The Last Days of the Marianas (CthulhuTech)

As usual, this adventure was designed with the assumption that the player characters are advanced characters who all pilot mecha.  The high level of mech opposition in this adventure will be impossible for parties with little to no mech support.

Act I – Guam

The team is called before the Pacific Head of Operations.  He tells them they’re being dispatched to the Mariana Islands in the Central Pacific on a rescue mission.  Guam is one of the only bastions the NEG still holds in the Pacific and reports have circulated that a Civilian transport recently went missing over the islands.  They are landing in Guam to talk to the locals to find out what they know about the missing craft.

When their mechs touch down in Guam they are greeted on the ground by the commanding officer, Greg Owatana.  He offers them a tour of the facility and shows them around.  Each of the soldiers in the team should meet someone with a similar interest and be offered a separate tour from the rest of the group.  Once they are all separated, if they inquire about the civilian ship, at first Greg plays ignorant.  Once they begin on insisting on checking sensor logs and the like, the base in habitants turn on the team, trying to kill them from investigating further.

If the team investigates the base further later, they will find evidence that the soldiers had fallen under the sway of Dagon.  Only a handful of the soldiers remain loyal to the NEG and thank them for exterminating the cultists.

After accessing the data logs (which were hidden away and encrypted), they find out that the ship suffered electrical issues and were forced to set down at Saipan International Airport.  They will need to use their mechs to head to the Northern-most island.

Act II – Saipan and Tinian

Saipan is a busy island that reeks of a normal day in the tropics.  The residents are happy and outgoing, the beaches are vibrant and busy and everything seems normal.

At first.

The team finds the aircraft still set down at the local airport, but none of the passengers are around.  When asked, the airport staff simply smiles and tells them that they were told that the repairs would take a while and that they should go and enjoy the island until the work was complete.

Investigating the transport, shows that no repair work has been done.  The panel that suffered the short is opened to reveal the damage (looking like someone melted a cluster of wires), but no other panels appear to have been disturbed.  Seeing that they knew exactly where the problem was without diagnostic should be the first sign that Dagon has his hands on this island as well.

After spending some time on the island, an aura of contentedness permeates the island.  Everyone here is very happy to be here and enjoy themselves.  If the team can shake off that feeling themselves, they will notice that the women are not here.  The island is populated only by men and children.  Any women in the group will earn some puzzled glances from the locals (Why are you here?).  While the locals barely speak to the soldiers, anyone from the plane isn’t so deep under the sway of Dagon to tell them that the women were invited to a spa resort at Tinian during their time here.  If a local is interrogated, they reveal that the spa resort is a “temple”.  Their Gods deemed that the women were “sacred” and should be “appropriately worshiped”.  Humans are not allowed the company of their women, as part of the “agreement”.

Tinian is not far from Saipan and when they arrive, they find the island practically devoid of human life.  The jungle runs thick and unchecked on the island, except on the Western shore where the city of San Jose has been converted into a walled rape camp by Dagon.  The woman are kept here in relative comfort and most are pregnant with the spawn of the Deep Ones.  The locals are happy to bear the child of their Gods, but the women from the plane are terrified of what is coming.  If the team doesn’t opt to do it on their own, they will be ordered to destroy the camp.

Lurking under the canopy of the jungle are several NEG mechs from Guam and when they are detected, the Hybrids (see Core book for stats) that run the camp will take command of the mechs as well as anti-air defenses and turrets in an effort to stop the team.


Control Response -1, Sensors 0, Frame 7, Multi-Task Systems -1, Warning Systems 0
Night vision, Radar/IFF, Targeting +2
Ejector System, Sealed System
Integrity 10, Armor 2/2

Main Gun (Large)
2 linked RMG-10M Rail Guns (1500 rounds)

Use Broadswords, Scimitars, Crusader NEG mechs (Core rule book) for the opposing forces.

With the camp destroyed, one of the female passengers of the plane will tell them that she overheard a conversation with one of the Deep Ones, saying that they had a facility underwater, deep in the Marianas Trench.

Act III – The Trench

After passing the information they’ve acquired onto Command, they are ordered to deal with the Dagon facility.  If needed, they will be provided with an amphibious mech and sent underwater.  Deep enough down that the light of day no longer reaches, they find a large semi-buoyant structure hovering in the depths.  A combination of stone, metal and air pockets, the structure unleashes an attack on the team to keep their base a secret.  The will launch torpedoes at the inbound mechs, as well as launch several EOD mechs of their own.

Use Hydra (core book), Merrow and potentially one Leviathan (Vade Mecum) for the EOD forces.

After they sink the facility (it will sink long before they fully destroy it), they will be extracted, as well as any of the plane’s people who wish to leave.  After they leave, the NEG bombs the islands to a smoking ruin, ensuring the EOD can never use it for a staging ground again.

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  1. Challenging! I like it~

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