Vacation and Conventions

For those who check this site semi-regularly, I figured I should mention that there will likely be a lengthy period here without an update.  I have a vacation (my first in years) coming up that will see me not running games during that time.  I will however be preparing for Conventions.  The day after I return to Canada will see me at the Toronto FanExpo, running an event for the Gaming portion of the Expo on August 25th.

Then, my usual pilgrimage to Peterborough in September will see me running Shadowrun, 7th Sea and CthulhuTech for Phantasm on Sept 22nd and 23rd.  If you’re in South-Central Ontario, you really should take in Phantasm.  It’s a great small gaming Con, run by passionate gamers who run some really good material.  I’m also contemplating taking in HammerCon in Hamilton, ON in November as well.

Once I start playing out some of my Convention material, the flow will return to what passes for normal around here.

That said, if you want to ask questions, talk about gaming in general or see what I’m up to, you can follow me on Twitter at @1nsomniac13.  I don’t post often presently, but if you have game ideas, want background on material or just want to shoot the breeze, you can reach me there as well.

Cheers and in case it’s a while before I return, enjoy your summer (or winter, depending where you call home).


~ by 1nsomniac on July 31, 2012.

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