Making Friends in Low Places (Shadowrun)

The runners are contacted late in the evening by their fixer and asked if they can be ready right now. The fixer had a team on a job and the escape went sideways. The team is bunkered down in a safehouse in Auburn and needs assistance right away before the corpsec team that’s been pursuing them catches up with them and finishes the job. The team will cut them in on the pay for the current job, if they can offer immediate assistance and the fixer will add another 2,000¥ a piece to the total if the team gets a move on.

With luck, the team will save the negotiations for the other team rather than their fixer. The longer they delay, the less likely there will be any one to rescue and then they won’t get paid at all.

If the team suits up and heads out, they may arrive piecemeal and it will be to the runner’s discretion whether they rush in or wait for backup. The address the fixer provides is a ten story apartment building that is full of many innocent bystanders. One of the seventh floor apartments is a secured apartment by the runner team in question. The corpsec team is already converging on the building when the runners first start arriving, so they will need to act quickly if they want to save the other team.

The corporate strike team is wearing Knight Errant colors to help drive the civilians back into their apartments should they poke their heads out. They carry silenced weaponry and are wearing SWAT armor, expecting heavy resistance. However, the runners are already in rough shape. Only two made it back to the safehouse and both are wounded.

The runners will need to deal with two teams: one is inside and has locked down the elevator, while ascending the stairs, while the other is climbing the fire escape with airborne drone support.

If the runners make a lot of noise while dealing with corpsec, the real Knight Errant will show up fast if word arrives that a Knight Errant SWAT team is under attack (even if it isn’t a legitimate KE Team). As long as the team are able to get the other team to safety, either by pulling them from the building or defeating the attacking teams, they can talk with Havik, the dwarven demolitions expert on the team. The other member of the team is suffering from a bad chest wound and hasty applied bandaging to stop the bleeding. They are currently unconscious. Havik limps from a round to the leg that appears to have been stitched up crudely.

Thanks for the help guys. Lost half our crew trying to bust out of Shiawase and they’ve been dogging us since. Our mage split off with some of his mojo to hide away with the goods, but unfortunately Koryo and I got tagged and it’s been easier to catch up with us. If you can get us back to our rendezvous, we’ll cut you in on the payout for this job.”

Havik is on the level with the team and Koryo is in no position to oppose. Koryo’s condition is less than great and the team may offer to drop Koryo off at a street doc. Havik will not oppose that, since he’s already lost too many friends today as it is. The bullet that hit Havik is lodged in his leg still and contains an activate-on-demand tracker bug. The Shiawase troops will continue to pester the runners until they jam the signal or carve out the bullet.

The runners should have to deal with at least one more incursion with corpsec, either by a vehicle chase, magical battle or a new strike force.

Once the team arrives where the mage was supposed to be laying low, they find no sign of the magician. Their mage is a Black Mage called Void. In characteristic form for his tradition, Void waited the requisite amount of time for his teammates to show up (not long), decided they were probably dead and went to hock their spoils before the heat came down on him, keeping the total sum for himself.

The team will need to either track down Void or intercept him at the meet. Different complications can occur here if needed… Void turns full traitor and tries to eliminate his team when he learns they’re still alive, Shiawase successfully tracks the mage and captures him before he can deliver the goods…

In any case the team will have to collect the mage, willing or not, as well as the paydata.

Once they have what they need in order to get paid, Havik will arrange a meeting with Mr. Johnson to get the data out of their hands. Mr. Johnson shows up to the meeting with armed support, aiming to overwhelm the mage who was to deliver the data alone. Once it becomes apparent that the mage isn’t as alone as originally believed, Mr. Johnson will pay up as per the agreed amount of 30000¥. Havik will pay the team roughly half of the spoils, since the job would have botched entirely without their help (much to the disappointment of Void).

The team also gains Havik as a contact (C3 L1 Runner/Explosives Maker) for helping them out.

>> A rescue job?  Ugh… the pay always sucks and you always have to dig somebody out of a hole they dug themselves.  Not exactly grabbing my interest…
>> Burn

>> Sometimes the contacts you make are worth a slightly lower payout, you know.
>> Wraith

>> And sometimes, the troubles of others you adopt end up becoming your problems too…
>> Fade

~ by 1nsomniac on October 6, 2015.

2 Responses to “Making Friends in Low Places (Shadowrun)”

  1. >> Seriously, what worth is a runner that can’t, you know, run ? It’s not that hard to lay down and stay of sight. (*wink* *wink* 1nsomniac)
    >> Sweeper

    • >> You insinuating something, Sweeper? Though I do agree that any team should have contingencies for eluding tails, in this wireless age ditching a tail isn’t as easy as it used to be. These rescue ops are the result of sloppy work, but it’s some good karma to help these runners out so they can learn from the experience and pay you back when you make an error of your own.
      >> Insomniac
      “The shadows never sleep, so why should I?”

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