A Long Silence

For those who check this site semi-regularly, you’ll have noticed the long period with no activity.  There was quite a bit going on locally here, plus I made my first trip to GenCon down in Indianapolis with the Catalyst Game Labs team.  While I didn’t get to see any panels or tour a lot of the games out there, I ran a ton of Shadowrun in the game room and met some amazing people.  Dropped a pile around the exhibition hall, including half of my budget at the Catalyst booth, buying Shadowrun and a few other games while I was there.  Catalyst had a great year and the Shadowrun floor, both for the RPG and Crossfire, was hopping for the entire convention.

I also recently had LASIK eye surgery, freeing myself from the shackles of glasses until cybereyes become a thing.

With Phantasm coming up in less than a month, I’m head down on developing more material for what is likely to be my last convention of 2015.  But I will do my best to post some new material as steadily as I can over the rest of the year.

~ by 1nsomniac on August 28, 2015.

3 Responses to “A Long Silence”

  1. Thanks for the info update.
    I’ll keep checking once in a while.

  2. Thanks for the explanation.

    What is Phantasm? Another convention?

    • Yes, Phantasm is a small, local gaming convention that I run Shadowrun and 7th Sea every year for every year. The organizer is a friend of mine and I find I prefer the smaller, tight-knit community of the smaller conventions.

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