Trojan Horse – Freefall (Shadowrun)

This is the fifth part of the Trojan Horse campaign, plus a variant of this was used for the Spring Phantasm convention in 2015.  If you’re interested in what changes were made for the convention variant, please let me know.

The runners are contacted directly by Mr. Johnson (the same Johnson they’ve been hired by for the past couple installments). He tells them that he has some information from his source within Evo on their mutual interests and wants to meet with them to discuss business. He asks them to meet him at the Barn Burner in Auburn, as per last time at 8PM.

Scene 1 – Reach to the Sky

The Barn Burner is a Southwestern style restaurant that still insists on real meat in their dishes, despite the higher price point given the later hour, the restaurant isn’t as busy as it might usually be and Mr. Johnson has reserved a large portion of the restaurant, sectioning off the same table they met him at previously. When they arrive, Mr. Johnson is already at the table, reading the local news feed. If the runners join him early, he makes small talk as if they were old friends.

Once everyone has gathered, he allows the runners to order from the menu before they get down to business.

Thanks for coming. I hope the new accommodations we paid for are working out to your satisfaction. As you’ll recall, your team helped to insert Daniel Wills, an operative of ours into Evo in Europort, posing as Shimura Ito. His replacement has gone unnoticed and while it has taken some time, Agent Wills has finally given us some intelligence that will allow us to cripple Evo’s project severely. While Evo is keeping a very tight seal on the technomancer responsible for the psychotropic IC, we now know where the master copy of the program is being stored. It’s no wonder we were unable to pinpoint it’s location, as the data is being stored off-world, aboard Evo’s Shibanokuji Freefall Resort.

Therefore, we can offer you two possible approaches to this mission. The first option is to break into the launch control center in Svobodniy, Russia. If you can gain direct access to the orbital uplink within the compound, you can send a virus up to the mainframe and corrupt the data warehouse. Once the master copy is corrupted, it will refresh any child copies and render the entire program useless. The compound is heavily guarded with both government and corporate security, as Evo and Russia have joint ownership of the launch site. The second option means less pay and presents some unique challenges. Ares will sponsor your team and pay for a week’s vacation aboard the Freefall station. There will be no means of early extraction, weapons are expressly forbidden aboard the station and all people are heavily screened before being permitted to board the station. You would have from the moment you arrive to the moment you disembark to locate the mainframe, destroy the program and remain concealed. You are on Evo’s turf, so there’s no restrictions to how they choose to deal with you if you were caught.

Which option sounds more your speed?”

Neither option probably appeals to the runners, but it could give the runners to experience a job in space. Both jobs are high risk, so it depends on whether the runners wish to risk being captured aboard the space station, where they can’t escape, or deal with the heavily armed security in the spaceport.

The job pays the runners 20,000¥ each if they attack Svobodniy, or 10,000¥ if they go for Freefall (plus they get an orbital vacation). Whichever job they decide upon, Mr. Johnson gives them an optical chip that holds a Resonance based virus that will destroy the core program they are after (he highly recommends not slotting the chip themselves). He instructs them to install the virus, wait a moment and then jack in to ensure the core routines have been fully destroyed.

If the runners opt to go to Freefall, Go to Scene 2. If they decide to assault Svobodniy, go to Scene 3.

Mr. Johnson (Brad Smyth)
Thresholds: Matrix (1), Corporate (2), Shadow Community (2)

1 – Mr. Johnson is Brad Smyth, a ten year employee of Ares.
2 – Mr. Johnson has built up a very positive reputation in the shadows as a good man to work for. In one instance where a runner team was double crossed by Ares, Mr. J logged onto Jackpoint and explained why the team had screwed up and told the other runner teams in the area to avoid making the same mistakes.
3 – Never married or had kids. Has had several dates, but seems to go out of his way to avoid attachments. Leading rumours are that he wants to avoid having another person being used as leverage against him.
4 – Has survived three assassination attempts and Ares watches him closely, as he is a strong shadow asset for the UCAS branch.

Daniel Wills
Thresholds: Matrix (1), Corporate (2), Law Enforcement (2)

1 – Daniel is a veteran of Knight Errant, who has been in Intelligence for seven years.
2 – Efficient and studious, Daniel is known for his precision and sense of duty to Ares. Expert in reconnaissance and a solid fighter.
3 – Married to his career and seems to spend every third month in a new city, often studying a new target or on the occasional deep cover assignment.
4 – Was recently spotted in Western Europe, but suddenly disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. Rumours are circulating that he may either be on another undercover assignment or one of his marks caught up with him.

