in the public eye, but has some pull, in any case.
2/4 – Mr. Johnson is Ben Evans, a member of the technology oversight division in the PCC government.
3/6 – He has been tasked with the less-than-great job of staying on top of the technology curve, in order to keep business running smoothly within the council. The job pool in the PCC is slim pickings, with Horizon gobbling up the talent in L.A.
4/8 – The PCC ultimately wants to decrease their reliance on Horizon for the rebuild of L.A. and hold a greater stake in the city.

Shensuke Ogawa
Matrix Systems Designer – Connection 3, Loyalty 1
Possible Sources – Renraku (Japan), Deckers/Technomancers
2/3 – Ogawa is a system designer that works for Renraku on updating outdated systems.
4/5 – He’s a bit of a rising star in the ranks at Renraku, having solved several key issues within the first two years of employment in the company.
5/7 – Given his rising status, he has been sent to Seattle to update the infrastructure there, along with a team of other designers to help him with the restructure. Given the poor public opinion of Renraku in the city, he has been sent with a bodyguard detail.
7/9 – Both he and his wife have busy jobs within Renraku, but despite this, they go out of their way to spend as much time with their eight year old daughter as they can, as they don’t want the company to raise their child.
*/12 – Unwilling to arrange a corporate nanny while both his wife and daughter were out on business, Ogawa arranged to have his daughter come along on the trip with him.

Scene 2 – Laying the Foundation

This scene will be vastly subjective and will require quite a bit of improvisation. The runners have less than three days to figure out how to pull off the extraction and put themselves in place within Sea-Tac in order to divert the target from the rest of his entourage and guide him, without resistance, to the other team’s waiting hands.

The second runner team consists of a face, a rigger and a decker, all of whom are trained in combat if needed. The team will most likely be working with Hydra, the team face, but he will provide the runners with images and information on the entire team, so when they hand off Ogawa to Vector, the team rigger, they know they’re meeting the right guy. Hydra will be receptive to the team’s input and mentions the current plan to have Vector in place as a personal limo driver on the fourth level of the parking garage, while 404 controls the external cameras and keeps the car off of GridGuide. Hydra is to create a scene or diversion, if needed, in order to deflect attention from the hand-off.

The decker will likely need to devote some attention to infiltrating the Sea-Tac system to learn their way around, while laying the foundation for the hack that will go down later.

Matrix: Just off of the Emerald City Grid is the Host for Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Rendered on the Grid as a neon green airplane repeatedly landing and lifting off at a simple airfield, it belies the scope of one of the largest Pacific airfields on the planet.

Sea-Tac Airport

The Sea-Tac Airport system is designed to mimic the actual site. As you arrive, you stand in the curved laneway between the terminal and parking structure, a scent of freshly cut grass hangs in the air and the roar of departing jumbo jets seems muted, even though they can be seen flying overhead. Stepping into the parking structure gives the user access to reserve parking, book a vehicle rental or airport limousine or check traffic conditions near the airport. Accessing the terminal allows the user to book flights, take a virtual tour of the airport, check what entertainment is available or check for weather warnings for the Seattle area. Accessing the passing jets shows the flight schedules for each airline, which planes are departing, arriving or are suffering delays. Going beyond the surface of the host will require a Perception test to locate hidden icons and Marks to access.

Icons in the public sphere are a mix bag, as users of all types mill about the system. People on your connection list that are inside the terminal can be set to appear on the virtual tour, so you can locate lost loved ones, should they become separated. Beyond the public face, employees appear as smiling people in the dark green uniform of a Sea-Tac employee, IC appears as a faceless humanoid in Knight Errant colors. System Deckers manifest as an air marshal with glowing green eyes.

Host Rating 8
Standard Configuration – Attack 9, Data Processing 10, Sleaze 8, Firewall 11
Security Protocol – Patrol IC running at all times in non-public areas of the system, Junior Security officer on regular patrols in secured areas.
Once an alarm has been triggered, IC activates in the following order: Probe, Scramble, Track, Jammer, Marker, Crash. If an IC is crashed, the host will reboot the IC before moving to the next stage. A security spider will log on after 2+1d6 combat rounds after the alarm is triggered.

Give the runners a lot of freedom to plan out the job in detail and once they are ready, move on to the next scene.

Scene 3 – Fading Away

The flight in from Neo-Tokyo is scheduled to touch down in Seattle at 4:45. Naturally, the flight is slightly delayed due to inclement weather and doesn’t start to disembark its passengers until slightly after 5 at Gate B8.

The group of Shiawase technicians, including Shunsuke Ogawa, step off the plane, staying close together, while being flanked by two security guards who scan the crowd with the required amount of disdain. The unexpected complication is that Ogawa has brought his eight-year old daughter along for the flight. His wife was called away on business at the last moment and without enough notice to get child care, Ogawa opted to bring his daughter to Seattle. Separating Ogawa from the group will be easier than trying to separate him from his daughter.

The Shiawase group’s plan is to gather at the gate, move through the customs checkpoint, head down to the baggage claim before securing vehicles and heading out to the Shiawase compound. Any significant deflections from this course will raise the alarm with the security team and if they become significantly paranoid, they will approach Sea-Tac security.

The runners will need to enact their plan and raise as few alarms as possible so they have fewer tracks to cover. Once Ogawa (and possibly his daughter) have been delivered into the hands of the second team, the runners will need to disappear from the airport, while erasing signs of their presence and planting the false footage. For every gap in the blackout they leave, their pay will fall, if Mr. Johnson even shows up, in the case of a complete screw-up.

>> Given how often my crew goes in and out of the city through Sea-Tac, not sure I want to crap in my own porridge…
>> Burn

>> Assuming you could do the job properly, no one should know it was you dropping a deuce in your oatmeal…
>> Wraith

>> What’s with the toilet humour?  Stick to the topic of the job.
>> Insomniac
“The shadows never sleep, so why should I?”

>> Be mindful of both who hires you and who you’re taking from… either of them could come knock, success or fail.
>> Verus

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  1. Thanks for the mention. This should be another excellent run!

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