Taking on the Behemoth (Shadowrun)

This is the first of my convention season adventures that I’ve run over the summer/fall of 2012.

The runners are contacted for work by their fixer, who is looking to hire a team of runners for a high-profile job.  The work promises to be lucrative but messy.  If the team is willing to meet the employer, they have a ways to travel, heading out to the Enumclaw Moneymaker Hotel on the outskirts of Auburn.  The meet is at 10PM, so the runners should have plenty of time to get there, despite the remote location.

Enumclaw is a cubicle hotel that rents by the hour and the wide variety of prostitutes available here tells them that it would be the most popular option.  The most Charismatic (or desperate-looking, in the absence of a face) male runner is approached by a joy-girl and she leans in close, giving him a healthy dose of her subtle perfume.  “I think you’re looking for someone special… I suggest you try this one out…”  She hands him a business card with an address just down the street.  The address turns out to be an abandoned store front, done up to look like a members-only brothel.  Inside has little to do with sex; instead it is covered in maps, guns and AR-blocking paint.  A woman sits behind a table, her feet up on the table and flanked by four bodyguards.  She’s wearing combat pants and boots, but a well-weathered t-shirt on top.  Nearly half of her head is shaved bald, but the length of the remainder nearly masks it.  Her cybernetic eyes and her hair are both Crayola red.  Her one arm is obviously cybernetic and much of her exposed flesh is scarred by blade or bullet.  She’s obviously seen some action.  It isn’t until she drops her boots onto the floor that her hair falls away enough to reveal the tips of pointed ears.

She rounds the table and gives each of the runners a firm handshake, though her bodyguards remain stoic.  “Glad you could come.  Grab a chair if you’d like… we’ve got serious biz to discuss.”  Once the team has settled in, she leans on the table and peruses the team before her.  “I was once on the same side of this table that you’re on presently, so I’m going to just lay everything out here in the interests of full disclosure.  I need you to destroy a company.  I can’t tell you which company unless you’re on board, but the company must be totally dismantled.  Think you’re up for it?”

The woman is Alicia Webber, cell commander of the anti-corp group Attack!  She is looking to deprive one or more of the megas from obtaining data after investing heavily in the target company.  Her cell is too small to handle it, but she’s hoping that the small company will pose no issue for the veteran runners.

If they want to know the pay for the job, she is offering 15000¥ apiece for the job, with a third of that up front to cover expenses.  Once they sign on, she elaborates further.

“Excellent.  The company we’re targeting is a small med-tech corporation called Paulson-Karchev NanoTech.  They’re not even an A-level corporation, but they have received funding from Mitsuhama, Evo and Wuxing.  With the money they’ve invested in the company, the company’s research is starting to bear fruit and all three of those corporations are looking to pounce and purchase the company outright, acquiring the end result and steal the toys away from their competitors.  While they engage in their petty bidding war, we want to deny them their prize and smash the company entirely.  We want prototypes destroyed, data erased and key personnel assassinated.  There will be nothing left for these companies to gain and they’ll be out millions of dollars.  Due to the nature of the job and its extent, I will find a neutral meeting ground in Salish lands to meet with you once the work is done.  When those corps scramble to figure out who did the job, I don’t want to be anywhere nearby.”

Ms. Johnson will answer any questions she knows the answers to honestly.  She can provide the runners with the address of the corp and a short list of employees who need to be exterminated, as they know the most about the research they were conducting.

Paulson-Karchev Nanotech

This small med-tech company has just under 50 employees, but some of their staff are some of the most gifted and unorthodox medical and technology minds on the market.  Their radical approach has allowed their company to fly below the radar for the most part, but a few of the AAA Megacorps decided to invest in the pipe dream of the company.  They sought to correct genetic abnormalities in patients by injecting the patient with a sustained colony of nanites that could correct the disorder at the chromosomal level.

