Trojan Horse – Marionettes (Shadowrun)

The runners are contacted by their fixer about a new job, whose Johnson has been quite up front about the job being related to their work in Hong Kong. The job may require some travel and promises decent compensation. The meet is on the fourth level of Dante’s Inferno at 9PM.

Scene 1 – The Meet

Dante’s Inferno is its usual busy self and showing up just on time will not be enough, as even with dropping Mr. Johnson’s name at the door, navigating the massive crowd will take time. The fourth circle of hell is about greed, so the room is made to be like distorted opulence. Several meets are already in progress here, but their Mr. Johnson is already at the table and waiting for them when they arrive. He is an athletic man of mostly-Caucasian descent (some distant relative may have had some Latino to compensate for the naturally darker skin tone the man has) in a suit that appears to have been custom made for him. Despite his obvious wealth, he comes off friendly and level-headed when spoken to.

Once the team has gathered, Mr. Johnson begins. “Welcome and thank you for coming. Since I know you will look into it anyway, I will tell you that I represent Ares and I’m here to speak to you about the work you did in Hong Kong. We have spoken some with Mr. Jarai, the man you liberated from the Triads and we are quite concerned about Evo’s technomancer project. After speaking to Mr. Jarai about his experiences, his tales led us to an installment in Khabarovsk. There were definite signs of technomancer activity there: faraday cages, high performance servers and signs of resonance use. However, Evo had evacuated the area before our teams arrived.

“We’ve been tracing their shipping activities out of eastern Russia and we think they’ve moved the bulk of the project into the Tsimshian Protectorate, but we’ve been unable to pinpoint their exact location. Our recon teams have been undermined each time they enter the area.

“Therefore, we want you to travel to Tsimshian lands, find the Evo project and steal the core kernel of their data. The project Mr. Jarai was working on was an offshoot of their research, but we want to see the original. From what we understand of technomancer threading, it is unclear whether this is the work of one or more technomancers, or whether they have access to a Well, but we suspect they do. Bring us the code, the hard drive…whatever you have to and we’ll pay you 12,000¥ apiece, plus traveling expenses. If there is equipment our company manufactures you would like instead of cash, we are certainly willing to pay you that way as well.”

Mr. Johnson is Brad Smyth, a well-established Ares black ops recruiter. His reputation is solid and typically only works with a small number of “elite” teams that he chooses personally. He is being vague about the recon teams, as the players are a replacement for one of the teams he already sent into Tsimshian, who fell prey to Evo and their countermeasures.

Mr. Johnson can negotiate some on price, due to the vagueness of the directions. If the runners sign on, he thanks them and provides them with his contact information and any cash advance they negotiated. He suggests looking in the major centers in the former Tsimshian nation, as the Evo operations will require a good power infrastructure in order to keep the technomancers connected.

Mr. Johnson (Brad Smyth)
Thresholds: Matrix (1), Corporate (2), Shadow Community (2)

1 – Mr. Johnson is Brad Smyth, a ten year employee of Ares.
2 – Mr. Johnson has built up a very positive reputation in the shadows as a good man to work for. In one instance where a runner team was double crossed by Ares, Mr. J logged onto Jackpoint and explained why the team had screwed up and told the other runner teams in the area to avoid making the same mistakes.
3 – Never married or had kids. Has had several dates, but seems to go out of his way to avoid attachments. Leading rumours are that he wants to avoid having another person being used as leverage against him.
4 – Has survived three assassination attempts and Ares watches him closely, as he is a strong shadow asset for the UCAS branch.

Scene 2 – Barren Tribes

Tsimshian was the textbook example of how a Native American Nation could go all wrong. One tribe called the shots, while others were repressed in the totalitarian regime that followed. They allowed the megacorps in unchecked and their country was stripped of all their natural resources. In a desperate bid to save their economy, they attacked the Salish Nation to try and get more land. Ultimately, the country collapsed under its own corruption, the megas pulled out when there was nothing left to harvest and the Salish Nation was awarded the land in an attempt to try and repair the damage.

Now, the Tsimshian tribe answers to the Salish law and the tribes formerly repressed now have their own areas they can rule unto themselves, however the damage is done. The massive forested wilderness that used to dominate northern British Columbia is a barren waste, where the Salish government has begun reforestation, but generations of old-growth trees are gone thanks to Mitsuhama’s greed.

As the runners begin investigating the Tsimshian landscape, they find the area is hostile out non-Natives (and even some Natives, depending on their tribe). The Tsimshian mistrust the Salish tribes and the Haida. The Haida loathe the Tsimshian. Anti-Japanese sentiment is high after MCT dismantled their country. With Evo coming into hostile megacorp territory, they would have their work cut out for them, but Evo’s culture of universal acceptance would help them, as well as their anti-Japanese slant. Upon investigating the culture, there are only two cities capable of housing a corporate need such as this: Prince George and Kitimat. Since Prince George was awarded to the Haida and they are staunchly opposed to anything corporate, Kitimat, the former capital seems the only alternative.

