Trojan Horse – A Wolf in the Henhouse (Shadowrun)

Scene 1 – Retribution

The mission opens not with a call from the fixer, but a Perception Check. It’s the middle of the night when Evo’s forces converge on their apartment/home. The margin of success on the Perception Check determines when the runner detects the intrusion.

3+ – The moment the Evo soldiers breach the front door.
2 – As the team moves through the middle of the apartment
1 – In the hallway outside the bedroom
0 – When their commlink rings.*

Glitch – When the bedroom door is thrown open and a flashbang is thrown into the room

The earlier the runners detect the intrusion, the better they can use their home ground advantage to either escape or ambush their attackers. As the Evo team nears the bedroom and incoming text message arrives from their latest Mr. Johnson (from “Marionettes”) that states “We’ve been hacked. Get out now and call me when you’re clear.”

Each team will be tailored to take on the threat they’ve been assigned (dealing with a mage will have a mage of their own, hackers will deal with a tech-light team, etc).

With the runners having either survived or fled, they call up Mr. Johnson. “Glad to hear you made it through Evo’s hit squads. We only recently detected the hack on our system here and the powers that be are extremely… upset that this technomancer thinks he can waltz around in our network. We have a contingency plan to take these bastards down and we’d like you to handle it. Come meet me to iron out the details and we’ll get even.”

Mr. Johnson is extremely angry at the current events and has a plan they were already planning on implementing to ascertain Evo’s plan. They are now going to have to compensate the runners for the inconvenience of their address being compromised.

If the runners are willing to hear out Mr. Johnson and seek revenge, he will meet them at the Barn Burner in Auburn at 8PM to discuss the details.

Scene 2 – Setting the Stage

The Barn Burner is a Southwestern style restaurant that still insists on real meat in their dishes, despite the higher price point given the later hour, the restaurant isn’t as busy as it might usually be and Mr. Johnson has reserved a large portion of the back right of the restaurant. At the table is Mr. Johnson and an Asian man who are engaged in quiet conversation.

Once the runners arrive, Mr. Johnson asks them if they’re at all hungry and will pay for whatever they order. Once the team has gathered, he will start into the current matter at hand.

Welcome. Glad you all made it. Ares extends their deepest regrets about what happened and we intend to compensate you for the difficulties. We have a plan of action to unearth this technomancer so we can deal with him directly. This gentleman here is Daniel Wills, a member of Knight Errant Intelligence division… or at least, that’s who he was. He’s been in our Europort office for the past year and for the last six months, he’s been studying Evo’s ever-growing presence in the Dutch port. As one of the main overseers of the Portoplex facility for Evo, Shimura Ito has broad powers in Europort and has access to Evo’s even broader network. Daniel has undergone extensive surgery and body modifications to look and sound like Ito and has studied the man closely. We need you to accompany Daniel to Europort and seamlessly insert him into Ito’s life. This means that the real Ito will need to disappear permanently. If you can extract any information from the man, it may be beneficial, but odds are, Evo have implanted countermeasures of some kind and it may simplify your job to silence him quickly.”

Daniel’s fingerprints have been altered to match Ito, but there is little we can do about his DNA. You will need to find any blood samples belonging to Ito and replace them with Daniel’s. We know the job is high risk and certain aspects of it are distasteful, but we are willing to pay you 15,000¥ apiece for the task at hand, plus cover all your travel expenses. On top of that, due to your living arrangements having been compromised, we are willing to pre-pay for a new residence for three months, in a location of your choosing. You just need to send us the bill. Are the terms acceptable?”

Mr. Johnson is not willing to budge further on the residence and it is to a maximum of a Middle Lifestyle. Negotiations can increase the payment by 500¥ per net hit.

If the runners sign on, Mr. Johnson thanks them and tells them to meet Daniel outside the Ares headquarters in the Downtown core and they’ll be taken by helicopter to a private charter out of Seattle over to Europort. Bring only gear they can easily carry for the trip.

Mr. Johnson (Brad Smyth)
Thresholds: Matrix (1), Corporate (2), Shadow Community (2)

1 – Mr. Johnson is Brad Smyth, a ten year employee of Ares.
2 – Mr. Johnson has built up a very positive reputation in the shadows as a good man to work for. In one instance where a runner team was double crossed by Ares, Mr. J logged onto Jackpoint and explained why the team had screwed up and told the other runner teams in the area to avoid making the same mistakes.
3 – Never married or had kids. Has had several dates, but seems to go out of his way to avoid attachments. Leading rumours are that he wants to avoid having another person being used as leverage against him.
4 – Has survived three assassination attempts and Ares watches him closely, as he is a strong shadow asset for the UCAS branch.

Daniel Wills
Thresholds: Matrix (1), Corporate (2), Law Enforcement (2)

1 – Daniel is a veteran of Knight Errant, who has been in Intelligence for seven years.
2 – Efficient and studious, Daniel is known for his precision and sense of duty to Ares. Expert in reconnaissance and a solid fighter.
3 – Married to his career and seems to spend every third month in a new city, often studying a new target or on the occasional deep cover assignment.
4 – Was recently spotted in Western Europe, but suddenly disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. Rumours are circulating that he may either be on another undercover assignment or one of his marks caught up with him.

