Haywire Health (Shadowrun)

This adventure was the last convention run I ran in 2013.  There were a lot of hand-written notes on this one, which is why it took so long to produce.

The runners are contacted by their fixer in regards to a job that is time sensitive. The runners should show up ready to run and their fixer will meet them at Club Infinity at 8PM.

Scene 1 – A Quick Meeting

Club Infinity is a busy nightspot most evenings, but by the time the runners start arriving, the club is only just opening for business. The line-up outside is long and impatient, but a quick name drop of their fixer at the door will get them into the club. While there aren’t many people inside just yet, the steady influx of club goers would see the building packed in no time.

Checking commlinks for known contacts will show their fixer is already on the upper level, in one of the conference rooms. Once all the runners have arrived, he gets straight into his spiel.

Thanks for coming. I have a line on a job, but I will be upfront with you… the pay is a little below grade. Hear me out… my clients are a family who are trying to find their young son, who went missing from University Hospital a couple days ago. The police investigation is treating it like a runaway patient, but the family isn’t convinced. They are willing to pay 7,500¥ apiece for a ‘private investigation’, as they feel that Knight Errant are pursuing the wrong angle for the sake of convenience. They want you to find their son and bring him home.”

If asked what the kid was in the hospital for, the fixer tells them that he was being treated for a schizophrenic episode, which was unusually violent for a 14 year old. He had been in the hospital for about a month prior to his disappearance.

The parents are correct in that their son didn’t just wander off, but they have been lied to by the practicing doctors at University Hospital. Their son suffered from a sudden onset of AIPS (Artificially Induced Psychotropic Schizophrenia) and has become a Wild Technomancer. His abilities and what triggered them is of great interest and he’s been studied at length for the past month.

Once the runners are on board, the fixer tells them the boy’s name is Percy Foster and had been under the care of Dr. Carlos Diarno when the boy disappeared.

Matrix: The grid at the club is open and clear. The only factor that impacts Noise for any searches, is the distance of any remote hosts or devices they might search for. If they pursue a Matrix Search for information on the boy, his family or the doctor, information and thresholds follow:

Percy Foster
Threshold – Matrix (1)

1 – Son of Julie and Robert Foster. Younger of two siblings. No police record and decent grades in school.
2 – Two reports from school guidance counsellor about being bullied and the manifestations of stress in the boy’s attitudes in school.
4 – Known on the Matrix as “Mysfit42” in Virtual Shooter circles. Reputed to be a solid player and has been courted by online clans to “go pro”.
5 – Recent incident on one VS server resulted in a biofeedback blast being exchanged between a group of disgruntled players.

The Foster Family
Threshold – Matrix (1), Corporate (3)

1 – No major incidents with law enforcement or government officials. Robert works for Dolman Data Systems as a project manager. Julie is in PR at Soonan Simsense. James is the elder son and is currently applying for college. Percy is the younger son and was recently hospitalized for a psychological incident.
2 – Family not very involved in their community, though the parents work many long hours. James has taken over a lot of the home responsibilities, outside of nannies and other surrogates.
4 – Both parents work for Mitsuhama subsidiaries and the megacorp has paid for much of Percy’s medical costs.

Dr. Carlos Diarno
Threshold – Matrix (1), Medical (2)

1 – Doctor with good standing in the medical community. Specializes in psychological disorders and neuroscience.
2 – Two charges of malpractice, but both were thrown out, as cases of patients lashing out when treatment didn’t take (often due to patients not following doctor’s orders).
4 – Medical degree was at least partially sponsored by Mitsuhama when Carlos was still just a resident.
5 – University Hospital’s reining expert on AIPS and the virtuakinetic phenomenon. Has written numerous papers on Technomancers since they were first discovered.

Scene 2 – University Hospital

The first place the runners are likely to check out will be University Hospital, where Percy is reported to have walked away from. Walking through the facility though should prove to the runners that nobody could out of a hospital without someone seeing something.

