Fractured History

This adventure was run at Phantasm in April.

The team is contacted by Judge for a retrieval job. Mr. Johnson wants to meet with them directly at the Alabaster Maiden for 7PM.

The Alabaster Maiden is a magician’s bar with a narrow clientele. With the exception of the magical runners in the party, the others will definitely seem out of place. To those who have never set foot inside the club, the place looks pretty dead for a club, but that’s because all the action is happening on the astral plane. In a warded private room in the back, their client waits.

The man is of Hispanic descent and has done little to hide his elven lineage. Mages that assense the man will see that he is an initiate of some clout. “Thank you all for coming. Please, sit. I have a business proposal for you. There is a historical artifact that I would like you to procure for me. It is a Spanish Doubloon with some unusual traits to it. I believe it may have some mystical properties, but without possessing it, I cannot say for sure. It has traded hands a few times, but I have tracked it down to a pawn shop here in Seattle. Normally, this would not pose a problem, however, the establishment is run my the Mob and they and I are already on poor terms.”

“Therefore, I am willing to pay you 15,000¥ apiece to acquire this coin and deliver it to me. I do not have full knowledge of what safeguards they have in this pawn shop, though I do know that their vault is warded. I can pay you in cash, or use some of the funds to see you safely out of the city, should things go poorly with the Mafia.”

The hiring party is a runner that that goes by the alias of Carnicería (Spanish word for Carnage). He is a well established mage from New York. The rumours on the Matrix tell that he is obsessed with his heritage and ensures that anything to further his power is rooted in Spanish Lore.

Mr. Johnson is willing to negotiate only a little on his offering price, but may be convinced to offer a cash advance, or other services in lieu of payment.

Once the runners are on board and begin their investigation of the pawn shop, the quickly learn that it’s in the heart of the O’Malley family’s turf. Local contractors have recently installed automated weapons to bolster the defences of the building, given the nature of the stolen goods they move through the building. However, all their plans unravel when they go for physical reconnaissance of the building and find that the place was hit in a blitz attack.

Knight Errant is on the scene when they arrive and if they want answers as to what happened, they are going to need to get inside the building. The camera feed recorded the faces of some of the attackers and it’s pretty obvious that the vault was hit in the raid. One of the officers has an inventory of the items that had been stored inside and given the state of the vault, that list is likely the easiest way for the runners to learn that their quarry was kept here and has now been taken, amongst several other worthwhile finds.

Using the camera data, the runners can see a woman enter the pawn shop and begin browsing the jewelry in the glass case in the middle of the store. As the attendant of the store comes over to try and close the deal, several men smash their way into the store and open fire. The woman hits the deck, but when the store clerk pulls out a shotgun from one of the display units, she grabs a hold of him and hits him with some form of spell that kills him instantly (mages might recognize the Death Touch spell). They then begin a smash and grab, but the woman blasts the ward protecting the vault, picks the lock and begins going through the vault for anything worth value. One of the thugs tosses a makeshift bomb into the vault after they’re done stealing and leave. The camera system goes offline when the bombs detonate.

Using the camera footage on the thugs or the mage woman shows them to all be prominent members of the 88’s, though this operation is way outside their usual operational range. With some quick research via matrix or contacts, they can find out that the Triad operates out of the Everett waterfront area.

Through investigation or brute force, the runners can learn about the Triad involvement. A few things will become clear. This smash and grab job was an independent opportunistic action, rather than anything organized by the Triad. No one has seen the Sze Kau since. Some of the higher ranking members of the 88’s (who don’t want open war with the O’Malley’s) may be persuaded to out the group’s usual safehouse.

Once again the runners appear to be one step behind the opposition. En route to the safehouse, they see the Triad getaway car riddled full of bullets and the Triad lay dead all around the vehicle. The goods stolen from the Mob have been emptied onto the ground and the Doubloon taken.

Using cameras and eye witnesses directs the runners to an old office building that has been warded and fortified. A team of runners is setup here after the delivery of the Doubloon to their hiring party, going back to remove evidence of their involvement. The firefight that follows should be intense, as the opposition aren’t merely stupid mooks.

If the runners can get one of the runners to talk, they can learn that they were hired by an antiquities dealer from Europe, named Castillo. He is currently in a vacation property on the Eastern side of the Metroplex. In case of double-cross, the team researched their employer and may be willing to cough up the intel, depending on how the runners conduct themselves.

The estate house that Castillo calls home is large and elegantly furnished, though it looks barely used, save for the security detail that monitors the house. There is a hidden elevator behind a wall panel in the living room that takes the team down to the collectors inner sanctuary.

The basement level is immense, at least six stories tall. The wall is covered in lavish teak wood with display cases set into the wall. An elaborate conveyer/hoist system allows a person to skirt the outer part of the room and see the goods up close with a commlink command. Opposite the elevator on the very far side is a small study-like area, where Castillo sits, reading a book. He seems unaware of the intrusion at first, but the runners are noticed before long.

He is willing to engage in small talk for a while, but will rapidly tire if they try to interrogate him. Assensing him reveals nothing, but once the runners agitate him enough he shows his true stripes, expanding in all directions to reveal himself as a Western Dragon. Covered in smoke-grey scales, Castillo locks down his inner sanctum and forces the runners into a him-or-us battle.

Should the runners prevail, they have their pick from the dragon’s hoard, including the artifact they were hired to retrieve.

>> Oh joy, retrieving some other piece of history for some rich guy who needs his status symbol…
>> Burn

>> Rumour has it, this job’s been started by a runner.  At least there’s a slightly lower risk of double-cross, if it’s true.
>> Wrench

>> As an FYI, this job may be a local one, but there’s quite a bit of international interest.  Be prepared for outside interference.
>> Anonymous

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