Within the past month, they had their first breakthrough.  Their most recent batch of medical nanites were able to create a synthetic lysine that the body didn’t reject as a forgery.  Any disease they tested on lab animals that was caused by inert chromosomes saw the disease reverse and disappear entirely in mere months.  Work has begun on reversing the process, but shutting down chromosomes that cause disease, but this initial success has generated a lot of interest in the nanotech community, but thanks to the money offered up by the Megas, those patents are a measure of some debate as to whose funding fueled the breakthrough.

Wuxing wants to attempt to use the technology to activate the X-factor that creates mages.  Similarly, Mitsuhama wants to unlock the secrets of what makes a technomancer.  Evo wants the technology so they can re-write the human genome to make them more adaptable to life in space and on Mars.  The inherent possibility that this technology can be weaponized by the megacorps is entirely possible as well.

The company is run by the two minds behind the idea:  Curtis Paulson and Elsa Karchev.  These two, plus the chief technologist Yang Xin are the targets of the assassination portion of the mission.  If the runners handle the assassination early on in their assault, they may be able to get the three employees together and take them out collectively, but if the company has fallen under attack already, the AAs invested in the company will do their best to keep them apart, for (justified) concern over their safety.

Physically, the PKN building is a three story building of tinted glass, surrounded by trees in Tacoma.  Not benefitting from extraterritoriality, their in-house security would be laughable, but they have benefit from the funding and support of the megas.  Wuxing has provided minor magical support, Mitsuhama has upgraded their Matrix and drone infrastructure and Evo has funded for the addition of a basement level not shown on the blueprints, where the produced nanites are being stored.

These blueprints reflect the original purpose for the building.  The ground floor is the medical lab portion of the facility.  Patients receiving regular injections are admitted here, including those undergoing the first human tests for some of their projects (thankfully for the runners, the new project has not been approved for testing on humans yet).  Some of the observation rooms have been modified for testing on animals rather than on humans.

The second floor is where the bulk of the staff work.  Many of the workstations are empty and several offices are being used as temporary storage or team meeting rooms, while the company expects to rapidly expand.

The third floor is normally empty, but with the increasing involvement of the AAA’s, this space is being used by liaisons for the three interested parties.  The tension here is much higher and the northeast offices have been converted to security offices, though the police in the building cannot use lethal means, they carry tasers and stun batons to deal with any threats.

Matrix Node Structure:

Sculpting:  A hospital ward, with various rooms off of the main foyer.  IC and Personas manifest as doctors and paramedics.
Hardware:  One MCT Sentinel II (Persona Limit 10, Processor Limit 60) – Third Floor IT room
Authentication:  Passkey
Privileges:  Standard
Attributes:  Firewall 5, Response 4, Signal 3, System 5
Spiders:  1 System monitor during business hours (system offline during off hours)
IC:  Anesthetician 5 – (Track 5, Nuke 5), BabySwarm 5
Resident Programs:  Analyze 5, Encrypt 5
ARC:  Shutdown
Topology:  The main node is only accessible through one of the workstations in the office.  All drones and cameras are slaved to the main node.  If the credentials of a user are ever in question, the system will attempt to boot the user by using the protective measures (IC) and if the IC is taken offline, the system begins a system-wide shutdown.

Any attempt by the user to access the R&D stores will trigger the Analyze program and should they be detected, the node is encrypted and IC is deployed.

If the runners employ overt force to flatten the building or inflict obscene collateral damage, Knight Errant will arrive quickly and the runners will have to escape the police.


The take-over bid will go through in a week’s time (a joint bid by Evo and Wuxing as voices within the PPG will win if things aren’t redirected).  If the runners hit the company during normal business hours and the alarm hasn’t been raised yet, they can catch all three people inside the building.  After hours, each employee has their own life to live and will need to be tracked down.  If the alarm has been raised, they will be guarded by corporate security, in hopes of protecting their investment.  See Legwork for their personal schedules.

