The gears are still turning

Just to inform people that the site isn’t dead and forgotten.  It has been an unfortunately busy first half of 2016… I have about half a dozen runs ready to go but there hasn’t really been time to break them out thus far.  I hope to get this corrected as soon as possible.

I’ve already done 4 conventions this year, using older material, revamped and retooled for 5th Edition which has been fun to reinvent some of my older, well remembered adventures from Editions gone by.  I’m working on a minimum 10 part campaign (of which I’m 90% through planning and 25% through implementation), as well as trying out new systems as a player, rather than a GM.  Plus I’ve been feeding my board game addiction pretty hard of late as well.

I am now GMing 4 Shadowrun groups… my gaming calendar is getting pretty full.  That being said, I am looking to try a few different things.  First of all, I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing what comes of the new Edition of 7th Sea when it kicks off later this year.  I’m also thinking seriously about starting up a gaming podcast/vlog, though I’m not sure what to blog about aside from filling the internet up with one more person’s opinion on gaming as a whole.  But, if you think there’s something worthwhile that you feel I can comment on by all means, let me know.  Always wanting to find a way to fill a void in GM tools and information.

In any case, I should have some new run material to share with everyone soon.  Cheers!


~ by 1nsomniac on May 24, 2016.

2 Responses to “The gears are still turning”

  1. There are vlogs which touch on classic games like Shadowrun, but few that display your capacity for running them, your creativity, and your eye for detail. I know I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on Shadowrun in that format. I doubt I would be the only one.

  2. Glad to see you are still keeping the midnight oil burning, J. I have retired from my role as a fixer to pursue a more honest job, (blasphemy, i know) but I do like the idea of sailing the 7th sea and your thoughts on it.

    An interesting idea you may wanna try as a vlog is adventure seed videos. Most runs have a johnson giving a rundown of what is to come, but having a video means that the initial talk is a resource usable by other Shadow Masters.

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