Asking around with the staff in the lobby area, no one recalls seeing anything out of the ordinary. If the runners make it to the psychiatric ward without raising any alarms, the staff in the ward seems to be confused about Percy’s disappearance. Many of the staff claims they had no idea that the boy was to be discharged. Many were shocked to see the Foster boy not in his bed the next morning and when an internal investigation was done, the required paperwork for the discharge was found, signed by duty nurse Ingrid Malchus.

Ingrid is off duty the day the runners are there, but Percy’s doctor, Carlos Diarno, is on duty. If confronted, he will be providing brief answers, as he still has his rounds to do. Despite being under pressure to keep moving, he will tell the runners that he knew of the transfer (but cannot say why, due to doctor-patient privilege), but did not approve of it. The boy was moved to a facility “Better suited to treat his particular ailment”. Dr. Diarno won’t mention what facility Percy was moved to, as he doesn’t exactly know, though he has suspicions.

If the runners track down Ingrid Malchus, she tells them that she signed the transfer order, out of obligation more than any desire to. She tells them that Mitsuhama is a major sponsor of the hospital and she knows better than to reject a transfer order when a sponsor comes knocking.

If the runners tap into the Matrix host for the hospital, they quickly learn that the camera logs have been tampered with, so that all evidence of the boy’s removal was missing (though archived copies still exist). The paperwork documenting the transfer is present, but it will take a Matrix Perception and an Edit test to notice a buried, hidden icon attached. The document, in order to be legal, must include the destination clinic, but someone had taken the time to encrypt the data, to make the location much harder to extract. The transfer location is Mitsuhama’s New Providence Research Clinic.

Matrix: Aside from the distance to the item being hacked, the Hospital is a busy place with doctor’s commlinks getting paged and the constant influx of emergency phone calls. The Hospital counts as a spam zone of 1.

University Hospital
Threshold – Matrix (1), Medical (2)

1 – University Hospital is one of the leaders in medical research in the Seattle Metroplex. Tied to the University of Washington, most students of advanced medicine get their feet wet here.
2 – The extensive research done by the hospital has attracted a lot of corporate attention. Many of the research projects have AAA sponsors and those sponsors monitor their investments closely.
4 – Dr. Diarno’s research involving the brain and Matrix interactions have garnered a lot of attention from Mitsuhama.

New Providence Research Clinic
Threshold – Matrix (1), Medical (3), Corporate (3)

1 – A new state-of-the-art facility Mitsuhama built in Downtown Seattle for Medical and Biotech research. Part private hospital and part research facility, it is labelled as the foremost authority in cybernetic surgery for the wealthy.
2 – The facility is rumoured to be a close partner with University Hospital, using some of the public hospital’s research in its procedures. Occasionally, doctors from University oversee surgeries that employ their techniques when New Providence attempts them.
4 – Often, if Mitsuhama patients at University contract a rare disorder, they will be transferred to New Providence for closer study, in order to develop advanced cures for the disease.
5 – The site of New Providence was re-tasked in recent years, as the site was originally branded as a facility for Mitsuhama’s technomancer project Rose Garden, which garnered a lot of negative press.

Scene 3 – New Providence

The New Providence Clinic is a pristine building of white stone, shined metal and glass. The building looks more like an office structure than a hospital. The interior lobby spills into a wide open space that indicates the research lab is on one side and the hospital is to the other. The receptionist wears a perfected smile and directs people where they need to go, but will not hesitate to notify security if she feels that anyone coming through the front door is at all sketchy.

Whether the runners sneak in or walk in the front door, they will notice that the security in the building has been heightened. As they probe deeper into the building, the runners will eventually do something that will alert the security forces that perhaps they don’t belong (a security measure gets tripped, the receptionist ratted them out, or they got seen carrying a weapon, for example). However, whether through Matrix investigation, physical reconnaissance or getting hospital staff to talk, they learn that the hospital was hit the day before and Percy Foster was the victim of an extraction from New Providence. Camera footage of the extraction is available, so the runners can get a look at the team responsible. As the runners are finishing their investigation, however they alert security, the powers that be move in to detain them. Let the runners decide how they plan to avoid capture.

