Experiments! – Update

Well, it seems as though I may have a couple wins.  I completed the third of three playtests and all the players involved had a god time and loved the continuing arc that spanned the three systems.  i have a few minor tweaks to make to each game and then we’re ready to go.  Not a moment too soon, as the convention I aim to run these events at is this coming Saturday.

I also ran my coworkers through the first part of their first full Shadowrun adventure… the meet and the initial legwork.  Everyone that was able to participate had a good time, though the combat-focused character had a lot less to do in the early stages.  We will play out the second scene this week and see how well they can use their talents to solve the particular issues in the adventure.  It’s a true delight for me as a long time GM and Catalyst Agent to see players who have never played Shadowrun, or even played an RPG before, to explore the game genre and truly enjoy it.  I have seen people who tried and didn’t like RPGs, those who don’t care for Shadowrun’s mix of genres and even a few who would only play D20 games (Seriously?!).

The enjoyment and sense of exploration that comes with introducing new players to something truly unique, is one of those things that remind me of why I chose to become a GameMaster in the first place.

I may take the time to post updates on how my coworkers fare as they get further into the game, and share their journey.  In the immediate future, once this convention has passed, I will be sure to post the events I ran and let you guys decide whether the experiment was decent or whether I just have easy-to-amuse players.  🙂



~ by 1nsomniac on March 5, 2012.

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  1. I’m looking forward to it~

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