With the brilliant minds gone, nanites destroyed and data erased, the runners can send a message to Ms. Johnson about the job being complete.  She directs them to a rural area in Salish lands, just East of Auburn, where they first met her.

The area is a gravel pit, set in the foothills of the Rockies.  A perimeter has been erected by Attack! And Ms. Johnson is all smiles when they arrive.

“You guys really impressed me.  We could use some talented guys like you in our organization… any thoughts about joining the ranks of an anti-corporate league like ours?”

Whether the runners express any interest or not, as she is about to pay them, one the Attack guards fires his weapon briefly before being cut down by gun fire.  Corporate soldiers belonging to Mitsuhama enter the valley from all available sides and a wirelessly-disabled attack helicopter flies overhead, firing armor piercing rounds into anything that moves.  The Attack! members will fight with the runners to try and defeat the security attack force.

Any survivors get paid and have completed the mission.


Ms. Johnson
Thresholds – Matrix (2), Terrorist Organizations (2)

0 – Not a clue…
1 – Her name is Alicia Webber.  She leads one of the local cells of Attack!, an anti-corporate terror cell.
2 – She has military service in her past with one of the corps.  Ares, I think.
3 – She served in the Desert Wars, but something went wrong on her tour.  She holds the corps responsible and was willing to take her desire for payback to an extreme level.
4 – While she favours jobs against Ares, she is an opportunist and will exploit any opening to take down the corps a notch.

Thresholds – Matrix (1), Terrorist Organizations (1)

0 – Sounds like someone plays too many strategy games.
1 – They are a terrorist organization who loathes the megacorps.
2 – Most members have been burned by the corps, but the leaders typically have combat experience.
3 – Rather than being one large organization, they operate as a series of decentralized cells that simply carry the name.
4 – The local cell has been silent for a while… they must be planning something big.

Paulson-Karchev Nanotech
Thresholds – Matrix (2), Corporate (3)

0 – That a law firm?
1 – A small medical supplier company.  Been in business for five years or so.
2 – Used to be called just Paulson MedTech and supplied hospitals with nanites.  When they hired on Karchev as a vice-president they expanded into R&D.
3 – There has been a lot of interest in the company’s project in the medical community.  Their progress has also grabbed the attentions of a few of the megas.  Something about re-coding DNA…
5 – Rumour has it that their chief technologist is actually a plant by one of the megas, so they can get a leg up on the competition in acquiring their product.

Curtis Paulson
Thresholds – Matrix (2), Corporate (3), Medical (2)

0 – He was that guy… with that band… right?
1 – He is the owner of a medtech contracting company.  He specializes in the production of nanite hardware.
2 – He is rumoured to be a lenient employer who puts emphasis on family.  He refuses to let his job intervene in his family life and helps the families of his employees.
3 – His company was failing and he considered a means to jumpstart the business again.  He heard about Elsa Karchev and offered her a job.  Their partnership has proved promising, as sponsors kept the business afloat.
4 – Despite that he is the CEO, Karchev is the brainchild of the project that jumpstarted the company.  He has been benevolent in the public eye, but supposedly begrudges having fallen to be second fiddle in the company.

Elsa Karchev
Thresholds – Matrix (2), Corporate (2), Medical (1)

0 – Russian Figure Skater, right?
1 – Ukrainian biologist who is considered to be one of the brightest doctors out of the Ukraine in years.
2 – She was employed with ZetaImpChem for a number of years, helping to make their products more environmentally friendly.
3 – After some form of internal debacle, she was fired from ZIC and no one else seemed interested due to her being blacklisted.  She dove at the chance to work with Paulson when he came knocking.
4 – Apparently, her breakthrough is close to infringing on the work she was doing with ZIC, but she has managed to exploit loopholes to bring the technology out.  She doesn’t care for the spotlight on her, but is happy to rub her former employer’s faces in the dirt, it seems.

