Green Plan (Shadowrun)

Scene 1 –Meeting the Employer

The runners are contacted by their fixer and tells them that he has a lead on a high-profile protection gig that could open up some doors in the corporate sector. If they are willing to meet with Mr. Johnson, he would like to meet them at Club Penumbra for 8PM.

Club Penumbra is quieter than many of the clubs in Seattle these days, but the place still sees quite a bit of runner activity. Stepping inside, a local group is on the stage with a blend of electronic music and spoken word. Mr. Johnson doesn’t show up until a few minutes before the meet is scheduled to begin. Flanked by a couple professional bodyguards, Mr. Johnson’s demeanour is one of projected confidence, though anyone trained in reading body language shows that this is an act and the man is extremely nervous.

He settles into a chair that faces the main exit with his bodyguards covering his back and he gets straight down to business with the runners. “Your fixer assures me that your team is professional in their conduct, so I will get right down to it. There are certain criminal elements in this city that are unhappy with how a recent product of my employer’s worked. As a result, death threats have been made against several people in the company, myself included. However, where others have been sent threatening messages, the threats made in my direction have continued and escalated. Out family pet was recently butchered and notes have been left at my children’s school. I am therefore forced to assume that threats against me are very real. The company has assured me that they will keep my family and I safe, but I have concerns about a public meeting I am expected to attend tomorrow. I will leave my family’s security to the company, but my personal safety, I would like to hire additional security to be certain. To hire you for 24 hours of protection, starting tomorrow morning at 6AM, I would pay you each 8,000¥. I hope that the threats have escalated as far as they are going to and you will make easy money for a dull day, but I must be sure. Will you take the job?”

Mr. Johnson is a man named Damian Rodriguez, a PR executive for Aztechnology. It’s his job to smooth things over with the general public when Aztechnology gets bad press in the Seattle region. The poorly received product he refers to is a type of fertilizer made by Austrafarm, one of their subsidiaries. The fertilizer created greater yields from crops, as promised, but when it reached the ground water, the by-product was toxic to the local fish. Many in the ecological circles have vocally protested and some orchestrated shadow ops to leak evidence to the media, that Aztech knew about the toxic properties, but launched the product anyways, hoping only to sell the product to inland farmers, but naturally retailers were happy to sell the item to anyone who would pay.

If any deckers in the group learn of who Rodriguez works for and of the environmental violation being held over their head, they could use that (and his desperation) against him to leverage a little more money out of him, however, this private security detail is coming out of his own pocket, so his means are limited.

If the team signs on, he nods in appreciation. “Thank you. Meet me at the Glaston Motel on 8th Street for 6AM sharp tomorrow morning. I will provide instruction on where we are expected at that time.

Matrix: The ARO of the Penumbra is an outer space theme, with everything that is a part of the club tied into the theme Noise level from the club is insignificant, so the only Noise modifier will be due to distance from the hack source.

Mr. Johnson (Damian Rodriguez)
Threshold – Matrix (1), Corporate (1)

1 – Mr. J’s name is Damian Rodriguez. He’s a PR firefighter for Aztechnology.
2 – Local to Seattle, he is a master of spin doctoring and downplaying Aztechnology’s travesties in the public eye.
3 – Normally put to work on the company’s military campaigns, he is out of his element in dealing with an environmental disaster.
5 – Local environmental activists have been targeting Rodriguez due to his aim to sweep this latest breach under the rug.

Austrafarm Incident
Threshold – Matrix (1), Environmental (1)

1 – Austrafarm worked on a new fertilizer that ended up being toxic when introduced to the water table. Despite producing greater yields to farmers, the product is due to be pulled from the market for reevaluation.
2 – Evidence has been leaked to the media that shows the upper executives at Aztechnology knew of the environmental impacts, but launched anyways.
3 – Aztechnology is preparing a media blitz for their new product in consumer goods to distract the public from the incident, while their PR team goes to work.
4 – Some say Aztechnology will continue to sell the product privately in very small quantities to the target farmers, away from major water sources.
5 – Austrafarm has been targeted by threats of a terrorist attack for their role in designing the product (though they didn’t have a hand in its public sale).

Scene 2 – Public Dismissal

The Glaston Motel is a coffin motel; a far-cry from what Mr. Johnson is likely accustomed to. It is a sure sign of the level of paranoia the man has reached in terms of his safety. He is escorted out by his bodyguards, and is led to a waiting car. If the runners insist on Mr. Johnson riding with them, the guards reluctantly agree, but will follow close behind in their own vehicle.

The Seattle Metroplex Convention Center is where Damian is giving his press conference to the media and the public. There will be large civilian presence in the building, which will complicate matters should violence ensue.

It turns out that Mr. Johnson’s fears are justified. The local TerraFirst cell has been activated and sent to wipe out Aztechnology’s spokesman. If they succeed, they will put the Aztechnology executives into a state of fear. If they fail… well, they’ll have a diversion for what else they have planned.