Shimura Ito
Thresholds: Matrix (1), Corporate (2)

1 – Shimura Ito is a long-time employee of Evo Europe. Spent most of his career in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.
2 – Ito has earned a reputation as a shrewd businessman and a keen insight on resource management. Was recently promoted to handle expanding operations in Western Europe.
3 – Currently working to break Ares and Saeder-Krupp’s stranglehold on Europort. His devotion to his job has cost him his marriage, but he has made considerable in roads into Portoplex to deliver Evo goods into Western Europe
4 – Due to his success rate, he has been assigned a security detail to protect him from attempts on his life. They are external resources, hired from Hamburg while Ito resolves so final negotiations with Zeta-ImpChem.

Scene 3 – Infiltration

Europort is a Corporate enclave in what remains of Rotterdam after the Black Tide brought death and disease to the area. The waterfront, referred to as Portoplex is nearly 100% automated, due the toxic level of pollution that still exists in the North Sea. The metahumans that service the area live in a bleak dormitory district just outside Portoplex and the east and southern sides of the city are ringed by corporate districts, run by the assorted corporations that make up the city’s council. Regulus forms the mediator portion of the council, but Saeder-Krupp and Ares are the two largest financial contributors. The Corporate district is centered around “De Kop van Zuid” and Evo has managed to push out some of ESUS and Maersk, to the dismay of the EU.

Shimura Ito lives in the corporate housing district of Evo in Europort. He almost never leaves corporate grounds, so the runners are either going to have to wait for one of those rare times where security will be ramped up to escort him off of controlled ground, or whether they will try to slip into the Evo-run portion of the city and conduct business under the company’s radar.

Ito has a security team that never leaves his side, to supplement the already present Evo security forces. These independent mercenaries have been hired to ensure Ito remains safe. The team consists of: a skilled human hacker, Troll Adept, and ork Mercenary, skilled in mixed weapon styles and a Dwarf shaman. While the runners can eliminate the security, if they can replace Ito and keep the security detail alive, it can add some legitimacy to the replaced employee (though Daniel or one of the runners may need to eliminate the mage).

If Ito does leave the safety of Evo’s compound, it’s for work. There will be corporate security escorting him the entire way and may draw more of a spectacle than the team wants.

Ito’s Itenerary for the first two days the runners are in Europort:

7:30-8:00 – Morning Commute through Evo compound
Works until Lunch
12:30 – Head to Oude Centraal for lunch with client (off Evo grounds)
1:30-6:00 – In the office
6-6:30 – Return Commute
6:30-7:30 – Dinner
8:00-9PM – Teleconference with Manhattan office
10:30PM – Sleep
7:30-8:00 Morning Commute through compound (same route)
9-1 – Director’s Meeting
1:30 – Late Lunch at local coffee shop
2:30-3:30 – Department Meeting
3:30-6PM – Work
6-6:30 – Return Commute
6:30-7:30 – Dinner
8:00-10PM – Football Match
10:30PM – Sleep

Ito’s office is a glorified cube farm, but he has a nice office where he organizes personnel on the Western European business front. Ito is fairly well liked and he fraternizes with the employees of his office, but there are a few employees that could be plied with cash.

If the runners choose to hit him at his home, there can also be the risk that his soon-to-be-ex-wife could come by unexpectedly to collect her things or fight for more money. She could blow a perfect operation by showing up at the wrong time…

Scene 4 – The Final Piece

To complete the illusion of the replacement, the team will need to swap any on-file blood samples Ito had for Evo. Being their biggest medical subsidiary, the blood samples are being handled by Crashcart, the local equivalent to DocWagon.

Crashcart’s offices are in the center of De Kop van Zuid, with access to all corporate sections and as a result is inundated with overlapping security forces from different corporations. However, the runners may be able to bargain with one of the other corps on the EARC to gain easier access to Crashcart.

The facility is a small corporate hospital. While it doesn’t have room for a lot of patients, it has state of the art equipment and high caliber doctors. Collateral damage here will be costly to all the corps, though it with hit Evo the hardest. Doing significant damage to the hospital may paint a target on the runners.

The hospital is a single floor with large patient wards, great amenities and plenty of security. The runners will need to find a way into cold storage in the emergency section of the hospital, find the right blood samples and complete the exchange.

With Ito dead, the blood samples swapped and Daniel in place (assuming the runners did nothing to have the Knight officer outed), Ares will charter a flight home and they will be paid, as well as be able to find a new place to live after Evo raided their last place.

>> Wait, so we have to whack a senior exec and then insert some poor schmuck into his place?  That’s risking angering multiple corps in one shot, if things go horribly wrong…
>> Malys

>> Not to mention doing all of this in one of the biggest corporate controlled cities in Europe.  It all be for nothing if this corporate stooge isn’t good at his job.
>> Havik

>> I get by just fine, Havik.
>> Black Knight

>> Well lookie who found their way onto ShadowSEA.  Any words of wisdom before the sysop crashes your ass?
>> Havik

>>Only this:  whoever takes this job… do your homework.  I’ve done mine.  Europort is a unique beast… act like a tourist and you’re already made.
>> Black Knight

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