Scene 2 – Above the Clouds

If the runners opt to go aboard Freefall directly, Mr. Johnson will provide them with tickets to Svobodniy over commercial air and pay for a week’s vacation in the orbital resort. The city of Svobodniy doesn’t offer much to prospective visitors, despite its recent explosive growth, the the runners are only in town for a day before they are strapped into a personal shuttle and launched into orbit.

Freefall’s exterior is decked out with the Evo corporate logo and shows smooth lines and a clean white exterior. The station features a central column where three rings spin to create a sense of artificial gravity. The shuttle docks at the “top” end of the central column, where the rotation of the craft has no bearing. They are escorted from the airlock into an acclimation chamber were they receive a zero-G 101 from one of the local tour guides, before being strapped into an elevator carriage and brought to the ring where they will be staying.

Rings one and three serve as the main living areas. The floor of each ring faces the outermost hull, so the rotation of the ring generates centripetal force enough to mimic 1G of force. Ring two serves as the central draw for the resort, serving as a continuous promenade of shops, restaurants and sign-ups for unique attractions to an orbital environment, such as space walks, low-G acrobatics.

The spokes within each ring are for maintenance and security to use to navigate the ship and every second spoke has an elevator shaft to the central column. The central column has no artificial gravity and is the primary draw of Freefall. With long panoramic rotational windows, the view of the Earth’s horizon or the moon are available any time people wish (so long as the moon is visible from Freefall at the time). The column has a central access shaft, with various sections subdivided out of its length. The spoke hubs to the rings sport security stations, and directional information. Attractions are spaces like Tumble Rooms, Space Walk, the Slingshot and Super Hero Sparring.

The servers that house the data the runners need to destroy are in one of the maintenance spokes of Ring Two. They will need to find a way to access these servers that don’t put them at risk. While there are crawlways through here, due to the rotational force of the rings, the G’s within the spoke are high and pose a significant risk to anyone unsecured in the spokes.

The defences aboard the station are primarily automated, able to lockdown sections of the vessel and if the hull is breached, jettison sections into space. Security staff tends to keep a low profile, but when needed, they arm themselves with SMGs packed with Frangible rounds, so not to damage the ship. There is no on-board magical presence and the manasphere is artificially generated, so all Magic here is vastly weakened.

Scene 3 – Reaching Upward

If the runners opt to keep their feet planted on terrafirma, they can assault the Svobodniy launch center. The area is well defended, as it is the nerve center of the city. The city was on it’s way out, diminished to under 10,000 people before Yamatetsu, now Evo, moved into Vladivostok. In the years since, the city has been revitalized with the Evo purchase of the nearby launch center. The city was a mining and manufacturing town, with the main rail pipeline connecting Vladivostok with the west running through. Now, with the Freefall launch site here, hotels, restaurants and other signs of a tourist trap have been springing up with rapid frequency. The result is a city center with all the glitz of a corporate enclave, with an outer layer showing the city’s origins as a blue collar town. Little by little, the old town is being exterminated and replaced with a showplace with strong Evo loyalties.

The launch center is outside the city a considerable distance, due to the noise generated by orbital launches, but still quite visible, so that those staying in the city can watch each launch and return. Russian police always give Evo matters priority in the city. Out at the launch site, security is not taken lightly. Civilian presence outside the terminal is strictly prohibited and are shot on sight. The moment intrusions are detected, the entire compound is locked down, civilians are removed and elite security is dispatched, comprised of Evo trained security, Russian military personnel, drones and remote magical assistance. If the resistance is significant, a HTR team is dispatched with full military heavy armor (see Run&Gun) and a heavy arsenal designed for eradicating even the largest of threats.

The runners will have to figure out where the servers are kept on the facility and if security has been tripped, they will need to also reactivate the uplink to the station, (which is isolated the moment there is any sign of trouble). If they can corrupt the main copy at the station, when the station goes to validate its copy, the virus will be transmitted up to the station and spread from there.

The launch site at Svobodniy features the launch tower at the eastern edge, with the flame duct jettisoning the thrust from the rocket. The taxiway leads directly away from the launch tower to the hangar, where there is room for two orbital craft. Across the parking lot from the hangar are the administrative, mechanical and launch control buildings. All the central yellow buildings are connected by underground pathways and most of the more powerful computers are stored here. The computer the runners need to find is far below the launch tower.

The grounds are heavily patrolled by drones, sensors and personnel. Spirits are available on command. The runners will need to be extremely thorough in their Con in order to get in without being detected.

>> Going half way around the world to destroy some piece of software?  I don’t think they can afford me…
>> Havik

>> Yes, it’s a long way away, but in a time where we’re dealing with shit like CFD, one less digital threat might be worth making the trip.  Just pack warmly.
>> Wraith

>> Just remember that you’re in Evo’s backyard out there.  One misstep and they’ll make sure you disappear for good.  Especially should you damage their expensive toys they house there.
>> Ronin

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