There are three cell members in the crowd. One is a simple gunman, who will go for a gun taped under a chair and try to put a bullet in Mr. Johnson during the Q&A session. The second is an eagle shaman, who has replaced a member of the Aztechnology security staff and will exploit the chaos created by the gunman’s failed attempt. The third is a member of the convention center’s staff, who has arranged for explosives to be set up along the escape route that Mr. Johnson is likely to take.

The fight should be chaotic, as the people in the center attempt to flee once the fighting starts, breaking up lines of fire and causing enough distractions that the runners may be hard pressed to both keep Mr. Johnson safe and deal with the assailants. If the runners are able to detain one of the would-be assassins, they can check the commlinks of those detained and if they can crack the encryption, find evidence of a plot to steal a truck. Hacking the tag associated with the note, they can learn more about the plan.

Terrafirst has stolen a tanker truck full of the contraband fertilizer, rigged it with explosives and it is currently on the road, heading for the Aztechnology building where many who received the death threats work. The truck is moving through several busy neighbourhoods on route to its ultimate destination, in order to dissuade anyone from assaulting the truck.

Unfortunately for the runners, the Johnson’s family was relocated to the facility in order to provide protection for them and with the amount of fertilizer in the truck, the blast will destroy more than just the compound. The vehicle has been wirelessly disabled, so they can’t hack it remotely. Sending a spirit would spook the terrorists to trigger the panic button that would destroy the truck early. It falls to the team to try and stop the truck before it arrives.

If the runners threaten to walk away, as it wasn’t part of the original contract, Mr. Johnson will plead with them to save his family, offer them as much as he can (an additional 2,000¥ each) and offer them each a favour in the future. However, this will likely earn them notoriety, knowing that the blast could kill hundreds but walking away anyways.

Matrix: The runners can gain access to the host of the SMCC just by asking Aztech security. They won’t be thrilled opening up the system to runners, but they aren’t willing to sacrifice Damian’s safety either. If the runners use the SMCC host to try and pull any information not relevant to their current job, the system will revoke their privileges and unleash IC on them.

Host Rating 7
Attack 8, Sleaze 7, Data Processing 9, Firewall 10

Available IC: Acid, Blaster, Crash, Jammer, Killer, Patrol, Probe, Track

Scene 3 – Rolling Bomb

The runners have the route the truck is taking through Seattle, but they don’t have real idea of how far along they are along the route. As they set out, the truck is already about halfway to the target. It will pass through a residential neighbourhood and a busy commercial district before smashing through the gate at Aztechnology and exploding in a disastrous manner. The truck is being escorted by two motorcycles and two sedans with gunmen on board. The passenger of the truck is armed with a grenade launcher and has services from a loaned spirit (a toxic earth spirit (Sludge), though the passenger doesn’t know the spirit’s true nature).

If the driver feels he has no recourse, he will hit the panic button installed in the dashboard to blow up the truck. With luck, the runners will stop the truck first, or have a capable decker to prevent the transmitter from sending the signal. If the panic button is pressed and the truck doesn’t explode, the driver will set the autopilot (which means the truck then runs wirelessly) and head out to manually trigger the device. If the runners shoot him, there is no one left on the truck to stop the vehicle and they will need to get aboard the runaway vehicle to ensure it doesn’t arrive at its destination.

As long as the Johnson isn’t killed and the truck doesn’t explode, the runners will get paid what they were promised.

Conestoga Trailblazer with Trailer
Hand -3, Speed 3/2, Accel 1, Bod 20, Armor 10, Pilot 2, Sensor 1, Seats 3

For the TerraFirst members protecting the tanker, use the Gangers and Street Scum stats, though substitute the pistols skill for Automatics.

Sludge Spirit (Force 5)

B: 8, A: 4, R: 7, S: 8, C: 5, I: 5, L: 5, W: 5, Ess 5, Mag: 5
Init: 12 + 2D6

Skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, Dodge, Exotic Ranged Weapon, Perception, Unarmed Combat
Powers: Astral Form, Anaphylaxis, Binding, Engulf, Materialization, Movement, Sapience, Search

Optional Power: Accident

Anaphylaxis – Causes a system-wide allergic reaction. Treat as an inhalation vector toxin attack With Speed: Immediate and Damage 8P. Armor does not help, but air filtration devices will. If the damage is not fully resisted, the victim goes into anaphylactic shock: muscle spasms and systemic failure unless treated. The target takes an additional box of damage every turn until they die from cardiovascular breakdown unless treated by First Aid (2) with the appropriate medication, or an Antidote, Detox or Heal Spell.

>> Do I really care about some corporate dweeb and his family getting killed?  Bout time one of em saw things from our side.
>> Burn

>> Heart of gold, like always, Burn.  His money’s as good as anyone else’s.  Why should one person be held responsible for his company’s mistake?
>> Glasgow

>> That’s just it… holding some PR rep responsible makes no sense.  There’s something else going on here…
>> Pyramid Watcher

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