Once they are away from the New Providence Clinic, they can begin tracing the movements of the team that beat them to Percy. Using whatever resources they have available, they will learn that the boy was taken into the Puyallup Barrens. Matrix tracking ceases to be effective once the other team leaves the civilized portion of the city and will have to rely on contacts, magic and whatever tools they have at their disposal.

They eventually learn that the other team has holed themselves up in an abandoned veterinary clinic in the Barrens with a local gang for additional protection.

New Providence Research Clinic

New Providence - Detail New Providence - Floorplan

Matrix: The New Providence Clinic is off of the Mitsuhama Global Grid and due to the high priority of medical work they do, there is enough Noise reduction at work that distance is the only real factor for hacking. If the runners attempt to use the Mitsuhama Grid, odds are they do not have permissions and will immediately begin accruing Overwatch Score.

Scene 4 – Under the Ashes

The veterinary clinic the runners have holed up in are set up in Carbanado. The lava flats that destroyed the mines and farms that once dwelled here dominate the landscape, with old burned out buildings jutting out of solid rock. The air here is barely breathable, as an ashen plume coats the area as it pours down off Mount Ranier.

The indigenous people of the area hide away indoors, away from the ash cloud that covers the area. However, the local powers that be, the Chulos, patrol the area around the clinic, apparently paid off to add additional security to the remote location. There is no Matrix presence here, save for the handful of crappy commlinks in the hands of the gangers. Even the runners have powered down their gadgets, due to the condition of their quarry.

The interior of the clinic is guarded by the four runners, a few gangers and a series of traps, rigged up by the team. If the runners try to use any wirelessly enabled devices, Percy’s mind reacts violently to the influx of Matrix traffic and causes nearby electronics to go haywire. Noise in the area is a +4 modifier normally, but shoots up to +8 when the Technomancer reacts to active devices.

The original map I had of the veterinary clinic has been lost, unfortunately.  I used a single story structure with narrow hallways and tight fighting quarters, littered with bombs and a crazed monowhip-wielding adept…

When the runners cut through the other team and the gang to find their target, they find him being defended by his older brother, James. James points a Browning Ultra Power at whoever comes through the door with unsteady hands and if not talked down quickly, will open fire (rather blindly). Fearful of what Mitsuhama might have done to his brother in the name of treatment, he decided to take his tuition money, hire a runner team and get his brother out of the clinic before he became another Mitsuhama experiment. They came to the Barrens due to the low amount of Matrix traffic and because one of the runners has friends among the Chulos.

The team will have a hard time talking James down and even if they convince him to surrender (or simply render him unconscious), they will have a problem telling the family that it was an inside job. Getting their payment may prove troublesome, as they refuse to believe their own son could do such a thing. The team he hired was less than professional and left a body count within his family’s company.

Matrix: There is no Matrix infrastructure in Carbanado. Leapfrogging off of commlinks and outdated and poorly maintained backbones is the only way to reach the outside world. A Noise Rating of 2 applies while in Puyallup, on top of distance modifiers.

Clash – Team Mage

Bod 3, Agi 3, Rea 3, Str 2, Cha 6, Int 3, Log 3, Will 6
Edge 2, Ess 6, Magic 6

Physical 4, Mental 5, Social 8


Con 6 (8), Impersonation 6, Performance 6, Etiquette 4, Leadership 4, Negotiation 4, Assensing 4, Binding (Spirits of Man) 6(8), Counterspelling 4, Spellcasting (Manipulation) 6(8), Summoning (Spirits of Man) 6(8), Pistols 4, Palming (Pickpocket) 4(6), Sneaking 4, Perception 4


