SR5 – My first game

So, I ran my first session of SR5 on Friday evening.  It went fairly well, all things considered.  It was a playtest for a convention I’m running an event at in a month’s time and I wanted to test both the game and the demo characters I designed.  With 8 players showing up, it was a bit tough to wrangle everyone, but the event was completed and I got some feedback on stuff that needs refinement.

As for the system, it felt very much like 4th for the bulk of the experience.  It wasn’t until combat broke out when people began to struggle with the new initiative system.  The game was Matrix light (they were in a very remote location, but I did get to work on the new Matrix rules somewhat and they worked out fairly well.  The character I designed as an Alchemist got to try out his  talents somewhat and the potential for Alchemy made a few people really take notice of its potential.

The notes for the game that was run will be posted once those who will be attending the convention have had a chance to play it (no spoilers, guys…), but I am running another SR5 game next week and a subsequent one the week after that.  I will start posting material for the new Edition soon.  I have also been working on reference sheets for GMs to use until they can acquire the core book in hard copy.  I may post those here once I am done compiling the document.

As I learn more about the system, I will update my thoughts on the new mechanics in greater detail.


~ by 1nsomniac on August 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “SR5 – My first game”

  1. Just wanted to say hi, and it is good to see a fellow Shadowrun fan. I have enjoyed reading through your blog.

    • Glad to see some other early adopters of the latest Edition out there. I hope to start posting some of our Fifth Edition material very soon. I’ll check in on your group’s progress from time to time. Looks like it will be an interesting campaign. 🙂


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