Yang Xin
Thresholds – Matrix (2), Corporate (2), Medical (3)

0 – Not a clue…
1 – Yang was hired at PKN shortly after Karchev signed on and began her research.
2 – His portfolio shows him to possess a degree in biochemistry and software design and Karchev’s vision could not have worked without his skills.
3 – There has been discussion between Paulson and Karchev about Yang’s publicity.  Paulson wants to give the technologist some credit in the work, while Karchev has claimed it as her intellectual property.  Yang has yet to state whether he wants credit.
5 – Yang Xiu is also known as Fu Wei, a bioneticist from Wuxing, Inc.  He was groomed for this position when Wuxing learned about the project.  They hope that he will bring his expertise from working on the project back to the parent company, even if they don’t acquire the company.

Curtis Paulson’s Daily Schedule

6AM – Wake Up
7AM – Leave home
7:30AM – Arrive at Work
9AM – Tour Workshop and Clinic
11AM – Review Product Manifest with Thomas Wainright (Production Foreman)
12PM – Lunch
2:30PM – Project Meeting
4:30PM – Review Next Day’s Production Manifest
5PM – Return Home
6PM – Dinner with Wife and Kids
8PM – Kids go to bed
10PM – Curtis and Heather go to bed

Elsa Karchev’s Daily Schedule

6AM – Wake Up
6:30AM – Leave home
7AM – Arrive at Work
8AM – Review all test data from previous day
10AM – Talk to Genetics Team about results and any genetic aberrations
12PM – Lunch
1:30PM – Meet with Genetics Team to decide on new test cases
2:30PM – Project Meeting
4PM – Infuse new nanite colony with new programming
6PM – Head Home
6:30PM – Dinner with Husband
8PM – Walk the Dog
10:30PM – Charles and Elsa go to bed

Yang Xin’s Daily Schedule

7AM – Wake Up
7:30AM – Leave home
8AM – Arrive at Work
9AM – Review Lab Results from previous day
10AM – Begin Program Recalibrations
12PM – Lunch
2:30PM – Project Meeting
4:00PM – Review Recalibration from the morning
5PM – Add Elsa’s Recalibrations into Programming
7PM – Begin New Test with daily changes
7:30PM – Head Home
8PM – Dinner
9PM – Calls family back in China
11PM – Goes to bed

All schedules may change if the plot to destroy the company becomes knowledge.  Security details will sequester each technician and prevent them from physically gathering and will move the families to secure locations if deemed necessary.

For the Ambush at the gravel pit, use Ares CityMasters at both entrances to bring in the Corp Security (with soldiers on the hills surrounding the pit).  The Helicopter is an Aguilar (Arsenal).  For the Dump Trucks use the Ram Industrial (SOTA 2073).  Use the Morgan for the ATVs.  Dozer and Backhoe stats may follow…

>> Whoa whoa… taking out a whole company?!  Little overzealous, don’t ya think?
>> Burn

>> Not necessarily.  It’s not like you’re trying to take down Aztechnology or something.  It’s a small time company with a singular business focus.  A few crippling blows and they’ll never recover.  Many of us are getting pretty good at this sort of thing.
>> Havik

>> Perhaps you haven’t looked who today’s target is brought to us by?  Several of the big players have sunk money into this tiny company.  They’re on the brink of going global.
>> Burn

>> Judging by who’s hiring, I’m thinking the risk is a little high for the pay scale.  These people rarely think twice about using runners as fire-and-forget weapons.
>> Wraith

~ by 1nsomniac on October 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Taking on the Behemoth (Shadowrun)”

  1. >> Am I the only who dislike having to kill people who did nothing wrong, just because the AAAs “might” use it for bad purposes ? This could have cured genetic diseases ! What are they going to spoil next ?
    >> Sweeper

    • >> No, you’re not the only one. However, despite the premise of this new technology, the corps can always find ways of perverting an original idea for their own means. In the end, I think you’re right… this technology is positive overall. Seeing as the hiring party are terrorists, they only care about following their agendas, rather than any hint of aftermath.
      >> Revenge

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