Focused Concentration: 3, Mentor Spirit (Raven), Allergy (Uncommon, Extreme): Nuts, Prejudiced (Common, Biased): Mundanes

Spell Focus 4 (Manipulation, Bonded), Bound Spirit of Man: (Force 6, Services 4), Bound Spirit of Beasts: (Force 6, Services 4)


Decrease Willpower (Health), Control Actions (Manipulation), Mob Mind (Manipulation), Levitate (Manipulation), Physical Mask (Illusion)


Fichetti Security 600
Concealable Holster
Spare Clips: 2
APDS Rounds: 60

Armor Vest

Commlink: Meta Link


Lightsticks: 4

Low Lifestyle


For Clash, everything is disposable. Possessions, living arrangements, acquaintances, contacts, team members and even friends, to Clash they’re all the same and any one of them will be sacrificed at a moment’s notice if it serves her needs. Full on sociopathic, Clash makes effective (often brutally effective) use of the “resources” at hand. Need to get the police off her trail? Mind control a child and run them into traffic. With Clash it doesn’t matter who suffers and how as long as she comes out on top.

When working with a runner team (always a short lived endeavour) she tends to work as an advance scout, arriving well in advance of the team in order to lay the groundwork for their arrival with a combination of carefully placed resources (weapons, stolen security badges, etc.) and sabotaged defenses (guards who mysteriously fail to show up for their shift leaving security short-handed). Once the team starts their infiltration she supports them from afar using a combination of spirits and astral over-watch.

Focused on her own survival above all else, if a job is going south Clash will walk away once it is clear that the odds have turned against her.


Clash always operates with a pair of bound spirits to support her. The spirit of man will have standing instructions to immediately use the accident power on any group that attacks her. Whereas the spirit of beasts has instructions to engage any group who attacks her starting with their magical support (if any) and then picking off the physically weakest (low strength/body) of the group before moving on to the stronger members. After the initial use of the accident power the spirit of man will use Decrease Willpower on the physically strongest (high strength/body) member of the attacking group in preparation for a Control Actions spell from Clash. Clash will then use Control Actions or Mob Mind in the most destructive manner she can think up and then try to escape in the confusion. She will never stick around in a direct confrontation and will run away at the first opportunity, often using levitate to escape from seemingly impossible locations (tall buildings, dead ends, etc.).

Deadline – Adept Assassin

Bod 4, Agi 7, Rea 5, Str 3, Cha 4, Int 5, Log 1, Will 3
Edge 3, Ess 6, Magic 6

Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 6


Exotic Melee Weapon (Monowhip) 6, Longarms 6, Gymnastics 6, Sneaking 6, Perception 3, Etiquette 3, Throwing Weapons 2, Con 2, Impersonation 2, Performance 2


Exceptional Attribute (Agility), Distinctive Style, SINner (Criminal), Allergy (Moderate, Uncommon)

Qi Focus 4 (Bonded)


Critical Strike 6, Improved Reflexes 2, Improved Combat Ability (Monowhip)


Monofilament Whip (with Hidden Arm Slide)
Ares Desert Strike (Imaging Scope, Shock Pad, Smartgun – External, Silencer)
Spare Clips: 3
APDS Rounds: 20

Chameleon Suit – Nonconductivity 3, Thermal Damping 6
Helmet – With Low-Light, Thermographic and Flare Compensation

Commlink: Transys Avalon

Gas Mask

Gecko Tape Gloves

Low Lifestyle


Deadline is a noted assassin in Europe and loves the thrill of the hunt. The only reason he left his original hunting grounds is evade capture and eventually, he will return to further his legend and terrorize the people who dare whisper his name. Clash approached him with a job offer to help eliminate key targets too dangerous for the mage to approach and he jumped at the opportunity to hunt superior game.

While having some respectable training as a sniper, Deadline prefers the up close kill with his monowhip. He relishes in stalking close to his prey, unsuspected and killing them in a single blow. He sees himself as untouchable and his ego can interfere with the task at hand, especially when hunting a specific target.