Kitimat was a town created for the aluminum mines in the area and before the separation of the Native Lands, the population capped out at 20,000 people. When the Tsimshian named the city the national capital, the population began to swell and when Mitsuhama arrived, the city exploded. Unable to handle the explosive growth, the infrastructure grew faster than it was supposed to, resulting in claustrophobic streets, inconsistent access to utilities and cut corners. Now the city is vastly vacant, with less than half of the boomtown population remaining in the city. Mitsuhama’s corporate facilities are left derelict, but since it had been built by the corporation, the structures are some of the most stable. As a result, the Salish government reallocated the buildings as residential and converted it to cheap housing for those who remained. The mine is barren and the trees are gone, but Salish is employing people in reclamation and rebuilding efforts, in hopes of stabilizing the region.

Evo has moved into a series of former independent commercial shops in an effort to maintain a low profile. In compensation to the locals for being allowed to operate in town, Evo offered to update the wireless infrastructure of the city, as it had barely been upgraded after the Crash. With Salish already struggling to afford the corrections to Tsimshian, they agreed.

Throughout the local Matrix, Evo has inserted their psychotropic code in a field test of their latest project. As a result, if the runners start asking around town about Evo and their local operations, they will find a mixed bag of responses. Some will deny they are even in town, while others will misdirect the team. After the runners have moved on, they notify the corporation about the intruders asking questions. A group of police officers, under Evo’s grip will attempt to arrest the runners on a trumped up charge.

The runners will find themselves in a difficult place. These are innocent victims of Evo’s coding, but they will prove to be a major hindrance, as they might even intervene on the corp’s behalf. How the runners handle the brainwashed residents may result in the gaining of Notoriety. The eastern edge of the city is where Evo has set up their operations, scattered across several buildings. The decentralized nature of the facility and the lack of reliable intel may make infiltration tricky.

Scene 3 – Inside Evo

A retired commercial block on the edge of town is the location Evo selected to set up their operation. Straddling a tributary off the Kitimat River, the three buildings that make up the compound are connected by a series of above ground and below ground walkways. The Manufacturing facility is on the west bank, while sales and programming are on the east bank. The programming building doesn’t appear to be connected, but the underground pathway from manufacturing connects the building and allows security to move between buildings.

Evo Compound Manufacturing Security Layout Programming - Cameras Programming Security Layout Sales Cameras Sales Security Layout

Each building has been warded, sometimes several times, but there is no on-site mage and spirits are on standby, rather than actively patrolling. Matrix security is oppressive in the facility, with standard security on top of three technomancers and a native AI guarding the resonance well. Security on the ground consists of standard security (Professional Rating 2 from core book). What they lack in skill, they make up for in numbers. The lack of consistent employment in Kitimat means Evo was able to hire a lot of the locals to serve as security. Sensitive areas will be patrolled by Evo citizens. If the runners are detected, there is a group of Elite Security (Professional Rating 5) on site, who will guard the server room of the programming division from intrusion.

The runners have to tread a fine line with the compound. With the bulk of security being desperate locals, killing every guard could earn them a bed reputation for unnecessarily killing. Killing the technomancers could net them bad reputation in Matrix circles (and gain them rep with others).

For an added complication, the runners could run afoul of an Evo-friendly runner in the surgical ward, receiving his payment for work done prior, who could aid Evo security if he feels his payment is at risk.

>> Oh Lord, Tsimshian?  Why on Earth would I want to go to that hellhole?
>> Haida Seeker

>> Not a total wasteland… the Salish Council is doing what they can to undo the horrible things the the Tsimshian people did to that land.  Some aim to be already established when the region rebounds.
>> Tall-as-an-Oak

>> You mean what Mitsuhama did that that land, right, trog?
>> Haida Seeker

>> They only gutted the land because your people let them.  If you’re people hadn’t—

<<Users Haida Seeker and Tall-as-an-Oak were ejected>>

>> All right, enough of that bullshit.  If you boys can’t play nice, and leave your tribal quarrels in meatspace, I will show you what dumpshock feels like…
>> 1nsomniac
“The shadows never sleep, so why should I?”

>> Wasteland of not, there’s something definitely weird in the water up North.  Tread carefully up there.  Outsiders aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms these days.
>> Inquisitor

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  3. Thank you for this run, I like it 🙂

    What program did you use to create the maps? I’m looking for an alternative to the CC3 because it costs so much if you want the future themed Symbols.

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