Deadline is a lone wolf, who works with Clash and her team solely as a means to get access to choice prey. When dealing with Deadline, the bait and ambush technique works well, so long as the bait is either agile or can endure a possible monowhip attack. Deadline is quick, so anything that keeps the adept unaware or on the ropes will be the adept’s downfall. Deadline uses stealth to get in close, using the technology he possesses to find the route of attack that will disrupt line of sight as long as possible. He will then leap into the fray and aim for a quick decapitation to prevent his location from being betrayed.

KaBoom – Arsonist

Bod 4, Agi 5, Rea 4, Str 4, Cha 3, Int 4, Log 5, Will 3
Edge 5, Ess 2.3

Physical 6, Mental 6, Social 4


Demolitions 6, Gymnastics 5, Running 5, Swimming 5, Automatics 4, Throwing Weapons 4, Clubs 4, Chemistry 4, Hardware 4, Sneaking 4, Unarmed Combat 3, Perception 3, Survival (Urban) 2(4)


Analytical Mind, Home Ground (Puyallup, Street Politics), Bad Rep, SINner (Criminal)


Cybereyes 3 (Flare Compensation, Low-Light, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision, Vision Enhancement 2, Vision Magnification)
Cyberears 2 (Audio Enhancement 3, Damper, Select Sound Filter 2, Spatial Recognizer)
Wired Reflexes 1
CyberGun – SMG


Extendable Baton
Ares Crusader II (Gas-Vent II, Smartgun – Internal, Concealable Holster)
HK-227 (Integral Sound Suppressor, Retractable Stock, Smartgun – Internal)
Spare Clips: 2 Crusader, 2 HK-227
Regular Pistol Rounds: 40
Explosive Pistol Rounds: 40
Regular SMG Rounds: 40
Hollow Point SMG Rounds: 40

5 Flash-Bang Grenades
5 High Explosive Grenades
9kg Rating 6 Foam Explosives
10 Detonator Caps

Armor Jacket

Commlink: Hermes Ikon

Fake ID 4 with Fake License 4 for Possession of a Firearm, Conceal & Carry Firearms, Non-Civilian Cybernetics)

Low Lifestyle


KaBoom is insane. He is a raving pyromaniac who sees explosions and the resulting carnage as an art form and that he is an accomplished artist . Once a member of the Chulos in Puyallup, the gang has increased the distance they maintain when dealing with KaBoom. His penchant for artistic flair and pure destruction caught Clash’s attention and she felt she could use his skills to wipe out her foes when they drew too close.

It is unclear where KaBoom learned to handle explosives, but he is rather skilled at it. He is a mid-range fighter, using automatic weaponry in a spray and pray mentality. Ideally, he’ll have had time to rig the place with a few charges and lure the enemy into the blast radius with a fighting withdrawal. He is not above going out in a suicide bombing if backed into a corner.


KaBoom may be nuts, but he’s not an idiot. He prefers to rig the place he is defending with charges either to kill the intended target outright, or bring down the surrounding environment for the most possible damage. He will coax his opponents into the range of one of his pre-set charges and set them off, using the chaos that follows for him to move in and finish off any survivors with a hail of bullets.

>> Aww, some poor wageslave lost their kid.  Ain’t that a shame.  They aren’t offering enough for me to care.
>> Burn

>> While I’m not quite so mercenary as our ork friend here, I have to agree there’s very little to go on.  I mean, they named their son Percy.  Are we sure he didn’t just run away?
>> Skeptik

>> I dunno, the area around the hospital went a little nuts around the time of this kid’s disappearance.  Anyone know why he was in the hospital in the first place?
>>  Jestyr

>> An unspecified psychotic episode.  Details are a bit sketchy and right when doctors were starting to piece together events, this kid gets taken.  I think there’s something going on with this kid and someone wanted to disappear the kid before too many people figured it out.
>> Torrent

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